Scientific research shows that animals that eat vegetarian food have higher IQs. Why do humans eat meat?

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The IQ of eating grass is higher or the IQ of eating meat? This is a very interesting question! Judging from the 7 animals that have passed the mirror test, the eating grass has two seats, the omnivorous ones occupying two seats, and the carnivorous ones3 seats, it seems that there are still more carnivorous animals, so is the IQ of carnivores really high?

Is the IQ of eating meat really higher than that of eating grass?

This is actually very obvious. The competition on the African savannah clearly proves this point. Animals at the lower end of the food chain, such as antelope, wildebeest, and bison, are definitely just a predator on the grassland.The lions, leopards, and spotted hyenas form a carnivore "alliance". In order to hunt, various methods have been used to the extreme. The purpose is very simple, in order to survive!

Intelligence is developed in the urgency of survival

Are herbivores stupid? In fact, they are not stupid, but their survival crisis is not as serious as carnivores, because their population is very large, as long as they outperform their companions, they can guarantee a chance of survival, while the old and weak herbivoresThere is always a part of the sick and disabled, so weeding out these animals will help herbivores to maintain a healthy and healthy development, so it is more accurate to say that herbivores are not under pressure to survive!

The predators are different, because there is too much competition, not only the herbivores that are increasingly difficult to catch, but also competition from other carnivorous species, so they must cooperate in groups to obtain prey in a more efficient way, so they chase and intercept.There are those who play the chase, some who bite the gold halfway, and even have a unique trick. Therefore, the carnivorous animals are under pressure to survive, and the low-intellectual population has been extinct!

Why the herbivore orangutan has the highest IQ among animals?

Actually, orangutans do not eat grass, they are only vegetarian! But what we call herbivores is actually a vegetarian animal in a broad sense. Therefore, vegetarian orangutans are included in this rank. There is no doubt that the IQ of primates in the animal kingdom isThe highest, and among the primates, chimpanzees and gorillas and bonobos have the highest IQ!

They are all vegetarians. Why vegetarian primates are the highest among animals? This has always been a mystery, because this question has to be talked about tens of millions of years ago, and other herbivores may not be so long.The history and perhaps time is also an excellent resource, of course primates have an excellent differentiation from the beginning!

That is the separation of hands and feet. Human branches are divided more thoroughly. The functions of hands and feet have been completely separated. Other primates seem to have no feet at all, but have four hands. Compared with humans, orangutans and monkeys haveThe feet are more like the other two hands. This hand-eye coordination is very beneficial to the development of the brain!

The other is gregariousness. Primates’ gregariousness is more social. For example, the chimpanzee group is highly hierarchical, fighting for power, such as the war between African Gombe chimpanzees, and fighting for power to exterminate brothers and brutal competitionFar beyond human beings, this kind of internal struggle and external pressure is absolutely beneficial to the IQ development of a population!

Since being a vegetarian has a higher IQ, why do humans eat meat?

From the case of orangutans, we can know that vegetarian IQ can also be extremely high, so why do we humans eat meat? And vegetarian food is more environmentally friendly, because it belongs to the "primary food", the most abundant in nature,And using herbivores to convert into meat will lose a lot of it, which is really wasteful from the perspective of energy utilization!

Eating meat is the need of the brain

In the human diet, protein, fat, and carbohydrates are the three essential items. Among the most important proteins, plants and animals can provide them, but humans are biologically closer to animals than plants, so humans needAnimal protein!

Insufficient protein intake will lead to protein-energy malnutrition PEM. Such a condition in infancy will affect brain development. Children with severe malnutrition have more learning and behavior disorders than normal children.problem!

The differentiation between early humans and orangutans is also closely related to the source of diet. The development of the brain requires animal protein. Except for human primates, meat is only occasional snacks orangutans also hunt other animals, butIt is not the main food source, and because early humans left the forest, their food sources must be diversified in order to survive. The increase in meat consumption just prepared the environment for brain development.

Energy efficiency needs, eating grass all the time seriously affects daily work

A very interesting topic. In the daily life of herbivores, except for rest, they eat grass. For example, like cows, they either eat the green grass on the ground or chew the forage that has been regurgitated.If human beings do the same, just eat grass every day. There is still time to do something else?

So vegetarian orangutans also spend a lot of time looking for food every day, and meat provides great energy. In order to make it easier to digest, humans have also learned to use fire, and they are easier to digest after being cooked, which is even more trouble-freeLess, so human beings have a lot of time to do things that are not!

Humans who have nothing to do are terrible, so modern civilization has developed!

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