How terrible is Hoh Xil no man's land?

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On the journey, never overestimate the goodness of human nature and underestimate the evil of human nature.



In the past few days, the word "Assy" has been on hot search many times.

As usual, in a tragic way.

On August 24, a travel friend broke the news on the Internet, saying that the 25-year-old Henan boy Li Kaiyang rode alone to the Hoh Xil no man’s land. He lost contact on July 6, and it has been 46 days.

This piece of land with a size of 250,000 square kilometers is deserted for dozens of kilometers, only wolves and other beasts are infested.

The temperature is low and the changes are large. The average annual temperature is -10.0℃~4.1℃, and the lowest temperature can reach -46.2℃. If you are not careful, your limbs may be frozen and unable to move.

The oxygen content in the air is low. Although the lake can often be seen around, it is all saline-alkali water and cannot be drunk directly.

This kind of Hoh Xil is therefore called the "Life Forbidden Zone".

But Li Kaiyang, 25, entered Hoh Xil on a single bicycle with a small amount of equipment.

He told his friends that he once thought that Hoh Xil was "green hills and green waters and wild donkeys", but he didn't know until he arrived. It was completely different from his imagination.

On July 6, he posted the last circle of friends in his lifetime: I heard a wolf cry yesterday, no wonder it called the wolf called the ditch.

The picture is a barren area in the hinterland of Hoh Xil.

After that day, he has no contact with his friends.

We didn't know that he had passed away until the police issued a notice on August 25.

Search and rescue scene

Similar incidents have occurred recently.

On August 23, at the Guanling Dishuitan Waterfall in Guizhou, two "Asses" were found hanging in the waterfall, motionless.

After a day of rescue, the two were declared "no signs of life".

Previously, on August 18th, 12 fellow travellers from Foshan entered the Shimentai Reserve and went into the water for fun.

Because the typhoon was approaching, there was heavy rain and the water flow suddenly increased. 7 people were washed away by the flood and 3 of them drowned.

The tragedies that have occurred in succession make people sigh and regret.

But in fact, not only this year, this time of year, such things are not rare.

This makes me wonder: Why do accidents always happen to "Assy"?

02T WO


This form of self-service travel is inherently dangerous.

Because the places they go may be undeveloped scenic spots that most people would not go to.

For example, Hoh Xil where Li Kaiyang went to was deserted and wild animals were rampant.

They are doing outdoor sports that are a hundred times more dangerous than those activities in the scenic area.

For example, the waterfall descent performed by two fellow travellers in Guizhou the movement of descending along the waterfall on the cliff, even if it is a person with sufficient professional training, there will inevitably be accidents.

Take riding to Tibet, the most widely spread activity.

Car accidents and mudslides occur from time to time on National Highway 318, the southern line of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, known as the "Death Highway".

In addition, cyclists will also face various accidents such as lack of physical strength and sudden injuries.

These risks are absent when you take a plane into Tibet comfortably, or take a green train for days and nights.

For these risks, it is not possible to solve these risks with blood.

What it needs is a sufficient understanding of the relevant domain knowledge-from survival in the wild to handling accidents...

What it needs is adequate and professional equipment.

Even if you prepare well, accidents and dangers may come at any time.

Just like the climbers who climbed Mount Everest, Peng Jiamu and Yu Chunshun who crossed Lop Nor, and Guo Chuan who set sail alone.

They are all the most professional and top "allies", but they will also encounter accidents.

Professional donkeys are like this. How can people who go on adventures with a hot mind become lucky?

You know, death is like a sword of Damocles, it may fall at any time.



Outdoor travel is an extremely test of body, equipment and skills, but why are there still many young people who blindly pursue it?

Actually, it is still inseparable from a lot of poisonous chicken soup that blindly advocates the "alice culture".

Every time you go to the bookstore, in the most conspicuous place, you can always see travel-related books such as poor travel and cycling.

When you turn on the phone, you can easily see the "Asses" in the popular short video.

They describe a niche travel as a passionate event, as if life becomes boring once it is not crazy.

But they never tell you how many risks are hidden behind such a beautiful imagination.

They will only infinitely magnify the beauty that you yearn for, and try their best to hide all risks in the depths. To put it bluntly, they have built an impossible utopia for young people.

In January this year, a couple rented a shared car and went to Jiufeng Mountain in Pengzhou, Sichuan.

They didn't carry mountain climbing equipment, they just wore coats and went into battle lightly.

Unexpectedly, the accident ensued and the two fell off the cliff and died.

When the news came out, I only learned that this mountain, not far from Chengdu, but not yet developed, has long been sought after by the local travel circle.

Some accounts call it "the area of ​​sacred mystery, the place where Taoism and Buddhism share."

By the way, a one-day trekking group of Jiufeng Mountain is also launched.

There is no need for professional training, and no risk is mentioned throughout the article. To them, Jiufeng Mountain is like an ornament for people to enjoy.

Taking advantage of the holiday, climbing mountains and enjoying the snow is a great joy in life.

But no one will tell you that this is deadly.

In the past few years, "hitchhiking" into Tibet was the most popular in the travel circle.

Many people are saying that you can meet different people and see different scenery by driving, eating, and staying. In the travel app, you can always see posts like this:

"From Kunming, you can take the Sichuan-Tibet line or the Yunnan-Tibet line. Find a brave girl to take a ride together. Relatively speaking, a man and a woman are the easiest combination to get a ride..."

For a while, this became the best way to enter Tibet. Until, more and more "unfortunate" began to circulate in the circle of travel friends:

Someone has a hot head and waited on the road for a day, but no car was willing to take a ride;

A girl got on the car and was harassed or even sexually assaulted;

Someone fell asleep in the car and went to a deserted place, and the kind driver became the evil robber...

Everyone knows, it turns out that all of this is just an imagined beauty.

In this world, where are so many good-hearted people for nothing.

What you see is only those stakeholders who want you to see.

Remember, never overestimate the goodness of human nature and underestimate the evil of human nature.



Some time ago, the former colleague offered to resign.

Her reason is that her life shouldn't be nested in an office building every day. She also said this in her circle of friends:

"When you wrote the PPT, the cod in Alaska was jumping out of the water. When you read the report, the golden monkey of Meili Snow Mountain just climbed to the top of the tree. When you squeezed into the subway, the mountain eagle in Tibet kept circling the clouds, and you quarreled in the meetingAt that time, Nepalese backpackers picked up their wine glasses and sat by the fire. Some could not walk in high heels, some could not smell the air with perfume, and some would never meet in an office building."

When I saw this passage, I was very angry.

Because it criticizes us ordinary people for nothing, and makes all our efforts a superfluous.

Indeed, the distance is beautiful, and it’s great to go out to play, but it’s also cool to take your responsibility as an adult.

The meaning of life never lies in riding thousands of kilometers to Lhasa, not in leaping down from a high altitude, or traveling through the snow...

If life is really meaningful, it should not be exchanged for mountaineering, bungee jumping, and skiing.

In "Eight Hundreds", Chen Shusheng, who only left the blood book "letting his life for righteousness, and giving his children's wishes" to his mother, did not leave a photo for history, and jumped down. Who dares to say that his life is meaningless?

Our parents may not have had poetry and distant places, but no one is qualified to say that their lives are meaningless.

To give the meaning of life to a distant place, to put it bluntly, this meaning is like a castle in the sky, but nothingness.

Rather than hand over the meaning of life to a distant place, it is better to focus on yourself.

To make yourself better, to live according to your own wishes, and to live a life with a clear conscience is the most worthwhile life and the most worthy of our pursuit.

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