What are the terrible things in the universe?

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For fragile creatures like humans, the sea is dangerous...For a fragile civilization like human civilization, Mars is dangerous...So what are the terrible things in the universe?_:D∠_……

But it’s too rogue to say that, so let’s be serious. What are the things in the universe that can ruin the world? There are quite a lot. Let’s start with the most familiar and weak ones.

Helium flash

Why do you say this is the most familiar? Because "Wandering Earth"... As China's most famous domestic science fiction film, "Wandering Earth" is probably unknown to everyone. Why does the earth wander?It is to avoid the coming solar helium flash. According to "Wandering Earth", the day of the helium flash is the time when human beings are destroyed. Therefore, humans must choose to escape as soon as possible. After several trade-offs, they choose to take the earth to wander, even if there is an earthquake.The risk of various terrible disasters such as tsunami and volcanic eruption must also be fleeed.

In fact, whether the solar helium flash can blind our eyes is still controversial, because the helium flash occurs in the degenerate core of the star, and the explosion of uncontrolled nuclear fusion has to pass through the thick stellar shell to reach the surface of the star.Basically, a lot of high-energy gamma rays have been reduced to a lower energy state. As for how much it has fallen, don’t ask me, I’m on Phuket...Anyway, it’s very powerful, huh!

Supernova explosion

There are several types of supernova explosions. The most conventional supernova explosions are the shell explosions produced by massive stars that have lost their nuclear fusion to release energy to resist gravity due to their gravitational collapse. When the shell gas is caused by gasUnder the action of gravity, after collapsing toward the core at a speed close to the free fall, it is rebounded by the degenerate core iron core and exploded violently, exploding the entire outer layer.

Unlike the uncertainty of the power of helium flashes, the power of supernova explosions is unquestionable. A large number of high-energy gamma rays will radiate outwards unscrupulously. Except for some absorption by outer gas, there are still a lot of gamma rays remainingWill shoot into interstellar space. Gamma rays have extremely high energy, so they have extremely high destructive penetration ability. If you encounter such a supernova within a few decades of light-years, then hug your friends and say goodbyeWell, if there is still time...

Gamma Ray Burst

There is no doubt that supernova explosions are one of the most conventional sources of gamma-ray bursts, but they are not the only source of gamma-ray bursts. One of the sources of gamma-ray bursts is the merger of binary neutron stars, which was detailed by humans more than two years agoA short gamma-ray burst was recorded, which was caused by the collision and merger of two neutron stars. That discovery was of great significance to astronomy because it opened a new field of observational astronomy—multi-messenger astronomy. Multi-messenger astronomy refers to multipleThe long observation method observes the same object, such as optics, radio, high energy, neutrinos, gravitational waves...

Black hole

This is also a kind of special celestial body that everyone is very familiar with, because in recent years there have been too many news about black holes, such as the merger of gravitational waves of double black holes, the first photo of black holes taken by humans, and Chinese scientists found that there are many largest constant stars.Scientists discovered the black hole closest to the earth...We are all going crazy by it...

The most terrifying part of this kind of celestial body is its irresistible gravitational force on its surface and it is invisible. This is terrible. If we encounter a black hole as large as the mass of the sun during a high-speed route in interstellar space, its horizon radiusIt is only about 3 kilometers, and it is still invisible. You can only see a few signs through the faint gravitational lens around it. It is very likely that you may accidentally crash into it. Once you enter its gravitational range, you can basically not escape.Eat, drink and wait to die...

Black hole jet

Don’t think that you are safe from a black hole far away. At the poles of an active black hole containing an accretion disk, two ion jets in the direction of the axis of rotation will be formed, and they will eject outward at a speed close to the speed of light.Encounter gas and dust will excite bright radiation, but in relatively clean interstellar space it is more terrible, because they are most likely invisible, and will only occasionally collide with some sporadic atomic molecules and background radiation to produce radiation. Of courseIt may also produce some radiation due to its own temperature. If the spacecraft in the route fails to detect these radiation and hits the jet stream, it will be terrible. The spacecraft will become the brightest star in the night sky...The black hole in the center of the M87 galaxy in a black hole photo has such a jet, which stretches for thousands of light years...

Those small celestial bodies that are now considered brighter than the entire galaxy-quasars are also a kind of black holes, supermassive black holes in the core of active galaxies. They also produce bright jets that keep us billions of light years awayCan still be seen.

A tyrannical alien civilization

I don’t know what motivation, humans often want to find alien civilizations, are they afraid that the earth civilization is too lonely? We have 7 billion people...

Many people who wish to meet aliens may never have thought about what happens if they encounter violent aliens without any moral bottom line? They may feel nauseous and chest tight when they see us, and then they feel like slapped to death.A caterpillar killed us like a caterpillar... Well... This is probably the true state of the universe... For aliens with advanced civilizations, they don’t care about alien creatures at all. They see too much, and they sprinkle salt.Can create a bunch of elementary creatures, earth people are considered a P_:D∠_……

So don’t be naive to earth people, do you think that aliens will give you a big hug when they see you? It’s probably a bomb that blasted you like you trampled on a caterpillar...

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