Big Mac Mesak opens its eyes, will Typhoon No. 10 Poseidon spawn in 2 days?

2020-08-31 | Goku Science Original |

From the Fengyun satellite image, there has been an obvious “typhoon eye” in Typhoon No. 9 "Mesaac" in the Pacific Northwest, which shows that its strength has reached a new peak.The tropical disturbance zone in the eastern region has been separated, which is now the 95W typhoon embryo, and its latest situation is that it is absorbing some small "tropical disturbances" in the eastern Philippines and offshore Japan.

So this also shows that it will gradually grow in the future, with a high probability that it will increase again. Today's No. 9 typhoon "Mesaac" is a typhoon that cannot be underestimated, and its strength is constantly being upgraded and strengthened.It may be even larger, and at the same time, Typhoon No. 10, which is followed by Typhoon Poseidon, may also be developed from a 95W typhoon embryo. Let’s take a closer look.

According to the monitoring data, the current typhoon No. 9 "Mesaq" has reached force 14 with a wind speed of 42 m/s approximately 151 km/h.

And it is still moving northwest at a speed of 25-30 kilometers per hour, and its intensity is gradually increasing. It is obvious that this typhoon will have a great impact on Japan, and it is already heading towards Okinawa, Japan. China expects this typhoon to be the worstStrong may reach the level of a 16 or 17 super typhoon. It is expected that this will be the first super typhoon in the Northwest Pacific since 2020, and it is also the "wind king" since 2020, so the impact will be great., It may have an impact on most parts of the East China Sea, so it is not to be underestimated that a typhoon is powerful. It is still being upgraded and developed and belongs to the "big Mac" typhoon model.

From the perspective of the path, under the influence of the subtropical high pressure, it is gradually approaching China's Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is generally in a westward pattern, but the intensity is not large, and it is expected to move toward South Korea in the future, so this "The "Big Mac" Mesaq may have a strong impact on South Korea. It is expected to be another record-setting typhoon. After it approaches, it is expected to approach the northeast of China, passing through Jilin, Heilongjiang and other regions, which will have an impact on China.It is indispensable. But from the current situation, we can also see that the impact on China’s coastal areas has actually appeared, so the impact is still relatively large. This has not reached its peak intensity, and may be stronger when it reaches the peak.This is the data provided by our country, let’s look at other institutions.

The other data are basically the same, but the strength of the United States is higher. The peak is expected to reach 17 or higher, so it is even stronger, but the strength and proximity are basically the same. ThisIt is not much controversial. So the basic path has become a foregone conclusion, and the possibility of change is no longer large. If there is room for change in the later period, let's take a look at the model. This is the general situation of Typhoon No. 9 "Mesaq".

After this, the focus is on the 95W typhoon embryo we are talking about. The typhoon embryo has not changed much, but it is already in the process of taking shape. The wind speed is still maintained at 15KT and the central pressure is 1006hpa. GFS is expected to be as early as September.The pressure will reach 999hpa on the 3rd. If the wind speed reaches this year, it can be named Typhoon No. 10 this year.

Of course, according to the situation of GFS, it is very unlikely. It is likely to appear on September 4. After it develops, it is expected to "cross" Japan, then develop in the Sea of ​​Japan, and eventually disappear in the north.The European Numerical Center further supports the development of Typhoon No. 10 this year on September 3, and the pressure value of 992hpa will be formed on September 3, and it will continue to increase thereafter. It is expected to pass through Japan and then disappear in the north, but ECThe late-stage path is closer to the development of Northeast China, so there may still be a lot of typhoons in the northeast this year. The recent typhoons are all expected to go northeast, and the impact is relatively not small.Station preparation, according to the trend, the space for change is not very large, and most of the paths are very uniform.

To sum it up, the No. 9 typhoon in the Northwest Pacific "Mesaq" is expected to be the "King of Wind" in the Northwest Pacific from 2020. The peak is expected to reach level 17 or above, and it may become the strongest affecting South Korea.The typhoon may eventually disappear in northeastern China, and its impact on China is also huge. As for the 95W typhoon embryo, becoming the No. 10 Typhoon Poseidon this year is basically a foregone conclusion, and it will develop as soon as September 3.It will be generated in the fastest or 2 days later, and then it will cross Japan and then enter the Sea of ​​Japan. There is a possibility that it will eventually affect the northeast of our country. After the typhoon is generated in the later period, let's take a look at the situation. This is the overall situation.

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