Why does the dog hide in an unmanned corner before dying?

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Old people all over the world have described the spirituality of dogs more than once. For example: An old man living in California raised a dog, and the dog was very depressed when he smelled the old man’s chestThe old man didn’t know what he meant, but during the subsequent physical examination, the old man thought of the dog’s eyes and did a physical examination of his chest, which showed that he was healthy. However, the old man had another in-depth physical examination and found that he was prone to cancer, butIt is discovered in time, and it can be cured with only an operation.

The old man said that now he chooses to let the dog do an examination for himself before the physical examination. If the dog behaves normally, he will feel more at ease.

It is precisely because dogs are very spiritual creatures that they leave their homes before dying and find a place where no one lives for the rest of their lives. The reason for this is that many people say they are dogs.Worried that his owner will be sad because of his death.

Then is this true?

Why did the dog hide before he died?

We know that dogs are domesticated from wolves. Although their appearance and personality are quite different from wolves, some of their behaviors still retain the blood of wolf, including hiding before death.

Wolves belong to a group of animals. For wolves living in the wild, aging is actually a very extravagant behavior. They will die due to food fights, injuries that are not treated in time, predation of large animals, etc., but very fewOnly some wolves can survive to age.

When wolves' body functions are degraded, it is difficult for them to survive. The reason is that wolves will not support the elderly, and aging individuals are a drag on the population. So at this time the aging wolves will leaveMy original population, looking for a place where no one is disturbed.

One is because they can no longer keep up with the steps of the wolves, and the other is because the physical functions of aging individuals will also decline, and they cannot cope with the attacks of other wolves or other carnivores. So choose oneAn undisturbed place helps them survive for a while.

In fact, not only wolves will do this, even aging tigers will take such measures. The Siberian tiger living in Siberia has a very bad living environment, but scientists have observed that if the tiger reaches the age of aging, At this time they will head to the top of a mountain.

This mountain is covered with snow, no one knows what is on it, but they all know that this mountain is a tiger’s cemetery. Of course, some tigers will choose to attack humans and livestock after they age. This is because theyAfter aging, the running speed is not fast enough, the bite force is not strong enough, and the human skin is thin and easy to spit. But nowadays, tigers attack humans less and less.

It can be seen from the performance of wolves and tigers after aging that it is their normal practice to choose to leave the population after aging, so the dogs also continue the behavior of their ancestors, leaving their homes before dying to find a no-man cornerQuietly waiting for death to come.

Of course, this behavior of dogs is also to avoid being killed by humans. Although dogs have been domesticated by humans for tens of thousands of years, in the past, dogs were not only helpers of nursing homes, but also energy sources when energy shortages occurred.Humans have been feeding on dog meat for tens of thousands of years, but only recently have dogs been treated as pets.

How long can I survive after hiding?

Generally speaking, wolves or dogs that leave the population cannot survive for long. This is because wolves live in a harsh environment. Although they are omnivores, the energy that plants can provide is very limited, and it is difficult to meet the energy requirements of wolvesIn addition, wolves generally hide in places with fewer prey, otherwise they will attract a large number of carnivores to forage. In addition, their physical function declines, making hunting efficiency lower, so that they cannot survive for too long.

The same is true for dogs. After dogs leave their homes, they lack regular energy supply from humans, and their bodies are difficult to adapt to the intensity of hunting, so that they will eventually die in a short time.

But nowadays, many people who like pets will truly treat dogs as family members, not only provide them with medical assistance when they are aging, but also improve their living conditions as much as possible. In addition, nowadays, dogsThere is no chance to leave the home, so when they are dying, they will choose to stay quietly in a quiet corner of the home until death.

Perhaps for dogs, being able to stay around people and things familiar to them when they die is also a kind of happiness.

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