Why did Wu Song just say 6 words lightly after Song Jiang died after drinking poisoned alcohol?

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In reality, Wu Song is Song Jiang’s good brother. After his death, Wu Song was indifferent to Song Jiang. When they met, he only said “Brother Chao Gai, please”. In fact, this is a true portrayal of Song Jiang’s ideals and reality. He hopes to help the brothers findHe was born and was given the opportunity to seal his wife and son, but in reality he killed almost all his brothers. Although Wu Song did not die, he also lost an arm because of Fang La.

The ending of Song Jiang's death after drinking poisoned alcohol is the best interpretation of an ideal and reality. From the beginning of Song Jiang's arrival in Liangshan, his goal was to be enjoined by the imperial court, and he chose an unrealistic ideal and embarked on it.No return, take the 108 heroes of Liangshan on the road of self-destruction.

We know that Song Jiang has nicknames such as Time Rain and Hu Baoyi, which can be anxious to anyone, even Yan Poxi, a stranger, can act righteously. She seems to be a righteous person who does not ask for anything in return.In my eyes, he is indeed a small compassionate person who uses small favors to win people's hearts. He belongs to a person who seeks reputation and is a typical "little person." This started from the murder of Chao Gai. If it weren't for his gang formation,Chao Gai would not rush down the mountain and be shot to death by Shi Wen Gong.

At this time, Song Jiang's use of the brothers began, and Song Jiang's use of Wu Song started from Chai Jin’s manor. At that time, Wu Song was a hero. In Song Jiang’s eyes, he was similar to people like Li Kui and finally became him.A group of good "thugs" on Liangshan, as long as someone disagrees with "accepting Zhao'an", or is inconsistent with his ideas, he will release Li Kui, Wu Song and others out to spoil, which is a full use.

They met in Chaijin Manor, Song Jiang "latex is lacquer" to Wu Song, and when separated, he interpreted "Send for Ten Miles". If it were not for this reason, he would not have an accident in Qingfengzhai. Later Wu Song went to Liangshan for various reasons. In fact, Wu SongThe understanding of the Northern Song Dynasty court is relatively clear. I don’t want Lin Chong, Lu Junyi, Yang Zhi and others to be so naive. Can even an escort Dong Chaoxue Ba deceive them. This is because Wu Song escaped from Feiyunpu alone.It can be seen that Wu Song is more mature than them.

After Wu Song came back from Zheng Fangla, he chose to take care of Lin Chong who was sick. In fact, his dissatisfaction with Song Jiang reached the limit. At the same time, he had already seen the ending of Song Jiang and Lu Junyi, but at this time Song Jiang already felt that Wu Song was a disabled person for his career.There is no value anymore, so he left a sentence "Let's take your heart." In fact, he and Wu Song are tacitly tacitly aware at this time, and the rift between each other is serious.

As for the bridge section after Song Jiang’s death, of course we know that it was built by the author’s estimation. It was designed to tell people like Song Jiang, or Song Jiang himself knew very well that he sacrificed his brother in exchange for his fame.The approach is a little improper, it is a subconscious manifestation, and there are already some who are afraid of encountering such treatment after death.

? For Song Jiang, although it is not possible to say "by betraying his brothers in exchange for fame", it is not excessive to say that he "uses his brothers in exchange for fame". The Liangshan brothers should have asked him to treat him like this.


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