Why is Newton as a scientific giant obsessed with alchemy in old age?

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I often see some people questioning Newton in old age. When they are old, they don’t do science anymore. Instead of obsessing with alchemy, does he want to get rich? In fact, these people don’t understand alchemy, but they don’t understand Newton.Let's discuss it.

Newton was "obsessed" with alchemy by studying chemistry, and he was still studying science in his old age.

Newton is not only a great physicist, but also a mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. He has made extraordinary achievements in mechanics, mathematics, astronomy, optics, thermodynamics, philosophy, etc., and is known as an encyclopediaFull book character.

Newton is a person who never stops. He lives to learn from old age. Old age does not abandon science, but continues to study chemistry. In the 17th century AD, chemistry was not yet independent, but was mixed with alchemy. PeopleIt is believed that through different formulas and chemical reactions, any substance in the world can be manufactured.

Therefore, alchemy at that time was considered to be the most scientifically advanced thing. In fact, it also contains some scientific ingredients, especially chemical ingredients. Newton really wanted to make achievements in chemistry, but there was no chemistry book at that time., Only through self-study alchemy books, find some chemistry knowledge, and continuous experimental verification, just like to learn chemistry now must be experimented.

If it is not a fire, Newton is likely to be the founder of modern chemistry.

Newton's so-called "obsession with alchemy" is actually trying to separate chemistry from alchemy. In fact, he has done it and achieved great success. He once wrote a book called "Chemistry", if thisThis book is likely to be the earliest chemistry textbook, but unfortunately this manuscript was burned down in a later fire, so that Newton’s contribution to chemistry was not passed down.

Now people can only see some of the learning manuscripts remaining in the process of alchemy learning by Newton, from which we can see that he still got some inspiration and enlightenment in the study of alchemy, which has a certain role in promoting his scientific research..

Now we view the alchemy in history objectively. Although it is generally a non-scientific thing that hurts the people and hurts the money, some of the practical technologies and tools created in it have a positive effect on the subsequent development of technology. Just like the alchemy in ancient ChinaAlthough there is no elixir of refining and growing up, it has spawned gunpowder and became one of the four major inventions in China. This is called Wuxinjianliucheng.

Newton is that man is not god, so it is impossible to do everything correctly.

Newton lived more than 300 years ago, which was still an ignorance and prevalence, so we can not ask him with the current scientific world view. He has achieved many great scientific achievements in his life, but he has been a religious theologian and a sacred University of Cambridge.Academician of Trinity College. What is Trinity College? This “Trinity” refers to the trinity in Christian teachings, namely the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which was the orthodox religious belief at that time.

So, some people always say why Newton believed in God in his old age. In fact, Newton never broke away from believing in God and believing in God. Therefore, his research on theology is completely natural, and it is not worth fussing at all. It’s just that Newton is a trinity.The academicians of the college did not believe in the Trinity and Salvation.

Famous scientific philosopher Richard Vesco rated Newton as a "prototype naturalist", that is, he believed that God created this world, also created the law, and gave the first impetus., But the world is governed by the laws of nature.

Although he knew this, he objectively dug a hole in creationism, at least denied that God is managing the world, and sneered at those who are still praying for God’s salvation and praying. It is because ofThese scientists advanced civilization from generation to generation before humans began to get rid of ignorance and religious shackles and walk out of darkness and light.

Thanks for reading and welcome to discuss.

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