Why is the Gobi sheep in Siziwang Banner of Inner Mongolia called the "little ginseng" on the grassland?

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Survival of the fittest and being able to grow in a difficult environment are all good things. People are like this, so are plants and animals. Populus euphratica has the reputation of being a desert hero tree. There is a kind of Gobi sheep in the Siziwang Banner of Inner Mongolia. They are from Daxinganling.Migrating from the Hulunbuir prairie, now growing in a unique geographical environment and climate, with very good resistance to bitter cold, has won the reputation of the grassland "small ginseng", has been implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture to implement the national agricultural product geographical indication registration protection, The supply is in short supply all the year round, you can only go to Siziwangqi to travel if you want to taste


If you travel frequently, you will find that the environment has a great impact on living things. Animals and plants that can grow in bitter cold places have the characteristics of tenacious vitality. Populus euphratica, tamarisk and seabuckthorn in Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia have become touristsAdmired plants, and the desert Cistanche and Cynomorium are the driving force of countless tourists. Siziwang Banner in Inner Mongolia has a large number of desertified grasslands, and the northern part is close to the Mongolian Plateau. It is a typical bitter cold land. 300 years ago, the influence of the Qing governmentNext, the Mongolian four sub-tribes migrated here from the Hulunbuir prairie in the Greater Xing'an Mountains, and these high-quality sheep came with them.

The grassland here is a typical "Gaobi" Mongolian grassland, which means bushes grow. The plants that can grow are high-quality forages that are extremely vigorous and resistant to drought, cold and sand. These high-quality sheep go through the naturalThe survival of the fittest and the upgrading of the environment has become the current Siziwangqi Gobi sheep. I don’t know if it is to adapt to the wind and sand here. They have yellow eye circles around their eyes, which are comparable to the dark circles of giant pandas. They have become one of the best here.Bao, has the reputation of "Little Ginseng" in the grassland.

The reason is mainly due to the changes brought about by the living environment of sheep. There are not only plants that can be used as Chinese medicinal materials, but also high-quality Leymus chinensis, as well as 45 families such as Artemisia frigida, multi-root onions, and rims.Planting plant forage, in line with plant diversity, coupled with the vast grassland space and free-range grazing methods, make these sheep like sportsmen in the flock, with tight muscles, delicious meat, no taint, and nourishment.Abundance is a delicacy not to be missed by tourists in winter. In winter, tourists often visit here specifically for the purchase of authentic Gobi sheep.

Because the herders found that the sheep living near the bushes on the Siziwangqi grassland, the mutton in winter is very delicious, they often say that they are "Gaobi" sheep, and they are called "Gobi sheep" by outsiders. They are actually MongolianTransliteration of, means sheep living near bushes.

On November 5, 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China approved the implementation of the National Geographical Indication Registration Protection for "Four Ziwang Banner Gobi Sheep".


If you have traveled to Siziwangqi grassland, you will find that the grassland here is not as beautiful as the Hulunbuir Prairie and Xilin Gol Prairie, and it is not even as beautiful as the nearby Huitengxile Prairie, but it is precisely because it has half of the small shrubs.The desertification ecological environment makes it a unique breeding environment. Gobi sheep here can only use traditional grazing methods, so the carrying capacity is very limited, which is more precious to some extent.

If you have the opportunity to communicate with the herdsmen here, you will find that they are very wise, adhering to the principle of "eating a bite of a fairy peach instead of a basket of rotten apricots". They are very picky about lamb and seem to only eat this kind of Gobi sheep.Sometimes I would rather not eat it. When I meet it, I will feast on it. You are not polite. Winter is the best season for herders to eat meat. For those who want to see the winter scenery of the grassland, you can take this opportunity to taste the authentic advantages.Gobi sheep.

Nowadays, the Gobi sheep has become a beautiful business card of Siziwangqi. Not only is it popular with food tourists, but it is also becoming more and more famous. With the increase in popularity, online sales are also proceeding in an orderly manner. I believe Siziwangqi Gobi sheep is inIn the future, it will become the "giant panda" among the sheep in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and will be sought after by more tourists and netizens.


Siziwangqi Gobi sheep is a warming and tonic food, suitable for eating in the cold winter, although it is a good thing, but it must be controlled well; Siziwangqi grassland is close to Mongolia, there is a chance to encounter wild prairie wolves during winter travel.

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