If there is no promotion from Master Li, can Song Jiang still be successful in recruiting security?

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If there is no Master Li, Song Jiang would not be successful in recruiting, because the 81st chapter in the book confessed that "Yan Qing met Song Huizong under the arrangement of Master Li as an uncle and brother", and first played the flute to the emperor, And then let Yan Qing sing a song to relieve her boredom. After singing a song "The Pride of the Fisherman", she expressed that she would sing "Magnolia with reduced characters" to express that although she was loyal and filial, she had no way to serve the country.

? "Listen to the mourning, listen to the mourning, who knows that the humble body is living, who knows! It is extremely unreasonable, and the sins are inextricably reversed! Some people have suggested that in the fire pit, there is always loyalty and filial piety.."

After Yan Qing sang, the emperor was shocked. Then he asked: "Why did Qing have this song?" Yan Qing cried and worshipped underground. The emperor turned his doubts and said: "Qing will tell the matter in his chest, and the widow will pay attention to it."Yan Qing played: "The minister is guilty of losing the sky and dare not play it." The emperor said: "Pardon Qing is not guilty, but the performance may be fine."

Yan Qing said: "The minister wandered in the rivers and lakes since childhood, lived in Shandong, followed merchants, passed by Liangshan, and was robbed and taken up the mountain for three years. Today I had to escape and walk back to the capital. Although I saw my sister, You dare not walk on the streets. If someone recognizes, and is a public man, how do you tell it at this time?" Li Shishi said: "In my brother's heart, there is only this suffering. I hope that your majesty will be the master!" The emperor laughed.: "It's easy! You are brother Li Xingshou, who dares to take you!"

Next, pay attention to two details, one is Yan Qing vs. Li Shishi, the other is Li Shishi vs. the emperor:

Yan Qing sent love to Master Li with her eyes. Master Li acted like a coquettish and played the emperor: "As long as your majesty writes a letter of forgiveness and pardons my brother, he can rest assured." The emperor said: "There is no imperial treasure here, how to write"That's right?" Li Shishi said again: "Your Majesty's handwriting and imperial pen is better like a jade talisman. When relieving the amulet made by the brothers, it is also the sacred time of the slut." The emperor was forced to take the paper and pen. The tits immediately held it.The four treasures of the study.

Li Shishi asked the emperor to be "acting like a baby" for forgiveness because "Yanqing sent love with his eyes", the emperor was forced to take pen and paper.

? Then the emperor talked to Yan Qing about Songjiang on Liangshan. Later, Gao Liu, Tong Guan and other deceitful behaviors were exposed. The emperor "sighed and sighed." If everyone thinks that such an emperor can be pardonedSong Jiang and the others are actually too naive.

This night when Yan Qing left, Song Huizong and Li Shishi slept together the pillow wind here must continue to blow, otherwise it will not be effective., the next day Yan Qing went to see Taiwei Su and picked him up.It was Song Gongming who was recruited by the whole group.

Here we can see that the emperor basically didn’t care about external affairs. They were all controlled by Tong Guan, Gao Li and Cai Jing. Even Su Taiwei and others could not get close. The fundamental reason for this ending could not be someone else., The problem must be with the emperor himself. Don’t think that he really doesn’t know the situation. Those performances in court are false, otherwise why not deal with Tongguan and Gaoyao? This is a very important link.Right or wrong choice.

Song Jiang sacrificed Yan Qing and used the relationship between men and women to ask Li Shishi for help, and then used Li Shishi to ask the emperor for help, and this behavior is actually the same as Wang Yun's use of Diao Chan to provoke Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu in The Romance of the Three KingdomsThe magic is an insult to women, a manifestation of men’s incompetence.

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