Neither Homo sapiens can beat a Neanderthal, why is such a strong race extinct?

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Palaeoanthropology believes that Neanderthals hereinafter referred to as Nians are stronger than humans, whether it is from the analysis of Neanderthals’ bones or from the traces of the lives of the Neanderthals.Are much more powerful than humans!

A paper published in "Science Progress" on October 7, 2020 shows that the Nepalese are indeed much stronger than humans, but it also solves the reason why the Nepalese are far stronger than humans but mysteriously extinct.!

How strong are Neanderthals?

Neanderthals should be among more than a dozen races developed with Homo sapiens, one of the races closest to modern times, and the other two are the Flores and Denisovans! 1856The remains of the Nepalese were discovered in the Neander Valley in Germany. The last remains of the Nepalese discovered in Europe was about 30,000 years ago!

From the analysis of the skeletons of the Nigerians, their brain capacity is similar to that of humans, and may even be slightly larger. In 2008, scientists analyzed the skeletons of the Nigerians discovered in Russia and Syria. The height of the Nigerian males is about 1.65~1.68 meters.The average height of modern people is similar, but their bones are much thicker than humans, especially the arms and palms, which can be described as polar bear's forearms.

The ratio between the humerus, ulna, and radius of the Nepalese is greater than that of the femur, tibia, and fibula. This feature indicates that the Nepalese are very hardy! These characteristics of the Nepalese are basically compared with Homo sapiensIt can be said that a spike is killed. Paleoanthropologists believe that only two Homo sapiens can be sure to subdue a Nigerian male!

Moreover, from the excavated ruins, the food of the Nigerians includes hunting mammoths, rhinos, deer and wild horses, but their weapons are very simple, only holding spears and stones, which shows that they are used to winning with strength.If a Homo sapiens encounters a nun, there will be almost no winning side under one-on-one conditions!

A paper published in "Science Progress" on October 7, 2020 shows from the body structure that the Nepalese not only kill humans with their arms and palms, but also from the physical functions and structures! The paper says that the Nepalese peopleThe rib structure is barrel-shaped, and their chest cavity is larger, deeper and wider than humans!

The first author of the paper, Dr. Garcia Martínez, said that the size of the Nepalese is more suitable for deep breathing! Their cardiorespiratory function is much stronger than that of humans. Simply put, the Nepalese are a very heavy but powerful person.Great race, such an opponent is absolutely terrifying!

Why did such a powerful Nigerian become extinct?

Scientists are also puzzled about this. In a world where the weak and the strong eat, the powerful and high-capacity species are extinct. Doesn't it conform to the theory of evolution? So paleoanthropologists put forward many possibilities!

The archaeological discovery that the weapons of the Chinese people are very simple. As mentioned above, they only have spears and stones. It seems that they have no bows and arrows. Therefore, they are absolutely at a disadvantage when fighting Homo sapiens, but once the warIt happened, that is, the process of learning from the other side. The Ni people are not stupid. In this ten-thousand-year battle between the Ni people and the wisdom of the people, is it that they have not grown at all? It seems reasonable, but it does not really mean that the Ni people are extinct.s reason!

Another factor is that Nepalese do not have language skills, so their communication efficiency is too poor to compete with Homo sapiens, but the 2017 paper on "Modern Biology" Current Biology stated that it was on the NepaleseThe extracted DNA analysis showed that the FOXP2 sequence related to modern human prophecy was also possessed by the Neanderthals. This finding indicates that Neanderthals may be able to speak like modern people. And the author's analysis believes that FOXP2 may be in NeanderthalSpecial humans and modern humans came into being before the evolutionary separation, about 300,000 to 400,000 years ago!

There is also a saying that the huge eyeball structure of the Nepalese people, in short, the eyes are too big. In 2013, a research team led by Eiluned Pearce of the University of Oxford believed that the big eyes of the Nepalese people causedThe visual area of ​​their brains has greatly increased, which affects the development of social communication functions, which seriously affects the social development ability of the Nigerians. At this point, they cannot compete with Homo sapiens.

The fossils of the teeth of the Nepalese indicate that their tooth enamel is much thinner than that of the ancestors of Homo sapiens. This will make the Nepalese lose their ability to chew hard food earlier, which is also an important aspect of the impact!

However, in the paper published on "Science Progress" on October 7, 2020, while proposing evidence that the Nepalese are strong, they also put forward another point of view. The metabolic capacity of the Nepalese is very large, which means they needMore food to provide calories, this is really a test in the harsh ice age!

The extinction of the Nigerian people is a fact. As for the reason, there may be more than one reason, maybe a combination of multiple factors!

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