You turn the pen in a fool's play, become the wealth after 00

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On a hot summer afternoon, the English class scheduled for five or six sessions is always so difficult. The English teacher who is trying hard on the stage seems to be singing a lullaby, so you turn your pen in boredom.

Suddenly with a "biu" sound, the pen flew out and hit the school uniform on the front desk impartially, making a mark. When you cover your mouth and snicker and pick up the pen, you should not expect to go home and take it off.I also suffered the same bad luck from the clothes.

Regardless of whether you are a post-90s or post-00s, whether you are a master or a scumbag, as long as you have experienced the student days, turning pens can almost be said to be a useless skill for manpower.

You may not remember what the front desk was hit by yourself, but you will never forget the teacher who was hit by you.

However, not all pen-turning boys are only satisfied with "precise strikes" on their teachers. On the way to the peak of pen-turning, they are more courageous to make breakthroughs, adhering to the tenet of "injury one hundred enemies and three thousand oneself"Wandering in the major risk areas: whether it is the death gaze of the class teacher, or the cudgel of the parents, let alone the serious examination room...

No one can stop the writers from striving for perfection. After all, they will not hesitate to catch up with themselves in order to transfer.


It’s just that most of the pen-turning boys who are so crazy are often confused.

Many girls have this kind of confusion in high school: boys always inadvertently draw girls when they turn pens. Did they deliberately?

This is obviously a misunderstanding of the pen-turning boy who is dedicated to practicing and looking forward to flying fairy-sorry, they really only have pen-turning in their hearts.

It's just that when the boy looked at his girlfriend who was holding milk tea and said, "What am I yours?", he couldn't help but fall into deep confusion as to when he was wondered.


It is difficult to trace the origin of this "evil fate", but the only thing that can be determined is that every girl who was picked up by the boy who turned the pen will eventually become a little Afei in the world of the pen.


The transfer of pen is not only the phenomenon of human-to-human transmission, but also material-to-material transmission. In short, everything can be transferred. From workbooks, history books to Xinhua dictionary, basketball, drumsticks, the pen man is trying to explore the earthThe balance point of gravity and each entity, rounded up, can also be said to be engaged in physics research not.

If you have been considered by your teachers and parents to be an early warning of scumbag because of the transfer of pen, then you should really show this mysterious Eastern power in front of foreigners. When the Chinese students bring this skill abroad, transfer the pen evenWith the special vocabulary "Chinese pen spinning", you can tell qi pian them that this is the tip of the iceberg of Chinese Kung Fu.

Different from the 90s who turned two gel pens after nibbling their fingers boringly in class, now the "Zhuanbi Second and Third Generations" post-00s have already turned their pens.After playing into a professional game, they need to use a special pen to turn.

Turning around and listening to Secondary Two, but there are many things to do:

In appearance, both ends of the pen barrel are "wearing boots and hats". Regardless of front and back, generally they cannot really be used as pens. After all, they are born for changing pens.

The length of the pen is 1~2 cm longer than the ordinary pen, and the material is too hard.

The grip is generally frosted and has better anti-slip performance. Such spinning pens are generally made by merchants or pen-turning boys by using a variety of ordinary pen materials penholder, pen cap, nib, pen glue, etc.Compared with ordinary pens, it is more conducive to balancing and preventing frequent pen dropping.

In addition to the double-headed pen-turning pen, there is another type of pen-turning pen called the original pen. The appearance is not much different from the original pen, but the balance performance is better. Generally, it has a head and a tail, and can even write.Buying a variety of materials and other combinations, this process is also called "rewriting", and the rewriting that tests both patience and skill is almost a compulsory course for every boy who turns pen.


In terms of price, transfer pens are also superior to group pens. The most expensive transfer pen is said to have reached a 4-digit Hong Kong dollar in the HKPSA Hong Kong pen transfer market.

△传说中的转笔届氪金之王PDS Comssa V1-V2,全球限量100只的稀世壕物

The pen is ready, and the next step is to go to the rivers and lakes.

