Why didn’t the sunfish that were half eaten and didn’t know how to resist, wouldn’t it go extinct?

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70% of the earth's surface is covered by sea water, so it can be said that the diversity of marine life is no less than that of terrestrial organisms. In the ocean, there are all kinds of strange creatures, one of which is amazing in size and unique in appearanceOf fish are paid attention to-sunfish.

A wildlife photographer Herman took an unexpected scene while diving. A sunfish was being chased by a seal, and the sunfish’s body had been bitten off by the seal, but the sunfish"Be calm", there is no meaning to panic or run away, why is that? Does the sunfish feel pain?


Sunfish, also called sunfish, has many nicknames in other countries, such as headfish, sunfish, and moonfish. It is a kind of oceanic fish.

The shape of the sunfish is very strange. It is tall, but short and flat. From the side, it is oval, but it is flat when you look up or down.

According to related research, the sunfish has a larger body. If the emperor hairtail is the longest known bony fish, then the sunfish is undoubtedly the largest bony fish. The largest body length can exceed 5 meters.They can weigh up to 3 tons in adulthood and are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical oceans. They are also found in temperate, frigid oceans and coastal areas of China. They are large bony fishes.

Although sunfish are huge, they are not fierce creatures. Their main food is some small fish and shrimps, and occasionally they eat some jellyfish as "snacks".

The reason why they are called sunfish is because they often float on the water to bask in the sun, and while they are comfortable enjoying the sun, they also like to turn their flat body up and roll in the waves like a waterwheel.It's like a sunfish, so it's called a sunfish.

Rollover is not a good word. It originally refers to the accident and the car overturned, but it is also used as a metaphor for things that are not going well or failure. If you can use a fish, then it can only show that the fish is not ordinaryOf waste.

Rough skin and thick flesh, negative IQ

The skin of sunfish is very thick, there are no nerve endings inside, and the thick skin is usually eaten by other creatures, so they don’t feel pain. There are also some causes of death of sunfish on the Internet..

It will make people laugh after reading it. For example, some sunfish died due to excessive stress, and others died because they were lying on the surface of the sea and were exposed to the sun. It can be said to be "silly big"To describe the sunfish very aptly!

Slow speed, slow response

Due to its huge size and degraded tail fin, the sunfish move awkwardly in the sea, its reaction is relatively slow, and its swimming speed is extremely slow, and it can hardly swim. It is incredible to say that the fish does not.Good at swimming!

Because of this, sunfish are often targeted by other predators, such as sharks, killer whales, or sea lions, seals, and even tuna, which will prey on sunfish.

In the entire marine life world, because the sunfish’s offensive and defensive capabilities are weak, carnivorous marine creatures will bully the sunfish. But what’s incredible is that the dumb sunfish actually did it.Not extinct.

Why hasn't such a dumb sunfish become extinct?

First of all, this is also the most important point. Thanks to the powerful reproductive ability of sunfish, sunfish can lay a lot of eggs at one time. According to the research of biologists, an adult female sunfish can excrete 0.25-3 at a time.One billion eggs is the champion egg laying among vertebrates.

Although the hatching rate of fish eggs is not very high, probably only a few millionths of which survive to the end, but a large enough base ensures that this population will not be eliminated due to poor viability.

Secondly, the sunfish has thick skin and thick flesh. Although part of its body has been eaten by other creatures, it still has a chance to survive. It is often seen on the Internet that the sunfish has its body chewed but is still wandering in the ocean.And this has something to do with its thick skin.

In this case, the sunfish will either be eaten all the time to death, or after part of the body is eaten, the predator will leave after eating and the sunfish will continue to live.

Finally, human beings are the supreme ruler of the food chain. No matter what animal it is, the biggest natural enemy should be humans. The sunfish often go to the sea to bask in the sun, so it is easy to catch, but although the sunfish is edible, it is notIt’s not very tasty, so humans don’t prey on sunfish.

The sunfish can be said to be a wonderful flower in the biological world. It uses its high birth rate to ensure the reproduction of its offspring, but in general, no matter what the reason, as long as any creature can survive, it isA victory.

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