Some people say that the earth vibrates every 26 seconds, why is this?

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The natural environment is changing all the time. The atmosphere of the earth is entrained in water vapor and flows from the equator to the poles, bringing precipitation to various places, and generating rotating storms under the influence of Coriolis in the northern and southern hemispheres.

When these water-rich atmospheres meet high mountains and mountains, they will condense into glaciers, the melting of glaciers and the water brought by rainfall will gather together to form rivers, and finally flow into the sea.

So the change of the earth’s atmosphere is always going on, and we can also feel it. But what about the earth under our feet? This solid lithosphere seems to be dead.

Of course it will also cause plate movement, collision and friction, which will bring us destructive earthquakes, but the probability and intensity of this occurrence are still relatively low overall. We think that the earth as a whole solid ball is still relativelyReliable.

When there is no earthquake, the lithosphere of the earth should not experience any slight shaking.

But our intuition is wrong again. The earth is shaking when there is no earthquake, but the frequency of shaking is quite high. It vibrates every 26 seconds;

This vibration is not the earth's resonance frequency of 8 Hz discovered by Tesla as early as 1889. This resonance was later studied by the scientist Schumann and published in 1957. It is also called Schumann resonance. This resonance refers toAre electromagnetic waves.

And today we are talking about the tiny vibration of the earth’s lithosphere.

However, the intensity of this vibration is very weak, and organisms cannot feel this vibration wave, and this tiny vibration cannot escape the keen observation of scientists.

Actually, this strange and subtle phenomenon was not discovered now, but in the 1960s. Although scientists at the time did not have digital instruments that are sensitive, processable, and convenient to record, they still use paperRecorder, processing data is very troublesome.

But scientists still discovered the abnormality of the earth. On June 6, 1961, scientist Jack Oliver used a long-period seismograph to detect a miniature earthquake with a period of 26 seconds around the world.

And it is preliminarily determined that the source of this microseism is in the South Atlantic or the Equatorial Atlantic, and he also found that the intensity of this microseism will increase when it is winter in the southern hemisphere in the northern hemisphere in summer.

However, Jack Oliver has only so much research on the anomaly of microseisms. With the ability and equipment at the time, he could not specifically determine the source of this microseism, nor could he explain why it was caused.

Twenty years have passed. In 1980, American geologist Gary Holcomb also became interested in this mysterious microseism. Similarly, he did not determine the source or give a reasonable explanation, justIt was discovered that this small earthquake will become stronger during the storm.

According to the first two studies, it seems that this tiny vibration is related to the temperature and atmosphere of the earth.

Time has come to the 21st century. With the help of more sophisticated and sensitive instruments, scientists finally have the ability to determine the source of microseisms. In 2005, scientists used triangulation to determine the source of microseisms in the Gulf of Guinea off the west coast of Africa.

And published the research results "The location of the 26-second microseisms from the cross-correlation of environmental seismic noise" in the "Geophysical Research Letters" in 2006.

The scope of the source is getting smaller and smaller, and scientists are able to study the source to find out the cause of the earth's shaking. And according to the summary of two previous studies, scientists proposed that this mysterious shaking was caused by ocean waves;

This view is like this, the movement of the atmosphere on the earth and the movement energy of the ocean mainly come from the heat provided by the sun to the earth, and this heat is not evenly irradiated in every part of the earth;

In this way, due to the difference in heat, the atmosphere and ocean of the earth move, producing our common breeze, larger storm, and ocean currents and waves in the ocean.

Especially when the waves hit the coastline continuously, it is like we usually hit other things. The vibration generated by the impact of the waves on the coastline is transmitted around the world, and then we detected it, thinking that this is the earth.shock.

The regular impact of this wave on the continental shelf occurs in the Gulf of Guinea. The intensity and regular changes of the impact will change with the global temperature and the atmospheric environment such as storms.

In 2011, scientists further reduced the scope of the seismic source, and it was still in the Gulf of Guinea, but the specific location was a place called Bonny Bay.

This new research was publicly discussed at the Seismological Society meeting in the United States in 2013, and the reason why the waves hit the coast was explained at the meeting.

Scientists believe that waves hitting the continental shelf occurred on the sea floor, and the huge pressure of the sea water caused the deformation of the continental shelf and caused seismic pulses.

Of course, this explanation did not get the consent of most people, it sounds a bit far-fetched.

Chinese scientists have also studied this issue and published a paper in the same year. They believed that the 26-second seismic pulse of the earth was not caused by ocean waves, but geological movement, and attributed this geological movement to volcanoes.

Because there is a volcano not far from Bonni Bay at the precise location of the epicenter. This volcano is located on the island of Sao Tome. Chinese scientists believe that this tiny vibration is caused by volcanic activity;

Because there are also volcanoes in Japan that have caused microquakes similar to this one.

However, there are still many unexplainable questions about this assumption. For example, why is Bonnie Bay where the global shock is caused? Why are many volcanoes close to the continental shelf in the world not causing microquakes? Then the final question is whether there is any underground in Bonnie Bay.What is special?

These questions cannot be answered by scientists.

So it has been 60 years since this discovery, and we still can’t explain why the earth has a 26-second period of microseism. Some people say that this is the pulse of the earth, it has life, and it is beating.

Of course, this is just a figurative metaphor. In the eyes of scientists, scientists will not believe this magical statement, but believe that there must be a physical phenomenon that we unknown or known is happening underground in Bonnie Bay.

But it is very difficult to solve this problem, and it is difficult to reach the sky, because although humans live on the earth, they don’t know anything about the inside of the earth. The only way we can study the inside of the earth is to use seismic waves.

This is a very indirect method, and the other is to drill the earth! But the lessons of Kola drilling in the last century tell us that we want to drill the earth? It is tickling the earth.


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