When the sun goes down, can humans have the ability to save fuel?

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This kind of idea is beyond measure and a little bit confusing.

First of all, it is self-control, I don’t know how high it is; secondly, there is the suspicion of adding a lot of snakes. Why do you say this? Please listen to the space-time communication slowly.

The life cycle of the main sequence star of the Sun is about 10 billion years, and it is now about 5 billion years old. It will be about 5 billion years old. It will be about to die. At that time, the sun will become a red giant star, and the radius will increase by 200-300 times., It is possible to devour and gasify the earth, even if it is not swallowed, it will burn the earth and become a roasted potato.

But humans will never wait until that time, because as the sun gets brighter, the temperature of the earth becomes higher and higher. Within 1 billion years, the sea water of the earth will be evaporated and become a dry and hot planet.It will be extinct. If there are still human beings at that time, it will have already fled the earth and chose to set up a home planet.

So even if humans existed at that time, they would have survived in other stellar systems. Is it necessary to rush back to save the sun? And the cost of saving the sun is probably not as good as making a new star, so why not get the loss?

There is an old saying well, why hang on a tree? Humans do not have this ability now, so they can only be hung on the tree. But the sun is also worthy of humans, in the recorded history of humans, Has been very gentle, has never had any temper, so humans can continue. Although it is said that there were 10 suns scorching the earth and 9 shots by Hou Yi, but this is a shadowless self-hi.

The sun is a star, and the star has a star evolution rule, which is not human-controllable.

The evolution of the star starts from the nebula. A huge light-level nebula gathers and shrinks under the action of gravitation, and it becomes tighter and tighter, gradually forming a collapse. The central gravitational pressure leads to high temperature, and the core hydrogen nuclear fusion is triggered under high temperature and high pressure., To resist the further collapse of gravity and maintain a period of balance, this is the simple process of the birth of a star and entering the main sequence star.

Stars generally gather most of the mass of this nebula on themselves, and the remaining slag will gather into some planets and small objects. These planets and small objects surround the center star under the gravitational force of the star.After operation, a star system is formed. The solar system is like this. The sun absorbs 99.86% of the mass of the entire solar system, and the mass of our earth is only 0.0003% of the sun.

When the fuel consumption in the center of the star is almost the same, the star will become unstable and deviate from the main sequence star state. Depending on the mass, a supernova explosion or a red giant star may occur, and some will leave black holes after extinction., Neutron stars, white dwarfs and other corpses. The fusion of red dwarf stars much smaller than the sun is very slow, the above process will not occur, it will only slowly extinguish, and the lifespan is super long, so I won’t say it here.

The process of stellar evolution is based on mass. The greater the mass, the shorter the lifespan. This is the rule. Human power is very small in the face of stellar evolution.

The sun is a small and medium-sized star, and the consumption of its burning process is also amazing.

The mass of the sun is 1.9891x10^30kg, which is 330,000 times the mass of the earth. The core of the sun has been undergoing continuous hydrogen fusion since its birth at 300 billion atmospheric pressure and 15 million degrees high temperature.The bell converts 600 million tons of hydrogen into 595.8 million tons of helium, of which 4.2 million tons is converted into energy and radiates into space. What is the ability of human beings to replenish the sun’s 600 million tons of hydrogen every second, and to be sent to high temperature and high pressure?core area?

The entire life of the Sun does not consume all of its own hydrogen and helium, only about 10% of the hydrogen in the core area. Even so, it is equivalent to 33,000 Earths. Where can these 33,000 Earths be obtained by humans, but also mainlyIs it hydrogen? Filling Jupiter into the sun has only 318 earth masses.

The sun eventually leaves a white dwarf corpse, only about the size of the earth, but its mass is about 0.5 times that of the sun. The matter exists in an electron degenerate state, and the density reaches 1-10 tons/cm^3. The remaining gas andMatter will dissipate in space, return to the universe, and become a new regenerative nebula, waiting for the next gathering to form a new star.

So if humans can control the sun, can they save the sun?

Some people speculate that humans may reach the level of secondary civilization in the universe after 5000 years. At that time, humans can fully control and use the amount of solar energy. But even if it really reaches the level of secondary civilization in the universe, it is just a siege.The Sun’s Dyson sphere maximizes the amount of solar energy to meet the energy of humans flying out of the solar system for interstellar migration. If humans still need to add fuel to them, it is not worth the loss.

In addition, the construction of a Dyson ball requires the disassembly of all the planets of the solar system, and it is only enough to make a shell that is 20 cm thick, because the radius of this shell is about 1 astronomical unit 150 million kilometers radius. Then all the solar systemThe planets are used to build Dyson balls, so why do other fuels fill the sun?

If humans have reached the super-second level of civilization, they can move the energy of a star, so why not draw a snake and do enough to save the sun? So I said earlier that this question is logically contradictory.

Thanks for reading and welcome to discuss.

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