Which animals will kill their husbands right after mating, why are males willing to do so?

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Mantis is known to all of us to kill her husband immediately after mating. For male praying mantis, it should not be willing, because we have all heard that "ants are greedy for life".Creatures will cherish, but nature has its rules of survival. This habit of mantis should be the rule of survival of the mantis family in nature. The female mantis eating male is not simply killing and rejoicing in the new, but for the health of the next generation.Growing up, only when the female praying mantis is extremely deficient in nutrition, can such cruel things happen and eat the child's father.

Most of the behaviors of creatures in nature are for survival and reproduction, including humans. When many creatures reproduce offspring, they are done by males and females. Humans are the most representative, and many birdsFor example, swallows, penguins, etc. are all like this. Some of them even take turns to incubate eggs. One is responsible for going out to find food, mainly to maintain the continuity of the family. In fact, the same is true for mantis, but the male mantis has not fulfilled this responsibility, soWill be killed by female praying mantis as food and stored.

There is a kind of dung beetle on the grassland. We see the dung beetles who often push dung balls. They are very competent parents. Before reproducing children, they have to make a big dung ball and dig a deep hole in the grassland., Bury the dung ball in the ground, and then put your cubs in the dung ball. When the cubs grow up, they rely on the nutrients in the dung ball, that is, organic matter for a living. One dung ball can feed a lotSmall dung beetle.

When the little dung beetle grows up, you can crawl out of the ground, and then, like your parents, make a big round dung ball and roll it to your favorite place, usually a place with moderate humidity and warmth, continueThe work of their parents is the law of their survival in nature, and this series of behaviors has a huge effect. It not only decomposes the animal feces on the grassland, but also recovers the many organic matter in the feces, and removes minerals and trace elements.It is decomposed into free elements, which are absorbed by plants in the grassland. At the same time, the soil is loosened and fertilized, so that the soil can be recycled.

Nature is magical, each creature has its own way of survival, and nature is mysterious. As long as you observe carefully, you will find countless interesting stories. This habit of taking the life of a partner as food generally appears inAmong relatively low-level insects.

Nature is also cruel. We know that wolves and lions are very prestigious on the grassland, but they will eat their corpses after their companions and relatives die. They are understood by humans as "companion when they are alive, but after deathIt’s just food.” There are many such animals. We often see the relationship between lions and hyenas. Hyenas eat cubs, but lions rarely eat hyenas. It is said that they dislike the smell of hyenas.

Moreover, some people have observed that female praying mantis will let off their partner when food is guaranteed. It is not necessary to kill male praying mantis, and male praying mantis is also cautious when choosing a partner, just like the Tang DynastyJust like choosing a woman, choose someone with a more obese body, because the thinner may be malnourished and the risk of being eaten is higher.

? In fact, when human beings choose their partners, they all hope to find a suitable and sufficient wealth, and they also want to provide a good growth environment for future generations. It is not purely for their own material, but also a kind of nature.

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