Approximately how many kilowatt-hours of electricity does the "Chinese Sky Eye" consume in one second?

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On December 26, 2008, the construction of the 500-meter spherical radio telescope was officially started, and it was established and commissioned in Guizhou on September 25, 2016.

"China Sky Eye" is the world's largest and most sensitive telescope independently developed by China, with 4450 reflective panels.

Humanity's exploration of the universe has never stopped. In order to better explore the universe, my country’s Observatory independently developed the "Chinese Sky Eye", which is the world’s largest cable network project with the largest span, highest precision and most special working method. The main purpose of tracking celestial bodies whose positions are constantly changing is to explore the radio waves in the universe and realize the exploration of the universe.

How powerful is the "Chinese Sky Eye"?

First of all, "China Sky Eye" is the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope, surpassing many developed countries in the world. For example, compared with the 100-meter telescope in Bonn, Germany, its sensitivity is increased by about 10 times, and compared with the American Arecibo 300 metersCompared with the telescope, its overall performance has also increased by about 10 times, and it is known as the single-type radio telescope with the strongest indexes in the world today.

Someone once used a vivid analogy, if you make a phone call on the moon, you may not be able to escape the detection of the sky eye; the current results of the last sky eye system are very impressive, so far, "China Sky Eye" has detected hundreds of pulsarsAmong the candidates, 132 of them have been certified, achieving zero breakthroughs in the field of pulsar discovery in China.

Cosmic Lighthouse Scientist-Pulsar

A pulsar is a rotating neutron star, a star that periodically emits pulse signals. A pulsar is a very stable periodic signal. Scientists can judge the weather based on these periodic signals.

The diameter of a pulsar is mostly about 10 kilometers. Although it is small, its mass is not small. A thumb-sized one weighs hundreds of millions of tons; the surface temperature is still very high, about 10 million degrees, and the temperature at the centerHigher, about 6 billion degrees; the rotation is very fast, it can rotate 500 times a second, it is a kind of high-density star.

In terms of observing pulsar signals, our "Chinese Sky Eye" has an absolute advantage. Its accuracy in measuring the arrival time of pulsars has been increased to 30 nanoseconds, and it has the most accurate pulsar timing array in the world.

The reason for looking for pulsars is that pulsars have important application prospects in time scale and autonomous navigation of interstellar travel.

How much electricity can the "China Sky Eye" use in one second?

Let’s take a look at the power consumption of commonly used electrical appliances in life. First, the refrigerator to be used, which uses 0.000012 kWh per second; and the air conditioner, which is used in summer, uses 0.00086 kWh per second.

Look at the washing machine you often use. It uses 0.000018 kWh per second; then a TV set uses 0.0000065 kWh per second; finally, a computer you use for office use is 1It takes 0.000009 kWh per second...

Among these appliances, air conditioners are not only commonly used, but also consume a lot of power, but our "China Sky Eye" consumes 1,000 times that of air conditioners in one second, which is about 90,000 times that of computers. According to calculations""China Sky Eye" consumes 0.83 kWh per second and 71,712 kWh per day.

It can be seen from this that the power consumption of "China Sky Eye" is really terrifying, but this also indirectly proves my country's scientific and technological strength. Data shows that "China Sky Eye" runs at full capacity of 3000 kilowatts. The maximum operating load of is about 800 kilowatts, and these power consumption are calculated based on the actual maximum operating load.


The total area of ​​the reflecting surface of the "China Sky Eye" is about 250,000 square meters, which is about 375 acres. It is used to gather radio waves and feed the receiver to receive. It is conceivable that the power consumption isIt's not surprising that it consumes so much power!

On the contrary, the electricity consumed by Skyeye is actually far less than the value it creates, and the value it creates in the future will increase far. As a kind of high-tech, Skyeye is not only a simple astronomyThe equipment is used to explore the universe, and it also symbolizes the technological strength of our country.

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