Jupiter is a gaseous planet, why can't it be blown away by the strong solar wind?

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Someone asked: Why in the universe, the gaseous planet will not be scattered by the solar wind?

I can also ask, why is it blown away by the solar wind?

You may not know the solar wind. You can see that the solar wind speed is very fast, which can reach 900 kilometers per second, and the slowest is 200km/s. This is a terrible speed. If it is resting on the earth,The crust must have been lifted off, exposing the magma under the crust, and then the magma was also blown away, becoming pieces of asteroids in space.

Be aware that the wind speed of the 12th typhoon on the earth is only 30 meters per second, and the top 17 hurricane set by humans is only 60 meters per second, and the speed is only more than 200 kilometers per hour. This speed is in front of the solar wind, Said that the little witch sees the big witch still looks a lot higher, because the solar wind speed is tens of thousands of times that of the earth.

But we can't use the wind on the earth to imagine the solar wind.

What is the solar wind? It is the charged particles radiated by the sun. These charged particles are not composed of atmospheric molecules like the earth’s wind, but are particles smaller than atoms ~ electrons or protons. These charged particles are released from the solar corona layer toSpace is a kind of plasma, carrying energy and a powerful spillover of solar energy.

These charged particles are denser around the sun, so they can scorch and gasify everything, but as they travel in space in vacuum, they are gradually diluted. When they reach our earth, they are already very thin, only a few per cubic centimeter.Dozens of particles.

What kind of thin state is this? It can be said that humans can create this extreme vacuum in the space laboratory, the highest vacuum on the earth, that is, in the European Large Hadron Collider.The vacuum also reaches thousands of atmospheric molecules per cubic centimeter, and in TV picture tubes regarded as high vacuum, there are tens of billions of atmospheric molecules per cubic centimeter.

The moon is regarded as a planet with no atmosphere, showing a high vacuum state, but there are also tens of thousands of gas molecules per cubic centimeter of the lunar surface. Scientific research believes that at an altitude of 630,000 kilometers from the earth, it has greatly exceeded the distance between the earth and the moon.There are hundreds of gas molecules per cubic centimeter. That is to say, although these places are highly vacuumed, they are much higher than the density of solar wind particles.

What is the density of the earth's wind?

Earth sea level atmosphere, there are about 270 billion gas molecules per cubic centimeter. Understand now, the earth's wind is blowing 270 billion gas molecules per cubic centimeter, and the solar wind is only per cubic centimeter.Several to dozens of particles smaller than atoms are moving, and their density is only a few tens of billions of a billion in the Earth's atmosphere. Of course, this state of being more vacuum than high vacuum will certainly not make waves.

We can understand this way, in fact the so-called solar wind blowing intensity is much weaker than the earth’s high vacuum blowing. So this solar wind is almost empty. If you float in a space vacuum, you will be greeted every second.900 kilometers of solar wind, your hair will not lift, you can not feel it.

So the solar wind is going to blow away the atmosphere a bit like the earthworm shaking the tree.

But the harm of solar wind is still great, and it will hurt people.

This is because the solar wind is high-energy charged particles. When they pass through the earth, they will cause earth magnetic storms and ionospheric storms, affecting radio communication, especially short waves. Sometimes they will also affect the ground pipe network, such as power transmission, oil transmission, and power transmission.Safety accidents caused by gas pipelines, etc., also have an impact on the safety of operating satellites.

Solar wind high-energy charged particles radiate to the surface and cause harm to people and organisms, mainly to increase the amount of biological radiation, just like irradiating multiple X-rays, which reduces the body's immunity, causes disease, mood swings, and even car accidentsIncrease etc.

The magnetic field has a good protective effect on the earth. After they come to the earth, the earth's magnetic field will work. Because these particles are charged, the magnetic field can deflect them and follow the magnetic line of force across the earth and go deeper.Out of space.

There are a small amount of leaked solar charged particles, which will invade at the weak point where the bipolar magnetic lines of force occur and enter, collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, and are consumed by molecular particles in the atmosphere in battle with them. The evidence of combat is gorgeousAurora. In the North and South Poles, the more people see the more aurora, it means that the solar wind is also violent, and the more charged particles invade.

Then Jupiter's atmosphere will be blown away by the solar wind?

There are many reasons why a planet can enclose the atmosphere. First, the atmosphere is affected by the gravity of the planet itself. The greater the gravity, the more it can pull the atmosphere. Second, it is related to the distance of the star. The closer the distance, the atmospheric molecules are trapped.The higher the heating, if the thermal motion of gas molecules is higher than the escape velocity of the planet, the atmosphere will continue to be lost; third, the strength of the planet's magnetic field is essential to shield or reduce the invasion of the solar wind on the stars.

Let's take a look at Jupiter. Jupiter has a gravity of about 2.5 times that of Earth, and is fully capable of locking the atmosphere; Jupiter is more than 5 times farther from the sun than the earth. The temperature of the top atmosphere is only -148°C, which is much lower than the earth, and the solar windIt is much thinner than Earth; Jupiter’s magnetic field is 14 times that of Earth. It is the strongest magnetic field in the planets of the solar system and can well resist the invasion of the solar wind. These conditions allow Jupiter’s atmosphere to be fully maintained.

Although, Jupiter’s atmosphere does not change at all. Due to various reasons, such as celestial collision, it may escape or capture some more. Such a small amount is completely comparable to the total amount of Jupiter’s atmosphere.can be ignored.

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