What is the difference between the human body in the East and the West?

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Easterns and Westerners:

Oriental people, or East Asian people, usually refer to people from China, North Korea, Japan, and South Korea. When we walk on the street, we can always tell at a glance which is a foreigner, especially a standard Westerner.Including, but not limited to, people from Western countries such as the United States and New Zealand. The reason is also very simple, they are likely to speak a fluent foreign language, white skin and yellow hair, even the color of their eyes is completely different from ours.

The theory of evolution says: The early ancestors of Westerners and Easterners were forest ancient apes, and now the yellow, white, black and brown races are all Homo sapiens;

Scientists say: If the classification of race is still based on the characteristics of skin color as before, it is not reasonable. Then, what are the differences between the human body in the East and the West?

How many human bones are there in the East and the West?

I did search for a lot of similar information on the Internet, and they all described the same meaning: Westerners have two more bones than Easterners, which are located on the two toe bones of both feet. Then I found that Westerners have 206A piece of bone, and we Orientals have only 204 bones. However, these contents are mainly from some personal graphic authors, and this statement has not been confirmed by credible channels.

Moreover, everyone has already known from previous studies: the number of human bones has always been defined as 206, including 29 skull bones, 51 torso bones and 126 limb bones, that is, all the bones of the human body are simplified.It is the three components of limb bones, torso bones and skull bones. This applies to all races of skin color, except for those with abnormal individual development.

To say that the number of human bones is different, it is mainly a person's childhood and adulthood, because children have more bones when they are not well developed. Specifically, the number of bones after an adult is generally 206A newborn child has as many as 305 bones, but these extra bones will eventually merge into one as they grow and develop. For example:

Children’s sacrum will gradually "combine five into one", four or five coccyxes will merge into one when they grow up, and the extra pubic bone, ischia and ilium will also evolve into two hip bones in adulthood. AlsoIn other words, the more than a dozen bones that children have more than adults are not missing, and this is their last place.

In addition to the obvious external signs of skin color, what are the differences between Westerners and Easterners?

For typical appearance features like skin color, hair color and eye color, any one of us can see that he she and us are not the same ethnicity. However, the physical differences between Westerners and Easterners are far more than theseFor example: Westerners like to eat beef and mutton, but a large number of live pigs have been unearthed from other countries. Westerners don’t have any confinement claims. It seems that you can jump directly into the cold swimming pool after giving birth.

Many issues cannot be taken apart, just like the eating habits of Westerners and lifestyle habits formed over the years. If everyone is also particularly interested in sports events, then it is not difficult to see that Easterners and Westerners are good at fieldsA big difference. Although the ancestors of human beings may really be like the theory of evolution, everyone evolved from the forest ancient apes. Now more and more fossils have been unearthed, and they all seem to prove that humans were not born from birth.It was like now.

However, on the long evolutionary road of human beings, there have been many differences due to different choices, but such differences are not directly reflected in the body structure. However, we still have to admit that in terms of height,Westerners as a whole are still taller, which has a lot to do with their long-term eating habits. Just as people living in the northeast of our country as a whole are taller than people in many places in the south.

Many characteristics of an individual are indeed mainly determined by genetic genes, but the genes of generation after generation are deeply influenced by factors such as growth environment and eating habits. This is why regardless of individual characteristics, culture and living habits,There are obvious regional differences among people all over the world, and they are not simply limited to people of different races or countries. Why are children born now more ideal than our original height? This is related to better and better living conditions, There are many foods to choose from, including meat foods, and nutrition can fully meet the needs of growth.

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