The moment the head was chopped off, did the head feel that the body fell off, or did the body feel that the head was broken?

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In a costume drama

The plot that makes your blushing heart beat

It is often this scene

The wailing grows further and further away

Seeing that the head-cutting orgasm is coming

What to expect

The camera comes to a sudden brake

Switch directly to

People Europe

But the scene of beheading is clearly written

During the French Revolution

Female revolutionary Charlotte assassinated revolutionary leader Paul

It is said that after she was beheaded

The executioner raised her head and fanned her two slaps

face was flushed

She showed an angry expression

Even if you can't see the scene

The brain hole of the ancient code character is just made again

In the old version of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Soochow gave the head of Guan Yu to Cao Cao

Luo Luo really opened his mind

Let Guan Yu complete the task of scaring Cao Cao to death before his death

·Then the question is coming·

At the moment of cutting the head, did it hurt? How much did it hurt?

The key is

Can I move my head?

Crick, one of the discoverers of DNA structure

wrote a book "Amazing Hypothesis: The Scientific Exploration of the Soul"

mentioned inside

Human consciousness is the result of the "electric activity" of the brain neural network

The foundation of human consciousness is neurotransmitter

These chemicals produce electrical signals

Connecting to whole body neurons

Form a neural network

After these networks are stimulated after being connected to the Internet

Talents will feel greed, hatred, hatred, love, hatred, and desire pain

And the commander-in-chief of the network is


At the moment of beheading

Brain bosses are forced to leave the organization

The body didn't even finish sending a signal


The body may not know the pain

But the head is not necessarily


At the moment when the head and neck are separated

The neck feels chilly

The nerve circuit below the neck wound was quickly cut off

The body can't even feel the separation of the head and neck

Just feel light and fluttering

The wound connected to the head is bleeding

Solo brain secretes large amounts of endorphins endocrine hormones

Relieve pain

Low beep: don't rely on this amount to stop the pain

At this time

The blood is losing pressure

Causes the pressure in the head to drop instantly

The eardrum will continue to make a sound of air pressure


As the commander of respiratory control

Brain stem and body organs are disconnected

Can't control breathing at all

The head has no breathing organs


The brain dies due to hypoxia in pain

Lack of oxygen is as uncomfortable as being chopped

Before the official death

The brain nerves also trigger the jaw muscles

The mouth will open naturally

Relying on residual oxygen

The expression on the face can survive for a while


Although all input signals of the body are completely blacked out

You can still pass the cranial nerves without the spinal cord

Control the eyes and mouth to transmit information


The prisoner has movements and expressions on his face

Not an indescribable supernatural event!

Charlotte's angry expression

It may be done one second before beheading

Since I am conscious

· Then the problem comes again?·

I can feel it at this time

Is my head falling suddenly and rolling on the ground?

Human's induction of acceleration is related to blood pressure

Decided by the pressure reflector

The closest to the head of these sensors

Just on the neck

If the servants didn't cut off these sensors

People should still feel like being thrown out

I will feel myself rolling around on the ground


In order to make the rolling head more spiritual

"Strange Stories from a Lonely Studio" has opened up again

Late Ming Dynasty

The official army caught more than a dozen bandits to beheaded

One of the servants has a very sharp knife

One of the thieves knows this collaborator

Knowing that he is good at knife, no need to cut twice

So I specifically asked him to start

The servant cut down with a knife

The thief's head fell for several steps

When rotating on the ground

I still shouted in my mouth: What a quick knife!

Naturally, the brain hole cannot be taken seriously

After all, people rely on vocal cord vibration to speak

Only a human head cannot pronounce at all

While Chinese people are still thinking about "can you move your head after decapitation"


Legend of the French chemist Lavoisier

Beheading test has been started:

How long can I live after the head and neck are separated?

He suffered during the French Revolution

Sent to the guillotine as a revolutionary object

So he pushed the boat along the river

I did the last experiment: how long can I live after the head is separated

He will blink as much as possible after the guillotine falls

Let the servants help count


Lavoisier blinked 11 times


A doctor took over the Lavoisier experiment

Observed the prisoner who was beheaded that day

and wrote the report

The prisoner's eyelids and lips appear irregular and rhythmic contractions

Lasting about 5-6 seconds...

I called him out loud and saw his eyelids slowly open

A few seconds later, the eyelids are closed again at a uniform speed

I tried to call him for the third time, but nothing happened

The whole process lasted 25-30 seconds

It was gradually proved later

After 60 seconds of hypoxia

The brain will start to strike

Brain death will occur within 6-10 minutes varies depending on physique


Even if Guan Yu's perseverance is tough again

Can't wait for Cao Cao to open his eyes when he opens the box to scare him!

Don't even think about it in 60 seconds

Research from University of Southampton, UK shows

After the death of human body and brain

Consciousness and Sanity will continue to exist for a short time

What others said to you

You will still hear

The pain will continue to hurt!!


Everyone is still arguing

People's expressions and reactions before and after death

What is the active consciousness of people

Still a purely neural conditioning

The answer is still being fiercely torn apart

If you encounter a servant with poor business ability

The pain is worse than death before death


The executioner cuts three times

Just cut off the head of Queen Mary of Scots

The first cut was cut on the back of her head

Leave a small section of tendon in the second time

The third time is completed with axe blade

In order to be more humane to prisoners

During the Enlightenment Period

Doctor Ji Jordan, who opposes death torture

Proposed the use of simple and efficient end breaking device

The King Louis XVI of France is very supportive

The king who likes to unlock also improved the decapitation device himself

made an appalling guillotine

Famously fast and accurate

very humane to prisoners

less than a year

Louis XVI was executed in Paris Revolution Square

I personally tried his improved guillotine


Before dying

This excellent locksmith king can't

Open the lock that locks your hands and feet

Since then

Beheading in Europe has become less cruel


It is a special courtesy that nobles and senior officials can enjoy

After all

The people's punishment is a protracted war

The robber at the time was tortured with wheels

The killer was divided by four horses

The person who made the counterfeit money was boiled to death by boiling water

The terrorist was burned to death

The thief was hanged

At this time

Ancient China is just the opposite

The beheaded criminals are generally civilians or low-status officials

The royal family and nobles are mostly white silk and poisoned wine to die

Leave a whole body

Beheading is a relatively civilized and decent penalty

After all

Before Qin and Western Han Dynasty

The prisoner was cooked in a large cauldron filled with boiling water and hot oil

even if the beheading is relative

Who wants to fall to the ground

Who would like to see others head down

In Europe

Watching others beheading is a feast of onlookers

Everyone is still rushing to ask for the fallen head


"A Short History of Human Beheading" Francis Larson

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