Why does the bear dominate the plush toy world?

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When you were a kid, was there a stuffed bear who accompanied your childhood?

I wonder if you have noticed that no matter which shop sells plush toys, plush bears are probably the one with the most styles and quantities.

Even in your emoji gallery, plush bears are at least one per capita.

Since when did bears start to occupy the plush toy world?

Open the plush toy category ranking list on Amazon.com, whether it is a single product ranking or a popular hot sale, plush bears always have a place in the top ten.

△The upper-class king who has not bought plush toys for a long time has fallen

Among all kinds of plush toy brands, there are a lot of bears in their names alone: ​​Memorial Bear, Build a Bear, Thanks Bear, Bear Factory, Flatout Bear...

Almost every toy brand will not miss the category of plush bears. Not only are the types of plush bears the most, some will directly put the bears first on the list.

△ Animal classification under a certain plush toy brand

Even if the brand name does not contain bears, every company has plush bears that must have best-selling models. For example, the big toy manufacturer Disney’s Duffy bears have left many plush lovers’ wallets. Just doing ThaiThere are a lot of brands of Dibong. In addition to the collection-worthy teddy bears such as the German brand Steiff with a long history, there are also rich and frugal Gund, Hermann, Kosen, Aurora, etc. to choose from.

△Disney's Duffy bear

Ikea's plush toys are always complained of ugly. This brown bear with a big belly looks like waste wood but fascinates many people. People not only follow the trend to buy and buy, but also use creativity to arrange unique poses for itPosing has a tendency to surpass the previous generation of Internet celebrity sharks.

Many girls who give gifts to straight men will only give a two-meter super plush bear, but in fact, many people are still happy after receiving the plush bear, and the sales of plush bears have been very strong., It is not a dream for a treasure to pay 10,000 people for a random item.

In the American drama "Sisters in Bankruptcy", the daughter of steel, Max, who flies with a poisonous tongue and never cares about everything, also owned a teddy bear in her childhood.

Twenty years later, the charm of this teddy bear is undiminished. In order to acquire it, the little boy also made an offer of $500.

Actually, not only the plush bear, but the cartoon image of the bear has always been a favorite of people.

Only the bears in the cartoons, there are Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, we bare bears, hapless bears...the simple image of bears, no matter what they do, they can make people laugh, even in "Toy Story""The villain, Strawberry Bear, is also liked by a bunch of people.

And in China, everyone must have the fear of being dominated by Xiong Da and Xiong Er when they go home during the Chinese New Year. As long as there are children at home, the TV can be adjusted to make the children behave. In recent years, the hidden winners of the Lunar New Year stalls, It must be a "Bear Infested" series of movies, and the ticket gates are all a family with a baby.

Then the question is, how come bears have become loved by others? Obviously bears in reality are not cute at all, but also very fierce.

Things must start from a long time ago...

As early as the end of the nineteenth century, Moscow had the prototype of a doll bear. At that time, a drinking bear appeared in a Moscow bar. When it was wound up, it could automatically drink with a wine glass and dance. This drinking bear once passed.When it appears, it is very popular, but considering the cost and age issues, it mainly serves adults.

Almost at the same time, a bear doll standing on four wheels appeared on the streets of Berlin, Germany. But it is still far from the current stuffed bear, because this bear doll is made of wood and connected to the four wheelsTogether, it's like a toy car.

Actually, the bear is deeply rooted in the image of a doll, so I have to talk about the teddy bear of the Patriarch level.

It is rumored that the American President Roosevelt was hunting in Mississippi in 1902. The bear was not found for a few days, but his assistant first spotted a black bear, so he trapped it and asked Roosevelt to shoot it. The bear was under normal weight.Half of the time, Roosevelt was moved with pity, thinking that shooting the black bear at this time was lack of sportsmanship, so he released the little black bear again.

Because Roosevelt’s nickname is Teddy, this incident was drawn into the comic "Teddy's Bear" by a cartoonist, and then a comic editor of the "Washington Post" also recorded this incident on the front page:The assistant tied up the little black bear sitting on the ground. Roosevelt was holding a gun, but with a big wave of his hand, he gestured to the bear to refuse.

