Is there an end to science? Is the end of science theology?

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"The end of science is theology" is one of the most frequently seen statements in online scientific interest groups. There are multiple versions of similar statements, such as: "The end of science is philosophy, and the end of philosophy is theology", "The end of physics is mathematics, the end of mathematics is philosophy, and the end of philosophy is theology"...Which end is so many...

Is there an end to science?

When we see this kind of remarks, we can’t help asking: "Is there an end to science?" I see that many people say that there is no end to science when confronted with such slightly anti-intellectual "the end of science is xx" remarks.But does science really have no end? I personally do not agree with this view. In my opinion, science is a theoretical system describing the objective laws of the objective world. Does this theory have an end? Of course there is, and the end isThis set of theories is in complete agreement with the facts. I repeat it again: the end of science is that man’s summary of objective laws is in complete agreement with the facts.

When mankind really finds the real laws behind the universe and can use it to deduce the evolution of the universe, then science will come to an end, because no one can add to it. But the question is, can we reach this end? IThe answer given is: No. With the advancement of science and the development of civilization, mankind can only approach the truth of the universe infinitely, but it will never be possible to obtain the truth. The reason is simple, because we cannot be sure that the laws of physics are immutable.

I remember the Big Bang theory mentioned that at the beginning of the Big Bang, there was only one force in the universe, and the following four basic forces were separated from this initial force under different physical conditionsYes, if this assumption is true, can the physical laws we summarized from the current phenomenon really deduce the physical state at the beginning of the universe? I am not optimistic about this, because we can never simulate the physics at the beginning of the Big BangState, it will never be possible to find and verify the physical laws in that state.

Then the question is, can theology obtain the ultimate law of the universe? Let's analyze whether the currently known theology can obtain this ultimate law, which means that they can reach the end of science.

About theology I divide it into two categories: Apocalyptic Theology and Enlightened Theology.

Revelation Theology refers to the religious theology represented by Judaism, Christianity including all denominations of Catholicism and other Christian religions and Islam, and claims to be inspired by the Creator.

Enlightened theology refers to the philosophy represented by Taoism and Buddhism, which is enlightened through personal meditation. Well, yes, I prefer to call them philosophy rather than theology, but nowadays, they are gradually deified...

As for various other gods, I classify them as folk religions. Folk religions generally have no systematic theology, so we won’t discuss them here. Then let’s analyze whether revelation theology and enlightenment theology canReach the end of science to obtain the ultimate cosmic law.

Revelation Theology

The three most representative apocalyptic religions listed above are actually the same. They all come from Judaism, so they all recognize the Old Testament of Judaism. And they all adhere to monotheism,This is the most fundamental difference between revealed religion and folk religion-their god is the god who created the universe and mankind, and there is only one, the creator.

So obviously, the creator who created the universe knows the ultimate law of the universe, that is, he must know the end of science, because he created all of this. So does he enlighten mankind? Obviously notNo... When you look at the scriptures of the three major revealed religions, such as the Old Testament that they all recognize, you will find that it doesn't talk about those... Although Genesis is a historical book in the Old TestamentAnd as literary works, "The Psalms" and "The Book of Job" all have different degrees of descriptions of the universe, but they are only a few pens. From these simple descriptions, study the ultimate law of the universe? Don't make trouble...

Enlightenment Theology

Revelation theology is not good, what about enlightenment theology? As mentioned earlier, enlightenment theology uses meditation to understand the true meaning of the universe. It is atheistic in itself, that is, there is no personified god in their system, otherwiseThey become apocalyptic theology... Since there is no god, the universe is nature, and what they understand is the law of nature, but can this understanding discover the ultimate law of the universe? What do you say? No matter what your answer is, anywayMy answer is no. They understand the laws of the universe in a way that is no better than that of scientists. They never do experiments, and they don’t care about the discoveries of experiments and observations. They just use some mysticism to understand. I don’t believe this.There are ways to discover the ultimate law of the universe...

Otherwise, why have they never realized that the speed of light is limited and the speed of light is the limit for two thousand years?...

Scientific questions can only be answered by science

After thousands of years of development, human civilization has summed up a set of scientific methods. Scientists use this set of scientific methods to explore the laws of the universe. Maybe we will never know all the truth, but we are approaching infinitely.The truth, and this can only be done by science.

Stop talking about nonsense like "the end of science is theology", if you hear someone say this again, please ask him weakly:

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