If the earth becomes as big as Jupiter, what impact will it have on our lives?

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Earth is in the solar system, the center of the solar system is the sun, and our earth also gave birth to life because of the existence of the sun, but the current prosperity of the earth is also inseparable from Jupiter. In addition to the sun, Jupiter is the largest in the solar systemPlanet, because Jupiter has a huge mass, Jupiter's gravity is also the largest.

There will be some comets and other celestial bodies around the earth. These materials will hit the earth in some cases, but due to the existence of Jupiter, its strong gravity will attract these celestial bodies to itself, thus avoiding the earth from being hit.

How big is Jupiter?

First of all, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. All other planets are not as massive as Jupiter. The diameter of Jupiter is 143,000 km, which is 11.25 times larger than the diameter of the Earth. The difference is quite amazing. It can be found by comparison.The volume of Jupiter is about 1316 times that of the Earth. As we all know, Jupiter is a gas giant planet, so its density is smaller than that of the Earth’s rock, and its mass is only 318 times that of the Earth. The internal structure of Jupiter is also completely different from the Earth.The cyclone has amazing power, and the cyclone also creates red spots. According to data, the space occupied by a storm on Jupiter can also fill up 4 earths.

If the earth is the same as the sun, the earth will undergo nuclear fusion, and it should eventually become a neutron star or a black hole... Then if the earth is the same size as Jupiter, the first thing we should think about is that we finally don’t have to worry about buying a house.It will fall, traffic congestion will definitely not happen, and the per capita area will increase and the ecosystem will be more stable. If we think about it this way, we should all desire it in our hearts!

If the earth is as big as Jupiter

First of all, the Earth is a rocky planet, and the density will not change. This is unquestionable. Then when the volume becomes as large as Jupiter, the mass will increase accordingly.

1. Gravity becomes larger

1. As the mass of the earth increases, the gravitational force will also increase. With a strong gravitational force, the surrounding celestial bodies will be attracted by the strong attraction, and the earth is bound to be impacted by celestial bodies;

2. Increased gravitational force may also cause aerospace activities to be impossible;

3. Since the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the earth remains unchanged, when the gravitational force increases, it will thin the air and affect the progress of the earth’s civilization;

4. Gravity becomes larger, so the super-large earth will cause super-large escape velocity, and it will be impossible for humans to explore outer space.

2. The acceleration of gravity becomes larger

1. When the earth becomes super large, the acceleration of gravity will become 11 times as large. On this planet with 11 times the gravity of the earth, an adult man weighing 100kg originally received only 1000N of gravity, but now the force it receives becomes 10000N, If we were still this kind of body, we would be unable to breathe under the pressure of so much gravity;

2. The increase in gravity will make the walking of life species more strenuous, and the activities will be more strenuous, so the body shape will evolve to smaller, and the height will be between 0.1m and 1m;

3. The lava activity inside the earth will become violent, the crust will become thinner, and the magma in the ground will break through the crust and cause a volcanic eruption.


The earth is the same size as Jupiter, so there should be no Magellan travel around the world! The earth may be goodbye to humans, and there will be a series of survival problems. It is estimated that the best effect is that humans no longer have to worry about resources.

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