Not all the old people go to the south to spend the winter, see how the old people in Inner Mongolia play in winter

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Little friends who have never traveled to the north will definitely think that Inner Mongolia, the northernmost part of China, must be extremely cold in winter. Everyone will hide in a heated house. In fact, this is not entirely the case.Some elderly people will spend the winter in the warm south like migratory birds. Most of the elderly stay in their homes in the north. Not only are they not afraid of the cold, but they also gather to play together in the park during the day and enjoy the beauty of the northern winter.Better than many young people.


We all know that in line with the principle of conforming to the natural climate, the ancients reduced their outings in winter. In fact, it is somewhat similar to animal hibernation, but with the improvement of living standards and the development of science and technology, we humans face survival in winterThe pressure is getting less and less, and there is more and more overnutrition. People who lack exercise often become more and more bloated after overwintering. Lack of outdoor exercise is the main reason, especially for young people. It is not as good as some who are getting older.For the elderly, they will hold activities such as dancing and singing outdoors, or at least take their children to play outdoors for their children.

At this "balance point" I feel that the old people in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, are particularly worth learning. Not only do they go out in the morning to exercise, they also gather to play in the park during the day. Some are singing, dancing, and some are playing cards and games.It looks pretty good in winter. If it weren’t for the surrounding lake has been frozen, and the lake surface has been covered with ice and snow, and the leaves of the willows around you have fallen off, it’s hard to imagine that this is winter in the north. If you look at their enthusiasm for activities, you will not feel it at allTheir age and the existence of the season.

From this point of view, the elderly here are very good at living. Without them, the entire Manduhai Park will be lifeless, especially after the ice rink, which was popular with young people in the past, was closed.


Compared with the accommodation environment in the past and the changed clothes, there is a surplus in nutrient intake and consumption today, that is, the daily intake of nutrients is excessive, and the daytime in winter will become short, especiallyWhen the winter solstice reaches its limit, the cold outdoors and indoor warmth form a huge contrast. Young people are increasingly reluctant to go out. Too much food, short daytime, if there is a lack of outdoor activities, the body will naturally accumulate a lot of energy in a short time.

In fact, outdoor activities help the elasticity of our human blood vessels, and promote blood circulation between cold and heat. Therefore, people who often participate in outdoor activities will also have very good skin elasticity. I believe many friends.I’ve all heard that women in Heilongjiang have very good skin, as are the girls in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. This should be the reason.

Some people even say that the benefits of four distinct seasons are also here. Even for southerners, it is good for the body to come to the north to experience the world of ice and snow in winter, especially to participate in some winter ice and snow events. We know that all things like ice and snow sportsOf tourists, the physical fitness is relatively good, I believe everyone will recognize this.


"Balance Point" used to work in Shanghai in the south for ten years. Although he was very young at that time, he was still very impressed with the winter. It would be sad if the home does not have air conditioning and electric mattresses. It is completely different from the north.Washed clothes and socks can be dried overnight. In the southern winter, especially in the rain, the clothes are difficult to dry. Sometimes the temperature is also zero, and the body feel is completely different.

The biggest difference between the north and the south is the room temperature. The indoor temperature in Inner Mongolia is generally not lower than 25 degrees above zero. You can wear single clothes at home, but not in the south, even if it is more than ten degrees above zero.Wearing sweaters, windbreakers, etc., the main reason is the body feeling brought by humidity, and the lack of sunlight is also a reason. The dryness and sunlight in the north make outdoor sports very comfortable. If you don’t look at the colors, look at the winter in northerners.Just like the spring in the south, as long as there is sunshine, people are not willing to go home, especially those children.

However, there are too few young people who are willing to participate in outdoor sports. They are not seen even on weekends. It seems that the 300 million people that the State Sports General Administration hopes to participate in the winter ice and snow events have a long way to go.

So, what kind of sports do the young people around you like in winter? Do you want to challenge yourself in a snow country? Welcome to leave a message, thank you!


The "Balance Point" has already booked a ticket for the trip to Genhe, the coldest in the motherland in northeastern Inner Mongolia. At the end of the month, it will bring you a unique ice and snow visual enjoyment and challenge yourself.

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