Do you believe that humans can beat Leopards with their bare hands?

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Do you believe that humans can beat a leopard with bare hands? If in the past, I would hardly believe it, but after experiencing this incident, my opinion has changed a little, but this is only a small probability event and does not affect our attitude towards the bigThe overall perception of cats, humans still appear "vulnerable" in front of beasts.

Indian leopards are fierce

The incident happened in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. This is a city on the Godavari River. At that time, the 13-year-old boy went to a farm with his family to harvest corn. The family was still on the farm.Outside, the boy had already entered the mature cornfield, and a leopard hiding in the crops the leopard in our country is usually called the leopard suddenly jumped out and attacked him. The leopard bit one of the boy’s arms and heInstinctively using the other hand to counterattack, the boy slammed the leopard's face with a fist. In the end, the leopard was beaten and fell to the ground. The boy took advantage of this gap and quickly ran to his family.

The young man’s name is Goraf Karenge. In an interview with The Times of India, he restored the whole incident and expressed the hope that people can catch the leopard as soon as possible. Later Goraf’s deeds spread.In the ears of more Indians, he is also called "the brave boy".

Actually, it is not the first time that the leopard wounded people in India. Similar incidents happen almost every once in a while, but other people are not as lucky as Goraf.

For example, in August 2019, there were three leopard attacks on humans in the Udappur region within three weeks, and a 13-year-old girl was killed as a result.

Also in 2013, a 13-year-old boy in Mulund District, Mumbai, was dragged away by a leopard on the way to the hospital, and was eventually killed by a leopard in the jungle.

Due to its geographical environment, India is very rich in wild animal resources. Take cats as an example, India is the country with the largest number of cats, and it is also the only country with wild ligers and leopards. The number of tigers is aboutMore than 3000, located in the world's most.

In addition, the natural ecology of India is kept relatively primitive, and there are more natural corridors for animals to migrate and move between the reserves. Therefore, India is also one of the countries in the world where wild animals attack humans frequently. Even inIn big Indian cities like Mumbai, leopards enter the streets to hunt stray dogs almost every night.

Man and beast clash

Fighting with beasts has always been a topic that people are passionate about. In our country, there are also legends of Wu Song fighting tigers, but in real life, the difference in strength between humans and beasts is too big, not to mention that Gao Laf can fightHow lucky it is to win the Leopard, the underage may be enough for us to "drink a pot".

For example, in February 2019, a brawny man in Colorado, USA, was attacked by a sub-adult cougar while running in the mountains. Although the final result was that the cougar was strangled to death, the adult man was also affected.He was seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital. Without modern medical treatment, I believe that the end of this struggle will be the same.

In the confrontation between humans and beasts, people have always relied on wisdom and the use of various tools to win. Once humans face the beasts with bare hands, the situation will be reversed immediately and humans will be at a disadvantage.

From the 19 incidents of cougar attacks on humans after 1990, 16 people were injured and 3 people were killed. Cougar is only in the middle and lower reaches of all large beasts. Once humans face the lion,When the tiger and other top beasts, there will be no fight back.

Russians are called the "battle nation", and there are often ridicules on the Internet about how they are not afraid of bears, and even vividly describe how they clean up brown bears, giving people a sense of sight that Russians are "brown bear nemesis".But in real life, they are the most attacked by bears. Once the Russians face the brown bears with bare hands, they will only be "cleaned up".

According to research, from 1991 to 2017, a total of 264 incidents of brown bears attacking humans were recorded. Among them, it was clear that there were 115 cases of humans facing brown bears with bare hands. The result was 70 deaths and 45 injuries, only in possession of weaponsUnder the premise of, humans have the ability to fight bears.

Leopards hurt people, it is very common in India, especially in the period from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, leopard attacks on humans reached the peak, mainly because this period is the fastest urbanization process in IndiaAt this stage, human beings open up wasteland and will inevitably conflict with wild animals.

In Nepal, leopards are also the main wild animal that injures people. It mostly occurs in the lower Himalayas and other central regions. According to a study, the probability of predation of humans by leopards in Nepal is 16 times that of other regions, and it causes 1.9 deaths every year.

Between 1875-1912, the number of deaths due to leopard attacks in the entire Indian subcontinent was as high as 11,909. Between 1914 and 2008, 1357 people died in leopard attacks in India. As for leopard injuries but no fatal incidents, manyThe region does not keep official records, and it is impossible to collect relatively detailed data. Therefore, we have reason to believe that these 11,909 people and 1,357 people should be regarded as the lowest number of deaths caused by leopard attacks. It can be seen that the leopard is a top classThe predator has the ability to kill humans.

Can one beat Leopard with bare hands?

There is no doubt that people can beat the leopard with bare hands. The 13-year-old "strong man" in India is a living example, but provided that this is only a very small probability event, I have to say that Gaolav's luck in winning is a lotAccording to Golaf’s uncle in an interview afterwards, his family is a wrestler. Golaf has received standard training since he was a child. He is very agile and runs with other children in the village every day.

Accurately speaking, he can win Leopards, not really won, but take advantage of the gap between the Leopard's loose mouth and shift gears, shouting loudly and ran to the side of his family, once a desperate fight with the Leopard, I believe a 13-year-old junior high schoolSheng Ji is not the leopard’s opponent.

In real life, leopard attacks have occurred in almost the world where leopards are distributed. In Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Zambia, South Africa, Somalia, etc., almost all leopards have caused deaths.

In 1970, South African paleontologist Charles Kimberlin Blaine discovered human skull fossils about 1.8 million years ago. There are two obvious holes in the posterior part of the skull. The distance between the two holes is the same as that of the lower canine teeth of the leopard.The distance between them is completely consistent. At the same time, many leopard fossils were also found around the skull fossil, indicating that cats had prey on early humans.

Modern leopards can be divided into 9 subspecies. They are widely distributed from China, India, to the Middle East to Africa, but their habitats are not coherent and their living conditions are not optimistic.

Among all the leopard subspecies, the Persian leopard and the Far East leopard are the larger ones, and the average weight can reach 60 kilograms after adulthood. The leopards living in India are similar in size to the leopards in my country, most of them weighing 20 -60 kg.

According to the research of zoologist Stephen Rowe, the leopard’s canine bite force quotient is 94, that is, a leopard weighing 43 kilograms has a canine bite force of 467 Newtons, which may be compared with large predators such as ligersA big gap, but this bite force is enough to bite through human bones.

Can humans really beat Leopards with bare hands? My opinion is yes! But those who can do this kind of thing are destined to be those who exercise regularly, are stronger, and require greater luck. An ordinary personIf you want to face the leopard with bare hands without any tools, the probability of winning is very small.

Judging from the outcome of the recorded conflicts between humans and leopards, almost all humans have been injured in varying degrees, so the phenomenon that happened to this 13-year-old boy in India is not representative.

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