Why can animals drink dirty water directly, while humans need to filter water?

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On earth, life originally originated in the ocean. After a long period of evolution, creatures landed on land and flew into the sky. Even after leaving the ocean, creatures still cannot survive without water. Although such as water bear insectsExtremophiles can be dehydrated and dormant in arid environments, but they still need water to really live, and all living things need water.

Compared with other animals, humans have very high requirements for water. The water we drink for a long time has to be sterilized and filtered, and sometimes the water is boiled. Animals can drink water no matter what kind of pond they are in, evenIt doesn't matter if it is a muddy pool of stagnant water.

So, why do humans need to filter water when drinking water, while animals can directly drink the water on the earth?

In fact, humans have not been drinking filtered water for long, and not everyone on the earth can drink filtered water. Humans have not appeared on the earth for a long time, and can be traced back to 2.5 million years agoCapable person.

After more than two million years of evolution, the last common ancestor of modern mankind appeared-Homo sapiens. To 60,000 years ago, Homo sapiens out of Africa and spread to the world. It was not until thousands of years ago that humans establishedThe civilization of words.

For most of the human evolutionary history, our ancestors lived in the wild. They also drank raw water in nature directly like other animals. At that time, they did not drink filtered water unconditionally. According to records, the Chinese were living in the wild.We began to boil water and drink boiled water 2000 years ago. However, the real large-scale promotion of drinking water did not begin until the last century.

For a long time in the past, people actually drank raw water directly. Some of these waters were freshwater from rivers and lakes, some were spring water, and some were well water. Presumably many people had drunk raw water when they were young. But now, We rarely drink the water in nature directly, drinking water needs to be treated.

The reason why we now have higher requirements for drinking water is because the industrialization of humans has caused water pollution. Many raw water in nature is not suitable for direct drinking. In addition, some viruses, bacteria and parasites can be transmitted through water, soSterilization of drinking water is very necessary. If the water can be boiled, the water can be further purified, so we have the habit of drinking boiled water.

Although the ancients did not have the concept of viruses and bacteria, early people have begun to realize that raw water can easily cause people to get sick. In this regard, the ancient Chinese's response method is mainly to boil the water before drinking. On the other hand,The ancients in the Western world mainly used alcohol to disinfect water.

In contrast, animals do not know the potential bacteria in the water, and they do not use fire or alcohol to treat water. They can only directly drink water in nature. Humans cannot directly drink raw water, just because of thisThere is a risk of infection, so we will try our best to purify drinking water.

Long-term drinking of purified water for humans helps reduce the risk of contracting some diseases. This is one reason why human life span has been greatly extended in recent decades. The average human body temperature has dropped by 0.4 ℃ compared with the 19th century, because drinking waterFor reasons such as becoming cleaner, there are fewer infections. The human body does not need to speed up the metabolic rate and raise the body temperature to suppress pathogens. And those animals that have been bred by humans drink clean water and live longer than they live.The same kind in the wild is longer.

At present, there are still many people in the world who cannot drink clean water. Because raw water is easy to breed bacteria, the probability of those who drink dirty water for a long time suffering from water-borne diseases is much higher. This has become a problem for Africa.One of the main causes of human death in developed areas.

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