After that, the doll bear merchant put out a plush toy named after a teddy bear. The true situation of this incident is difficult to verify, and some people suspect it is a political show, but since then the teddy bear has become famousWhen President Roosevelt was running for re-election, he also used a bear as a mascot, and the teddy bear has gradually become a symbol of love and tenderness for more than 100 years.

But sometimes, teddy bear is also a symbol of money.

Because teddy bears have a history of more than one hundred years, many teddy bear lovers will collect antique teddy bears over 50 years old, and some teddy bears of specific shapes have been sold for hundreds of thousands at auctionYuan is not uncommon.

Middle-aged post-90s who have watched the ancient Korean drama "Gong" must remember those delicate and cute teddy bears.

The popularity of this drama has also led to tourism in Jeju Island. The Teddy Bear Museum has become a popular check-in spot on Jeju Island. In this museum, there is a collection of Louis Vuitton coats produced by the German brand Steiff.The teddy bear, worth about 193,000 US dollars, is a special commemorative model to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the teddy bear.

There is also a gold fluffy teddy bear for the 125th anniversary, limited to 125 pieces, the mouth is made of gold, the stitching is made of gold thread, and the eyes are made of sapphires and diamonds, each priced at 86,000 US dollars.

Regardless of the post-90s or post-00s, the earliest plush toy enlightenment is likely to come from a plush bear. Although the brands are different and different in size, the common point is that they are plush to the touch, so naive.Full of security, accompany us through countless dark nights.

Not only when I was young, but adults still have a demand for stuffed bears.

According to a survey, 44% of Britons still own teddy bear dolls and dolls as adults, and nearly 34% of adults sleep with plush toys every night.

Sleeping together doesn't count. Talking to plush toys, telling stories, and discussing secrets are not behaviors that children can only do. Many people still do this when they grow up.

△Source: Zhihu

For most people, the plush bear is like the guardian of the night, helping you resist all ghosts, but only showing the gentlest side in front of you.

In fact, plush bears do have healing effects. Studies have shown that holding a beloved teddy bear or stuffed doll can help children reduce separation anxiety when sleeping with their parents.Existence is like a mother’s substitute, soft, touchable, and a comfort item.

At the moment when you hug the plush bear, whether you are a child or an adult, you can calm down under the soft touch.

In contrast, bears in reality bring more fear to people. After all, the size of a bear is a few hundred catties casually. The tallest brown bear can stand up to four meters, justA slap can stun the five scums of human warfare.

An evaluation shows that the combat effectiveness of the brown bear is approximately equal to the Siberian tiger. The former is a tall and fat boxer Tyson, and the latter is a flexible fighter Fido.

In the drama "Wulin Gaiden", Mo Xiaobei wanted to participate in the election ceremony of the leader of the Five Sacred Mountains. The shopkeeper Tong and the black shop partner said that there were black bears in the mountains, and all of a sudden, the martial arts dream of the Scarlet Flame Madness was strangled in the baby.

Although bears are terrible, you may have also discovered that the stuffed toys are actually cute little bears. After all, even the originator Teddy is a little bear. I don’t know how many people who like bears dream of raisingA bear that will never grow up, and a plush bear is such an alternative.

Compared with other animals, the chubby body of the plush bear looks very simple, honest, reliable and safe. Some people say that the bear is the most like a human cub among wild animals. It can stand and crawl., The round face and round arms, no matter it looks or feels, it gives people a very friendly feeling.

Think about it carefully. If it is a plush snake or a plush monkey with a skinny and shriveled hand, it is estimated that few people think how cute it is. Think back to your favorite emoticons such as Xiao Liu Ya and Ye Meng Jun, whichNot swollen.

In addition to being cute, plush bears sometimes make people feel funny, especially when they are thrown into the trash can. Even the trash can can receive the bears, and you and I are still celebrating Singles Day.

Looking through your emoticons, who doesn’t have a dejected garbage bear yet. No matter how energetic the little bear is, he can always get a sense of decadence immediately when he arrives in the trash can, like every beater defeated by life.

But workers must not be discouraged, they should learn from workers, even if they are abandoned, they still have to shine.

No matter when, the plush bear is the warmest one, as long as you don’t leave it, it’s there to listen to everything about you. Is there such a little bear on your bedside, accompany you through spring, summer, autumn and winter?

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