Liu Yang, China's first female astronaut, why went to space without giving birth?

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In 2003, Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei flew into space with the Shenzhou V spacecraft and returned smoothly, marking the successful rise of China’s aerospace industry. So far, in addition to Yang Liwei, China has a total of 12 astronauts in space.There is another woman, it can be said that among all the great astronauts in China, the female astronaut is the most admirable.

However, it is said that in the selection of female astronauts, there is an unwritten international rule, that is, when choosing female astronauts, priority must be given to those who are married and have children.

But when Liu Yang, China's first female astronaut, was on a space mission, although she was married to her husband, the two had no children. What happened?

What are the requirements for becoming an astronaut?

As a high-risk industry, the requirements for astronauts are very high. The training is not only very hard, but also the physical fitness must be particularly strong, and the physical function must be able to withstand the pain of reaching the limit, otherwise the space will be affectedDifficult to live normally.

Especially for astronauts, the psychological quality requirements are also very high, because there are many variables in the process of space exploration, and the physical and psychological quality of people between 30 and 40 after being marriedReach the peak state.

Secondly, there are radiation and rays in space, and choosing to be married as much as possible is also a kind of protection for astronauts. This is mainly to prevent the possible risk of cosmic radiation from affecting female pregnancy.

Once a female astronaut is irradiated by cosmic rays, it is likely to cause deformity and mutation in the egg cell, and even cause infertility to the female astronaut. Therefore, in order to fully guarantee the female astronaut’s right to reproduce and have healthy offspring, soIt is required that women who have given birth take on the mission of flying to the sky.

Actually, it is not absolute for female astronauts to return to Earth to prohibit childbirth. It is only relative, and there is no requirement that female astronauts must have been given birth in the selection conditions.

Therefore, marriage and childbearing of female astronauts are not a rigid selection condition. Just try to choose female astronauts who have been married and have given birth. This is also a kind of protection for female astronauts.

Early female astronaut-Tereshkova.

On June 16, 1963, Tereshkova took off on the Vostok 6 spacecraft, becoming the first human woman to enter space, and so far the only human being to independently pilot a spacecraft to complete space flightfemale.

Furthermore, Tereshkova did not marry and give birth when performing space missions, but married and gave birth to children after God returned. Therefore, it cannot be said that performing space missions will definitely affect female astronauts. This is the same as astronauts.Your physical fitness is related to your physical recovery.

Liu Yang is the first batch of female pilots in my country, and the most outstanding female astronaut. The reason for choosing Liu Yang to go to space is actually a last resort, because our manned space business started relatively late.

Therefore, there were not many female astronauts available at the time, and Liu Yang's professional ability and psychological quality were very good, so she was allowed to take on this responsibility, and Liu Yang also completed the space mission outstandingly.

Why choose women to perform space missions?

The reason why Liu Yang was chosen as the female astronaut of Shenzhou 9 is that Liu Yang is too good. Liu Yang is the first female pilot in my country, who excels in all abilities, and choosing Liu Yang to go to space is actually a compelling one.

Because our manned space business started relatively late, and there were not many female astronauts to choose from at that time, there was no better choice other than Liu Yang, so Liu Yang became my country’s first female astronaut, and Liu Yang Also completed the space mission brilliantly.

How is Liu Yang now?

When the astronaut comes back from the space full of various variables, the body will have various discomforts, because the radiation from outer space can make people very uncomfortable, and Liu Yang has also accepted it after returning from the mission.After a period of rehabilitation and training, Liu Yang went behind the scenes to train new astronauts.

After many years, Liu Yang completed the transition from a space hero to a mother, and was successfully promoted to become a mother. Now the child is very healthy. After that, she continued to study and enrich herself, and she has become a doctor of law at Tsinghua University. And sheThe family and career have had a good harvest, which also makes people very envious.

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