Every well-equipped pen pen boy dreams of not how to attract the next-door classmate, but to board two major international pen pen competitions: PSWT World Pen Pen Championship and PSWC World Pen Pen Cup.

One of the two competitions is an individual competition and the other is a team competition. Generally speaking, PSWT is held in odd-numbered years, PSWC is held in even-numbered years, and the organizer is UPSB, an international pen-transfer organization.

Different from other sports events that need to go to the scene in person, this otaku's competition also inherits the essence of "house":

For two online battles, the competition often sets a certain number of pen-turning moves and corresponding points for reference from easy to difficult. The participating boys only need to upload the self-recorded personal pen-turning video to the organizer.The judges will judge from the four dimensions of execution, difficulty, creativity, and expressiveness.

Not only can it be turned, but it must be turned beautifully, and it is a good turn!

Previously, an 18-year-old Hunan pen-turning guy successfully joined the World Pen-turning Alliance because his little finger can jump more than 500 pens in a row. With a monthly income of over 10,000, he envied his peers, while the average pen-turning man can reach 20-30 times. Note: Jumping a pen is similar to a ping pong ball, so that the pen cannot jump at the fingertips.


However, the team competition is quite different from the individual competition, which emphasizes presentation skills and unique skills.

Team competitions pay attention to arrangement and creativity. Generally, the participating team members discuss their ideas in advance, shoot videos separately, and then edit and add special effects. In other words, don’t participate in individual competitions if you don’t have any tricks, and enter the team competition if you don’t have a team spirit..

At present, more than 30 countries in the world have established their own pen-transfer organizations and websites, such as the World Pen-transfer Alliance that pen-transfer enthusiasts want to join.


There is also PSH pserhome, which is the largest pen-writing enthusiast website in China and has been through the 15th year, and gathers the great gods of pen-writing circles.

But whether at home or abroad, these forums have an ancestral father who needs to worship, that is the world's first pen-based teaching website established by Japanese Kondo Hideaki in 1997. This website is not only the first time to sort outIn the history of pen-turning, for the first time, the method of pen-turning was systematically named and taught, and Hideaki Kondo was named the "father of pen-turning."


Professional players' entry has made Zhuanpen a top ten finger extreme sport in the world alongside Rubik's Cube, Competitive Cup Stacking and Yo-Yo.

Currently there are up to 500 known pen-turning moves, and they have their own exclusive titles. For example, the basic skills from little finger to thumb is called "up", and from thumb to little finger is called "down", it can be turned forward, reverseTurn around, turn palm, back of hand......

In short, it is the upper-class man's move that the scum that is dropped after two turns is discarded at a glance, and whenever someone discovers a new move, it will become the object of everyone's eagerness to learn.

From the general fingertips

Go to the advanced leg to jump to the dick

Not even limited to turning "pen", as long as you want to turn, the world is yours. Incorrect

The pen-turning boys have already played with the pen between the palms!

△14-year-old boy, can already dance with the hot girl by turning his pen

One by one, the pen-turning moves were developed by the diligent pen-turning boy, and he justified the stereotype that the pen-turning is a scumbag--teacher, I'm really serious about pen-turning.

Know that the common principle of pen-turning enthusiasts is: you can't turn your pen in non-performance formal occasions such as classes and meetings, and you can't show it to others without practice.


Japanese brain wave research expert Shiga Kazuya once called for pen-turning movement: "The complex movements of the fingertips are related to the feedback of vision and touch. The continuous corrective movements for correct movements can improveThe brain is active and prevents aging."

And these tangible pen-turning benefits don’t require long journeys, expensive equipment, or even large venues——

One person, one stroke is enough!

Think of the uncle who has been suffering from the controversy of the people, braving the cold in the winter park, smashing the whip and hitting the tree and hitting monkeys, and the square dancer who occupies the square day by day and writhes.A bold idea:

What kind of tree are you hitting! When you get old, let's play around together.

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