Why do they say that they broke up after sitting in the "Eye of Tianjin"?

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Couples, have you heard of the "Eye of Breakup", ah no, the legend of "Eye of Tianjin"?

△Source: Talking in Tianjin

Originally, the "Eye of Tianjin" is a proper Tianjin landmark. It really needs to have a good appearance, a height and a height, which is not bad. Every holiday, it must be a roar of gongs and drums and firecrackers., Colorful flags for exhibitions, crowds of people. Reminder during the epidemic: avoid crowds

But we don’t know when, this rumor suddenly changed.

"The couple who sat in the Eye of Tianjin will break up soon", like a vicious curse, spread all over the corner of the Internet.

"Enai for three years, I saw my parents, and I was divided after sitting in Tianjin Eye."

"Last year, my classmate sat with his boyfriend, and they were divided when they came back. Fortunately, I didn't have a boyfriend and sat with a girl."

Look, since it is said that there are noses and eyes, then we have to study and study, why is there such a rumor?

Please fill in Tianjin dialect by yourself

Well, as soon as this rumor came out, "Eye of Tianjin" became even more popular.

Dare to say that the big wheel has gone out of the circle, and the lovers in the world can't wait to rush to prove it-our love is better than Jin Jian, where can we be dismantled by a Ferris wheel? Tell me, this boomerangIt's all here, the crowd base is big, and the situation of the breakup is so much more than watching!

Tianjin people say we don’t carry this pot.

Brother Wang at the door spoke first: "If a couple is in a bad relationship, you can say that the relationship is bad. If you are not able to deal with the object, you can say that you are not. Why do you rely on our Ferris wheel?"

Zhang Erbing Bo took the stubbornness: "Is it brother, I don’t know if you tell me, I have been divorced with our family for more than 3 years, she can’t leave with me.There is still such a good place at the door, I have to take her there quickly."

Little Ma, who has just started working recently, sighed and said: "Two years ago, when I was in college, I went with my friend and her partner. Now Yinjia is about to get married. I'm still single.Who provoked someone."

Xiao Li next to me quickly persuades Xiao Ma: "I said, sister, don’t worry, I think our Tianjin Eye is pretty good, I just sat with my partner before we were together, and I was on it.I confessed to her, she was crying and urinating. No way, her nose and tears."

Finally, Grandma Li, the most majestic grandmother, made a concluding speech: "Everyone said it was lively enough. The old man and I went to many places in the past few years. Let's just say that we are in China. I went to Xiamen Gulangyu.Then pass it, the couple who went to Gulangyu will break up.

"When I went to the ends of the world in Hainan, it was reported that Jie'er's couple would break up. Later, I went to the ancient city of Phoenix in Hunan, and then it was heard that Jie'er's couple would break up. Well, dare I go wherever I will break up., Isn’t it? We still have spots where couples don’t break up?

"Okay, let's not go to China, let's go to London. When you get to the London Eye, tell me to sit down and break up. How can I not break up? You must kiss at the top of the couple. Good guys, explainThe medicine is exactly the same as our Tianjin Eye, which means it was taught by a master."

The above are all stories of our Tianjin Wei relatives and friends, any similarities are purely coincidental

But when you get angry, how did this rumor first come out?

Actually, the first rise was when a netizen posted a message saying that he was traveling in Tianjin, and he broke up after sitting in the "Eye of Tianjin" with the subject, and then someone posted that he had the same experience.More and more netizens have become a popular place to check in.

The rumors of Tianjin Eyes who really “sit down” were the news that Brazilian star Pato, who played for Tianjin Tianhai team in 2017, broke up with his girlfriend Fiorella.

Pato and this ex-girlfriend met in 2014. The two were fine. Pato, who has been suffering from injuries, is still recovering under the nourishment of love. Until Pato came to China to play football, his girlfriend still used workCome and visit before the gap.

However, in June 2017, the two went to the "Eye of Tianjin" together, and then they broke up in July. You said that the card was strange at this time.

In addition, Lan Yingying, who braved the wind and waves this year, was also picked up by netizens and had been to the "Eye of Tianjin" with her ex-boyfriend Cao Jun. You must know that these two were originally model lovers in the entertainment industry.

