In ancient times, the nine tribes were imprisoned, why did no one escape?

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The hereditary system was derived from blood relationship in ancient Chinese society, which made ancient Chinese people very important to blood relationship. Therefore, people began to have such things as genealogy. In ancient feudal society, the emperor had the supreme power and could control it.The life and death of others.

If someone commits a serious matter, it is very likely to cause murder; but if it is treason, usurpation, or assassination, it is possible to be imprisoned by the nine clans. When the emperor orders the clans, the offender’s otherIs there really no way for the tribe to escape?

Origin and development of Zhulian Nine Clan

Clan punishment originated in war. In the melee of various families in the ancient times, the defeated party was often punished by the whole clan. According to the record on the "Shang Shu", Xia Qi and Shang Tang stated in their precepts before the expeditionThreatening subordinates, if they do not obey the military orders after going to the battlefield, they will be executed along with their children. This is the earliest record of clan punishment.

After the Qin Dynasty, clan punishment was included in the code. In subsequent dynasties, clan punishment has also been used, resulting in the punishment of "punishing the nine tribes" and "destroying ten tribes".

Zhulian Jiuzu is a penalty system in which a person commits a capital crime, and the family members share criminal responsibility with them. The capital crime of one person is extended to the capital crime of the family member.

After the Han dynasty, the crimes of imprisoning the nine clans were still in use, but at this time the punishment of the imprisoning the nine clans was changed. At this time, the imprisoning the nine clans were only for immediate relatives, and for other relatives, they would choose exile and enlist in the army.

How to be punishable by the Nine Clan?

Generally, people from the Nine Clans have a conspiracy towards the emperor. The emperor can’t stand anyone coveting his position. Therefore, this person’s fate must be killed. The emperor is also a cruel person, heKnowing that the relatives of the murdered will definitely be unable to bear it, and the relatives or children of the murdered may seek revenge from the emperor. This is a great threat to their safety in life, and they may feel uneasy in their lives. Therefore, at this time, the emperor willPunishment of "linking to the nine clans" to confess the troubles.

In historical records, there are not many people who are really imprisoned by the Nine Clan. The most powerful one is Fang Xiaoru of the Ming Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di tried to usurp the throne by the side of the Qing emperor. Zhu Di drove Zhu Yunxi from the throne and ordered the universityFang Xiaoru drafted the edict to the throne. Fang Xiaoru was a former loyal minister and did not want to draft it for Zhu Di. He wrote four words "the thief usurped the throne". Zhu Di was very angry. He planned to put Fang Xiaoru to death. Fang Xiaoru was not afraid. Instead, he said: Don't wipe out the scare of the nine tribesPeople, have the ability to destroy the ten clans. This completely angered Zhu Di, who fulfilled Fang Xiaoru’s wishes and destroyed his ten clans. Finally, he also killed Fang Xiaoru’s disciples.

Why is no one running?

No time to escape

The news that a family will be exterminated from the nine tribes is only known to the emperor. This type of news has long been notified to the Ministry of War. When the emperor pronounced the criminal sentence on the main hall, the Ministry of War rushed to the criminals and theirThe residence of family members and relatives. At that time, the escort of the imperial decree was spread by people and Malays. The criminals did not know the contents of the imperial decree. When the imperial decree arrived, the clansmen had been surrounded at home and could only be arrested.Time to escape.

There is no place to escape

If the other relatives of the offender really knew the news about the Nine Clan in advance and planned to escape secretly, it would be totally unrealistic.

The identity card is not unique in modern times. In ancient times, it existed in different appearances. In ancient times, people had directions issued by the imperial court, and monks also had "deaths" to prove themselves. If you want to leave the cityIf you do, you must show the guide, and the guide needs to go to the government to give instructions and stamps. The government knows the list of the relatives of the nine clans, which is tantamount to throwing in the net.

If you really escaped from the city, it is not safe. People always need to live and eat. When you go to a certain street in a nearby village, your avatar may be posted on the street, when someone finds outIf you don’t report it, this is very serious. The whole village will be served in a row. The penalty for sitting in a row can be light or heavy. The lighter will be fined and jailed for a few days, and the whole village will be sent to the army. The army is basically sent to the frontline battlefield.Nine deaths for a lifetime. This kind of gambling, is there really someone willing to take this risk?

The future life of those who have escaped may face the life of deep mountains and old forests. The original carefree life to the current life of eating and worrying will also make people collapse and die.

If you are caught while escaping, you will be greeted with more cruel torture, and it will be torture that is worse than death.

Fuck by psychology

Most people may have some fluke psychology. With the development of history, rulers gradually felt that the affiliation of the nine tribes was too harsh and easy to arouse public outrage. During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it was stipulated that women may not be implicated; similar measures were taken in the Tang Dynasty.Minors under the age of 14 can be exempted from death, and some later dynasties have followed this rule. However, capital crimes are exempt, and living crimes cannot escape. Most of the surviving people will be enlisted in the army or slaves. Therefore.Some people think that this matter should have nothing to do with them, and choose to give up running away, but they will die and be arrested.

"The king wants the minister to die, the minister has to die" is vividly manifested here. Under the edict, people do not escape, but there is nowhere to escape, there is no time limit for escape, and they cannot see the hope of escape and cannot truly give up the presentYou can’t choose the future of food and clothing.

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