The same is rice, why don’t the rice shops produce rice worms? Rice worms appear out of thin air in the granary at home?

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Many people may wonder: "There are so many rice in the rice shop, why don’t there be rice bugs", and if you put a little rice at home, rice bugs will appear out of thin air after a long time. What is the reason for this situation?What?

Rice bug

Before understanding why rice worms do not breed in rice stores, let’s first understand what rice worms are.

Rice worms are also called rice worms. They belong to the order of Coleoptera. They are completely metamorphic insects, which means that they have to go through four stages in their life: egg-nymph-pupa-adult. Generally, the black rice worm we see is itsAdults, while the white fleshy bugs are nymphs.

The reproductive cycle of the rice weevil is very fast, especially in high temperature conditions. The reproduction speed is the fastest. In the wild, the adults will fly to the farmland and lay their eggs in the ears of wheat or rice. In order to protect the eggs,Adults will eat wheat or rice grains, allowing them to form nests.

After laying the eggs in wheat or rice grains, the adult worms will secrete mucus and seal the entrance. From the outside, it is almost impossible to tell which rice grains contain the eggs.

After 7-16 days of development, the eggs will form nymphs. The nymphs like to eat into the rice grains and eat the rice grains. The nymphs will emerge into pupae after 30 days of development, and they will morph into adults after 7-10 days of development..

Adults like high temperature and humid environment. They have very strong reproductive ability and can lay about 500 eggs each time. When we find insects on rice, we usually see adults. At this time, people like to use the sun to dry the rice, but this is not the case.Can kill rice worms.

This is because rice worms like high temperature very much, and they can survive better in a high temperature environment. Moreover, if we find that there are adults in rice, there must be a large number of worm eggs in the rice at this time, and the worm eggs are exposed to high temperatureLater, it can hatch faster.

From this point of view, reducing the water content of rice by drying in the sun, reducing the number of their populations, does not completely kill them.

If you want to completely kill the rice worms, you can store the rice in the refrigerator. This is because the rice worms are not tolerant to low temperatures and will appear to die below 15°C. Under 5°C, they will only take 21 days.Will die.

Why don’t the rice in the rice shop grow insects

Under normal circumstances, rice stores store rice at room temperature, so why doesn’t the rice store grow insects?

Actually, it is because the rice shop has a faster rice replacement rate. For many merchants, the important thing is not how many goods can be sold, but how fast the turnover of goods is.

If the goods purchased by the rice shop owner at the beginning of the month can only be sold at the end of the month, it is very uneconomical for the rice shop owner, because the accumulation of goods in the warehouse will not only occupy the inventory cost, but also the loss cost and the flow cost of funds.For example: save money from stocking and develop a second store.

So the average rice shop owner does not buy a large amount of rice, but realizes profit through the rapid turnover of goods. We know that the hatching speed of rice worms is very fast, but it takes 7-16 days for the eggs to hatch.Many rice shop owners will sell the goods before 7-16 days have passed, so the rice in the rice shop rarely has rice bugs.

The same is true for other stores. For example, although the catering industry consumes a lot of rice every day, they don’t stock up a lot of rice. Therefore, we rarely find worm-bearing rice in the catering industry it doesn’t mean there is no.

In riceWhat about rice bugs?

If you like to buy a lot of rice at once, it’s best to dry the rice before buying and store it in a dry and ventilated environment. Because rice bugs like an environment with higher temperature and higher humidity, and a dry rice environment is not conduciveThe survival of rice worms.

If you have a large amount of rice in your household, you can buy a sealed bucket and store the rice that will be used in the near future to reduce the number of times the sealed bucket is opened to achieve a dry rice environment.

Of course, from the preservation strategy of rice in the rice store, we can see that the hoarding of grain is the cause of the breeding of rice bugs. Therefore, for household storage of rice, the most important thing is to buy a small amount and repurchase multiple times to reduce riceThe occurrence of worms.

If there are already a large number of rice worms in the family, it is not recommended to eat them. You can feed them to birds, chickens, ducks, and geese.


Rice worms are the most serious insects that damage our country’s grains. Southern rice worms are mostly found in the north. This is because the temperature and humidity in the south are warmer and more suitable for the growth of rice worms.

The best way to deal with rice worms is to reduce the hoarding of grain, and you can also use the refrigerator to store it at low temperature.

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