This is not over yet, the legend about the "Eye of Breaking Up" is getting more and more evil, and there is even a saying of Feng Shui from the nose that is eye-catching——

It is said that there are three Tai Chi rotating counterclockwise around the Ferris wheel. When the Tai Chi rotates, the aura is fierce, and the energy will touch these lovers around, and they will choose to break up like an evil.

Some people also analyzed that there is a temple not far from the "Eye of Tianjin" called Dabei Temple, which is an ancient temple in the Qing Dynasty. The gossip is an array, with this temple as the center, the location of the "Eye of Tianjin" is just a symbolRegarding the rebirth hexagram, it is easy to cause mood swings here, and therefore cause such consequences.

But the upper class is still sensible, come, let's welcome us to "Approach to Science" together.

Actually, with regard to Pato’s breakup, according to people familiar with the matter, the main reason is that the two places are separated, and there is less gathering and more separation.

Previously, when Pato was playing in Europe, his girlfriend often took a 12-hour flight to visit the class. In 2017, when Pato came to China to play football, his girlfriend needed to take a 24-hour flight to come, so the girl proposed to break up.

As for going to the "Eye of Tianjin" before breaking up, it is just a coincidence. Even if you go to the Great Wall, the division will still be divided. The Great Wall: Don't suffer from Laozi

As for the breakup of Cao Jun and Lan Yingying, Cao Jun also exposed the reason in his post: "It is the lack of company."

Ok, I know you should ask questions: these two celebrity lovers are an example, so why are so many ordinary people divided?

I have to tell you this.

Who are the people who sit in the "Eye of Tianjin"? Lovers. It is rare for high-ranking gentlemen to hear that two straight men sit together on a Ferris wheel.

Well, since it’s a couple, it’s now in 0202, and the divorce rate in first-tier cities like Beijing has reached 48.3%, so there is no need to say more about the breakup rate between couples, comrades, this is the probability, understand?

Moreover, as we said above, "Eye of Tianjin" got even more out of the circle after having this title. I can't help everyone want to come and "walk around"!

Someone analyzed it more incisively: "Couples love to go to the Ferris wheel + more love to go to the famous Eye of Tianjin + more couples who broke up go = Lovers who go to Tianjin Eye all broke up."

Furthermore, have you heard of "Narita Breakup"?

Narita refers to the Narita Airport in Japan. Many couples or newlyweds come here to take a flight when they go out to play or spend their honeymoon. After the trip, when they return to Narita Airport, many couples will break up here. This is the famous "Narita Breakup".

Originally, many shortcomings and habits of both parties can be exposed during travel. In fact, the word travel is closely related to the breakup. Don't let the scenic spots go back.

As for the other break-up spells-go to Beijing Zizhuyuan, knit sweaters, send stone jewelry, chorus "Hiroshima Love", travel with Gulangyu...

The upper-class gentleman sincerely advises you couples, it is not easy for everyone, if you can not go to "harm" others, don't go

After all that, you probably understand it?

Actually, the Santiaoshi area where the "Eye of Tianjin" is located has been a prosperous place for commerce since ancient times, and later became the cradle of Tianjin's modern industry, and the cast iron and machinery industries were very prosperous.

When Shangliu Jun was a child, there was no Ferris wheel in that club. The location of the Ferris wheel was a small steel bridge called Cihai Bridge, connecting the two banks of the river, on both sides are very prosperous free markets.

△Source: Tianjin Daily

When "Tianjin Eye" was designed, the famous Japanese architect Mr. Kawaguchi felt that this place was unique.

Although there was already the London Eye at that time, Mr. Kawaguchi said: In my drawings, Tianjin will never be the second in the world. So the Tianjin Eye is not built parallel to the river like the London Eye, but nowLook like.

This makes the "Eye of Tianjin" the only Ferris wheel in the world where you can overlook the scenery from the bridge. When you turn to a higher place, you can see the confluence of the Haihe, the North Canal and the South Canal. And Tianjin’sThe old saying goes like this: there is Sanchakou first, then Tianjin City. So, this is also the birthplace of Tianjin.

Let’s put it this way, if you don’t know if this place is good, let’s search the price online first.

In short, one word of advice, don’t say "Sit in Tianjin Eyes will break up", you may think it is a joke, but we Tianjin people, ordinary jokes are not funny.

In short, I wish all lovers in the world are not lonely or lonely~~~

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