Is the word like the person, or the word raises the man?

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If you use words to describe a person, what word are you?

The calligrapher Ouyang Xun is a "zheng" character. He writes regular script, the starting and ending of the writing is like cutting with a knife, sharp and neat, and he is also upright.

Wen Zhengming, is a "show" character. He loves to write in lower case, strokes and strokes like a river in the south of the Yangtze River, very gentle, and he lives elegantly.

People say words as they are, but first they raise adults.

Aesthetician Jiang Xun said that when he was a child, he wrote, there was always a red line on the calligraphy book, which was cut vertically and horizontally. Writing must not be strung out randomly. The nine-square grid made him realize the "boundary".

Within this limit, Jiang Xun also learned the "rules".

One horizontal and one vertical must be a straight line, just like a straight person. When writing, his father asked Jiang Xun to "sit upright," and when he wrote to the last column of "center", he must write "upright". Being a man is like writing, writingBeing fair and upright, being a talent will be upright and upright.

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But being upright is not enough, so Chinese characters invented the "curve", which is a tactful of one person. Finally, the word "round" will be blended, and one person will have tolerance.

There are rules for each stroke, and one word has personality.

Words raise adults, everyone writes different words. It is written fair, like regular script, and is peaceful, such as Ouyang Xun and Liu Gongquan. I still like the smooth fonts, like the flowing clouds and flowing water of the running script, which is often free and unrestrained, such asWang Xizhi.

What kind of character you have, you have what kind of temperament.

Picture|Kuratani Xunfang

Unfortunately, now we are used to typing with a keyboard and typing with a mobile phone, facing the same "new detailed body". If you are not familiar with it, it is difficult to see who is on the opposite side of the screen.

It is also difficult to know whether the other party is upright, and how to know whether the sincere words in writing are open and honest?

I don’t see the words, and it’s hard to see what kind of temperament he has.

Picture|Kuratani Xunfang

Why is it that the beautiful word makes people want to look again?

Jiang Xun said in "Chinese Character Calligraphy Aesthetics" that he read the letter. After reading the letter, after knowing the meaning, he couldn't help but want to read it again. After reading it several times, he gradually forgot the meaning and began to feel that the lines are goodBeautiful, the structure is so beautiful, the white space is so beautiful.

The Chinese call such characters "calligraphy". Writing is not only to express meaning, but also to cultivate our "feeling of beauty" without knowing it.

Picture 1|Yishan Kiln

Picture 2|The wind is light and the clouds are light

When I was a child, Wang Xizhi learned to write with his teacher, Mrs. Wei. The teacher asked Wang Xizhi in his childhood to write the point on the word "之", and then look at this point together to see if it looks good or not.

Mrs. Wei commented on the four words "Peak falling stone." To Wang Xizhi, that "point" is like a rock on a cliff. It is heavy and seems to fall, but it still doesn't fall.

Learning the word "one" later, Mrs. Wei also took Wang Xizhi out, standing on the plain, watching the clouds. There was a long, long white cloud, which seemed to be a thousand li, she said it was called a "thousand-mile cloud."

This may be why Wang Xizhineng wrote "The Preface to the Collection of Orchid Pavilion" when he was drunk, known as "the first line of books in the world." What he wrote in his book is not just words, lines, but clouds, stones, and running water.Vientiane in the world.

Everyone sees that the cloud is different, and the "one" written is different. Some people see the dark cloud, which is heavy and thick, and his "one" is also very heavy; some people see the cloud, like a hairspring,His "one" is light and thin.

A person's characters may hide the scenery he has seen. Or magnificent large characters, or gentle and finely rotated lowercase, such as Wen Zhengming, one-hand lowercase, exquisite as if rubbed out by Suzhou water.

The word raises an adult and raises a person’s feelings of beauty.

Picture|Kuratani Hunfang

There is a man who writes, and he doesn’t pay attention to any brushwork, he is Su Dongpo.

He said: "I can't make books with calligraphy, so I can't ask for it." My words are my expression at the moment. There is no formula or scrutiny, just come by hand.

Actually, "writing casually" is really hard to appreciate. Knowing that a high school student, when he first saw Su Dongpo's calligraphy, he also "feeled that it was crooked and unsightly".

Until one day he was very sad, thinking of Dongpo's "Han Shi Tie", he found out, but felt that every word seemed to be flying in front of his eyes, "opened a window to the depression in my heart".

Because Su Dongpo was demoted to Huangzhou in "Han Shi Tie", and he "eat cold food" during the cold food energy saving period, he felt bitterness and sorrow. He thought it was so difficult for himself, and he also struggled with the beauty of the font.It is hypocritical, it is better to face it sincerely.

One character is written crookedly, such as lying and smelling, which are flat, ugly, and tattered. These characters are like Su Dongpo’s life and experience at that time. Calligraphy is his catharsis.

But he laughed at his own word as "Stone Pressed Toad". It is easy for a person to enjoy beauty, but it is difficult to see difficulties and face them without avoiding them.

There is happiness in the human world, and suffering, how can it be avoided, and how can it be forced, only to follow the heart, sad when sad, and open-minded.

Cultivating adults with words may be teaching people how to face the true self.

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Finally remembered a passage from Mr. Liang Wendao:

"'Seeing a character is like seeing a person' is an old saying I have heard since I was a child, but it is no longer useful today. Looking back on the path that Chinese characters have traveled over a century, it is that a piece of text gradually deviates from personality, because any person hitsThe words that come out are all the same."

When handwriting becomes a thing of the past, when keyboard typing becomes daily life, writing loses its character, as if people lose their temper and temperament.

We often say that the words are as they are, but the premise is that the words nurture adults.

It's just a pity, we often forget.


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"Beauty of Chinese Calligraphy" Author: Chiang Hsun

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