Are humans destined to never travel between galaxy clusters?

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Someone asked: Is human destined to leave this supercluster?

Nothing in this world is destined.

Although things are artificial, we must do our best. Whether humans can fly out of this supercluster depends on how many years humans can survive in this world. There is no evidence that there are advanced civilizations in our universe, so can civilizationsIt is difficult to say that it will survive to a high level, which means that the future of humanity is not clear.

There is a theory that the cosmic gamma-ray burst is likely to wipe out more than 90% of civilization. This horrible energy ray sweeps the universe regularly or irregularly, strangling civilization in the bud. This is what humans have not found so far.One of the reasons for any extraterrestrial civilization.

In addition to the gamma ray burst, any civilization has to experience many tribulations and crises before it can survive. These tribulations and crises include the geological disaster of the parent star and the abrupt change of the climate environment, the sudden disaster of the parent star, smallPlanetary collision events, plague and ecological extinction events, mutual killing of civilizations themselves, etc.

In addition, there are big cosmic disasters, such as supernova explosions, galaxy collisions, etc.

This is also a solution to Fermi’s paradox. Fermi’s paradox was proposed by the famous scientist and Nobel Prize winner in the 1960s, Enlick Fermi. The main content is that since the universe is so vast, civilization should notIt will be rare, but why haven’t you found one yet? Where are they?

The above statement is probably one of the reasons, but there are many reasons that make it difficult for the cosmic civilization to encounter, so I won’t go into details here.

So, whether humans can walk out of the solar system, can travel in the Milky Way, can walk out of the Milky Way, walk out of the galaxy cluster, and even walk out of the galaxy cluster, is whether human civilization can continue for a long time. This time is hard to conclude.Some scientists suspect that humanity will reach the first-class civilization state in 200 years and the second-class civilization state in 5,000 years. No one dares to say this in the time of the third-level civilization.

Because the third-level civilization is a god-level civilization, it is only after the third-level civilization that it can fly out of the galaxy.

You can fly out of the galaxy to talk about the next step and move between galaxy clusters.

Humans are still in the primary stage of civilization, and it is still unimaginable for the state of the third-level civilization. If anyone describes the technological status of the third-level civilization in a big way, it must be nonsense and nonsense. Because the third-level civilization will be completelySubverting the current human cognition, human beings can't know any form of existence, let alone a little pitiful rule we have now.

The first-class civilization can only operate in the solar system, and the second-class civilization can operate in some stellar galaxies near the solar system. This is roughly understood by the scientific community. If humans want to fly out of the galaxy, I think it must last at least 100 million years.Right.

This super galaxy cluster is the sixth hierarchy of the universe we know.

For humans, the first layer of structure is the Earth, and flying out of the Earth’s atmosphere is to leave the earth; the second layer of structure is in-situ lunar, with a distance of about 400,000 kilometers. Now 12 people have landed on the moon;The three-layer structure is the solar system, and the gravitational influence radius is about 1 light year; the fourth layer structure is the Milky Way, with about 400 billion stars like the sun and a diameter of about 200,000 light years; the fifth layer structure is the local galaxy group, containing aboutThe 50 to 100 galaxies, the Milky Way is one of them. This structure occupies about 10 million light-years of celestial region; the sixth layer structure is the Bengal cluster, including about 100 galaxy clusters groups, occupying aboutA sky zone of 100 to 200 million light years.

The unmanned detector that humans are flying the farthest has only flew 22 billion kilometers. It takes more than 17600 years to fly out of the solar system with a radius of 1 light year. The Milky Way has a radius of 100,000 light years and the local galaxy group has 10 million lights.In the annual range, this supercluster has a range of 100 million to 200 million light years.

So, now people who want to fly out of this super galaxy cluster are only lunatics.

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