Zhuge Liang’s biggest strategic mistake was to persuade Liu Bei to occupy Yizhou, so that Shu Han’s internal and external affairs were troubled?

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Zhuge Liang’s biggest mistake was not to persuade Liu Bei to occupy Yizhou, but two major mistakes in the employment strategy. One was to ask Pang Tong to assist Liu Bei first, leaving Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and himself to guard Jingzhou, Pang TongAfter his death, he took Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei into Sichuan. If these two moves were not intentional, they were major mistakes. In fact, many friends prefer Zhuge Liang's arrangements.

First of all, Zhuge Liang persuaded Liu Bei to take Yizhou, which is actually a prerequisite for the construction of the Three Kingdoms. Otherwise, Liu Bei is still in a dilemma. He stays in Jingzhou, and he is still in a state of being attacked. There is no chance of growth, and this is the onlySo Zhuge Liang was right to persuade Liu Bei to take Xichuan, but there was a problem with the staffing. He knew that Xichuan was not without capable people, but Liu Zhang was unable to employ people, so he let Pang Tong and Liu Bei go, which was tantamount to going.To die.

His biggest mistake is to cause Pang Tong's loss. With his ability, it is actually very easy to know the result. This arrangement is actually very unconsidered. He left the main core strength by his side. In fact, he can personallyInstead of letting Pang Tong and Liu Bei go, there is another. He should bring Liu Bei at least a general of Guan Yu or Zhao Yun, instead of Huang Zhong and Wei Yan, and Liu Bei and Pang Tong have not worked together, and Pang TongThere is also the suspicion of greed and advancement. I believe that Zhuge Liang knew it well. The letter he wrote to Liu Bei was actually to avoid responsibility for himself Liu Bei looked at Zhuge Liang, lonely got Kong Ming, and even fish got water. Zhuge Liang'sSuggestions, he will definitely listen.

Then Zhuge Liang did it intentionally? This point is actually debatable.

When Pang Tong died, Zhuge Liang’s decision became more and more confusing. He left Jingzhou and took Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei away, leaving only Guan Yu. This decision was a bit inexplicable, and he had to make a coupleLu entered Sichuan and competed with Zhang Fei. It seemed that he was encouraging Zhang Fei to advance. The immediate problem here is that Guan Yu was harmed by Sun Quan and Cao Cao, Zhang Fei was eliminated by Yan Yan because of the advance alone, and he and Zhao Yun were delayed along the way.Let Liu Bei be killed in Xichuan, so that the core of Liu, Guan, and Zhang will not be destroyed, and he will naturally become the supreme commander.

Liu Bei’s occupation of Yizhou was not a strategic mistake, but a complete hiring mistake. He first left the core in Jingzhou, and then split Liu, Guan, and Zhang into three. In fact, with Liu Guanzhang’s individual strength, only lossGod blessed the loss of Guan Yu. Zhang Fei entered Sichuan alone, Guan Yu guarded Jingzhou alone, Liu Beitong greedy Pang Tong entered Sichuan, if it is chess, these are great risks, and Zhuge Liang's self-proclaimed "lifetime cautious" use of troopsThe style does not match, there is room for imagination.

In the end, Guan Yu’s death was like the beginning of dominoes. The core interest group Liu, Guan, and Zhang collapsed one after another. Guan Yu was killed by Sun Quan, Zhang Fei was killed by soldiers, and Liu Bei died of depression because of Lu Xun’s burning company camp for eight hundred miles.Therefore, the core power of the Shu Han completely fell into Zhuge Liang's hands. Although Zhuge Liang should not be speculated with such thoughts, the result was too good for him and it was impossible not to think about it. What do you think?

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