A "miracle" appeared in the desert. After two years of rainfall in one day, a lake was formed?

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Every place in the world has its own unique climate. For example, rain forests are formed in some places with plenty of rain, and in Russia, many places are frozen ground.

However, there is a place in the world that can be said to be one of the driest deserts, but after experiencing a heavy rain in this place, the precipitation reached 278 mm in one day, and some lakes even appeared. This iswhy?

Rub Khali Desert

It is located in the Arabian Peninsula with an area of ​​approximately 650,000 square kilometers. It is one of the largest deserts in the world and is also called the driest desert. This is because the entire desert has a typical tropical desert climate.

The temperature difference in this desert is also relatively large, the average annual temperature difference reaches 30-50℃, and the temperature is as high as 70-80℃ during the hottest summer, but its annual precipitation is only a few tens of millimeters.The precipitation in the region is even less, only a few ten millimeters a year.

It can be said that there are only a few days when it rains every year, and the interval between two precipitations takes several years, so rain is very rare for this place, and there will be no green in the desert.vegetation.

But suddenly one day, this desert ushered in a miraculous heavy rainstorm. In just one day, the precipitation reached 278 mm, which is enough for this desert for several years.The sudden heavy rain also caused a lot of stagnant water to gather in the low-lying areas of this desert, and even formed a lake.

Why is there so little water in the desert?

As we all know, the desert environment has a dry climate and high temperature. All in all, it is drought and water shortage. In fact, this is because the precipitation in the desert is indeed low, and the lack of precipitation leads to the hot and dry climate here.

Under normal circumstances, the average annual precipitation in the desert is less than 50 mm; but on the other hand, because water is not stored in the desert, the desert is definitely full of sand, and the structure of the sand is very loose, even if the precipitation is abundant, The water will run away before long, returning to the drought state again.

In our subconscious mind, it is believed that heavy rain in the desert will definitely be of great benefit to the residents in the desert, but the residents living in the desert do not think so, they may even think that it rains continuously in the desertIs a very dangerous thing.

Mainly because after a heavy rain in the desert, there will be no rain in the desert in the next few months, and the desert can’t hold the rainwater, and the rainwater will disappear after evaporation.Has fallen, so there is no rainwater supply. This is a catastrophe for the residents.

Why does the Rub Khali Desert have several years of rainfall in one day?

According to NASA data, this kind of heavy rain phenomenon has not occurred in the last 20 years, and the average annual precipitation in the area is only about 30 mm. However, this strange "heavy rain event" is caused byCaused by a tropical air current named "Mercunu".

It is understood that this airflow began to make landfall from the Arabian Sea to Oman in May of this year, but the airflow suddenly disappeared after passing over the desert, so rainfall was formed.

It is not difficult to find that there is a lake in the flat lowland between the tops of the sand dunes, and this may play a certain role in the environmental change of the desert in a short time, and some experts said after understanding that they may be able to pass thisA way to control airflow to alleviate problems such as desert drought.


According to the historical record of tropical cyclones, one tropical cyclone is seen in the Arabian Peninsula every year or every few years, but these common tropical cyclones will eventually be destroyed at the speed of a hurricane.

This also shows that in the process of strengthening tropical cyclones, powerful storms may greatly change the natural landscape and change the environment of parts of the earth.

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