Shen Yuluoyan is talking about Xishi Wang Zhaojun, who is the closed moon shame flower who goes hand in hand with them?

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We know that "Shen Yu, Luo Yan, Closed Moon, Shame Flower" describe the four great beauties of ancient China Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan, Yang Guifei, and they all have exciting stories:

First of all, "Shen Yu" tells the story of Xi Shi Huansha. We know that Xi Shi was a beauty of the Yue country during the Spring and Autumn Period. She was once a village girl, whose real name was Shi Yiguang, and often followed her mother on the riverside Huansha. Because of her natural beauty,Yuer saw that Xi Shi’s reflection was too beautiful and forgot to swim, and gradually sank to the bottom of the river. There are many legends related to Xi Shi. Among them, her love story with Fan Li is the most talked about, and men’s revenge with beauties starts here..

The story of "Looping Wild Goose" is much better. It is the story of Wang Zhaojun going out of the fortress. She and Shan Yu lived on the grassland outside the Great Wall. The wild geese flying in the sky saw the beauty of Wang Zhaojun and forgot to fly.Falling from the sky to the ground, this place is called Luoyanpo. Many tourists still come here to look for the shadow of Zhaojun. Among them, there is a green mound on the south side of Hohhot. There is also Zhaojun’s hometown, the green mound, and the Zhaojun Museum., There are not only many historical sites of Hu Han and Qin, but also documents of the Huns.

It should be said that Wang Zhaojun is the happiest of the four ancient beauties. In Inner Mongolia, many roads related to her, her relatives, and even communities are named after Zhaojun, which shows how popular she is.

"Closed Moon" refers to Diao Chan. Anyone who has read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms knows that when Diao Chan saw Wang Yun's serious concerns, he went outside at night to pray for his father and wished to the moon, and the moon saw its beauty and was ashamedHiding behind the clouds, and after Wang Yun bumped into it, he set up a beauty plan to provoke Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu's relationship, allowing Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhuo. Later, when Lu Bu and Cao were operating in the battle, they played a huge role, not only in terms of combat effectiveness.It weakened Lu Bu and made Lu Bu give up the opportunity to escape before he was hanged by Cao Cao in the White Gate Tower.

Diao Chan is said to have fallen into the hands of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao wanted to use Diao Chan to provoke the relationship between Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. They were given to them respectively. In order to prevent the tragedy from happening again, Guan Yu cut Diao Chan on the moon night, and Diao Chan knelt down.Under the moonlight, because it was so charming and so glamorous, Guan Gong couldn't get it off. Yanyue Knife missed and fell on the shadow of Diaochan under the moonlight. After cutting Diaochan, the conflict between Zhang Fei and Liu Bei was avoided.

? The story of "Shame Flower" is related to Concubine Yang. It is said that when she first entered the palace, she didn't have much grace. She was doing nothing in the palace all day and missed her hometown very much, so she prayed for a bright future., When the hand touches the flower, the petals begin to shrink, and the green leaves roll up and down. All of this, when Gong E saw it, spread it, and later received the emperor’s favor.

Some people say that Yang Yuhuan touched the mimosa. If this is the case, she must be a master of storytelling.

Anyway, the scene of the four beauties is not very good, except for Wang Zhaojun, everyone else is buckled by the hat of beauty and trouble.

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