Where did people disappear after death? Research found that: people still have consciousness after death?

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Birth, old age, sickness and death is an iron law in the world, we still have no way to prevent birth, old age, sickness and death against the laws of nature, but what happens after death?

Nowadays, some scientific research articles suddenly appeared on the Internet, saying that "people will still be conscious after death." Everyone thinks this is a very absurd statement. People are dead, how can the brain still be conscious?

Where did people go after death?

The ancients believed in the hell and the world. They believed that when people died, they could continue to live in the underworld, but they could not interfere with what happened in the sun. Unless they encountered something and turned into a ghost, only by solving the problem can the ghost be peaceful.

Furthermore, the ancients also believed that the life after death depends on the sacrifice of descendants and grandchildren. If they live well, they can offer sacrifices to themselves so that they can live comfortably in the underworld without becoming a starving ghost, such as the name of ChuBefore he died, because he was worried that his family would decline after death, no one would worship him, so he cried. This is the ancient view of ghosts.

Modern people no longer believe in this set, but they will still abide by the corresponding traditions to express their awe and yearning for the ancestors, especially many people in the countryside.

Because science has not studied this aspect yet, many people are "preferring to believe that there is something, not believing that there is nothing", and some scientists believe that people will ascend to "heaven" after death, such as Einstein, Newton, etc, They believed that Jesus existed, and it was after Jesus died that he ascended to the "kingdom of heaven."

However, there is no scientific basis for these. Scientific analysis believes that people are conscious and able to think when they are alive. When people die, life is naturally gone. Microbes will quickly decompose people’s bodies.The final outcome is "Dust return to dust, soil return to soil".

It is worth noting that there will be some short-term consciousness after death.

"Alpha 3" project

In 2003, Tokyo, Japan, initiated a project called "Alpha 3", which is dedicated to studying the changes in consciousness after death. It was organized by famous medical scientists and neuropsychologists in Japan, the United States and some Western European countries.Experts, biologists, physicists, and computer experts participate.

First, scientists observed more than 20 dying patients between 19 and 75 years old, implanted electrodes in their bodies and connected them to the computer so that the computer could receive the brain waves of these people, and then theThe brain waves are translated into text and displayed on the computer screen to record the situation of these dying patients from near death to after death.

At that time, a 35-year-old patient named Bangda died of liver cancer. He was very painful before his death, but on the third day after his death, an unexpected message appeared on the computer screen—"IMy name is Bangda, I have relieved any pain, and I am flying in the sun, and I am very happy...very happy..." and repeated several times...

In fact, this plan has reached a magical conclusion. After death, the brain waves will still feed back the feelings of the person after death, that is, after the death of the brain, the human consciousness may still exist in the process.

Although this experiment can support the claim that consciousness still exists after death, many scientists are opposed to this. They believe that these phenomena may also be hallucinations caused by hypoxia in the brain before death.

In short, there is no evidence to prove these. And the current science has no definite conclusion. In the future, science may reveal the mystery of death.


For human death, it is judged according to the heartbeat or the death of the brain. It was found in a mouse experiment in 2013 that within 30 seconds after the clinical death of the experimental mice, their brains showed consciousnessThinking.

In addition, there are some stronger signals, so now more use "brain death" as the criterion for judging death, and scientific research also believes that the reason why people have consciousness is due to our developed brain neural network.Whether we think, or feel happy and sad, it all depends on the activity of nerve cells in the brain's neural network.

As for all topics after death, there is still controversy, and science has no way to explain it reasonably. After all, this is a very complicated problem, and it is particularly difficult to study it, and there is noAny practice or any principle can be used to prove it.

Now, at this moment, what we need to consider is the present, not the dead life. Life is precious. We must cherish the present, and enjoy every day when there is still life, and strive to make our life without regrets.

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