Will a group of tigers be more powerful than a group of lions?

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"Two fists are hard to beat four hands" is an unchanging principle. In the animal world, there is no shortage of phenomena that rely on "human tactics" to obtain greater survival advantages. The most typical one is the lion.

The lion originated in eastern Africa, where the terrain is flat and endless, and the generous savanna can carry a large number of herbivorous species, so the ungulates living on the African grasslands can form super-large herds. In the absence of shelterUnder the premise of things, lions want to increase the success rate of hunting, so they have to develop a social structure that lives in groups, "hug together for warmth", and survive on the strength of the collective.

This move by the lion is undoubtedly successful. The success rate of a single lion hunting is between 17%-19%, but once they live in groups, the hunting success rate can increase by about 30%.

With the advantage of living in groups, the lion group has become the most powerful group in the African savanna. They feed on various large ungulates. In certain seasons when food is scarce, groups of lions may evenIt can kill large herbivorous animals such as baby elephants and hippos.

Tiger and lion are two kinds of animals that are often bundled together for discussion. Unlike the lion, the tiger is a highly solitary cat and is not good at socializing. However, some people have suggested that a group of tigers will fightIs it taller than a lion?

The "Community Potential" of Cats Living Alone

Many people take an absolute attitude towards all hypothetical discussions involving "tiger groups", believing that tigers are a solitary animal and will never live in groups. But the boundary between the solitary and group living of animals in nature,It is vague, and sometimes it can even be surpassed.

In the past, it was generally believed that among the 40 species of cats, only lions lived in groups, and the other 39 species lived alone. However, as people continue to study animals, a variety of solitary cats have been discoveredAnimals are social.

The zoologists of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences have been committed to the ecological research of the Nalipokki Forest all year round. They found that the "lonely" Eurasian lynx is actually not alone. The male lynx has been with the female even before the estrus period.The lynx lives together.

After the female lynx gave birth, the male lynx did not leave, but assumed part of the responsibility for raising, such as sending prey to the mother and child of the lynx, and actively removing the European Timberwolves in the birth area to reduce the number of lynx cubspotential threat.

On the other hand, researchers have also discovered the solitary life of gregarious animals. In the Nalipokie Forest, wolves are often killed by lynxes. According to the traditional concept, wolves are highly socialized animals.Lynx is not an opponent of wolves at all, but why can lynx kill wolves?

After in-depth research, it turns out that wolves do not always live in groups. In the warm April to September, there are a large number of small mammals in the forest. At this time, the European Timberwolves are more inclined to act alone, and the number of lone wolves may even change.Higher than the number of wolves in groups, only in the cold season, wolves will be in groups, and the lynx attacks them one by one while the wolves are alone.

For the most gregarious cats-lionesses, there is also a certain amount of time alone, that is when they give birth. All lionesses in a lion group are basically related to each other, so they areIn daily life, no matter what they do, they are basically together, but only in the matter of giving birth, the female lion does not even trust her sister.

In the last few days when the lioness is about to give birth, it will leave the lion group, look for a safe and hidden place, wait alone for the cub to give birth, and then raise it alone, until the cub has a certain ability to move and can playWhen playing, the lioness will bring them back to the lion group to raise them together.

The picture of more than 20 tigers "hug together for warmth" in the Harbin Siberian tiger garden in winter makes many people feel interesting. These Siberian tigers did not show the phenomenon of "one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers", but close to each other to keep warm. It can be seen that,Even tigers that are highly solitary, living in different environments, will have different survival patterns. It turns out that tigers can live in groups.

In reality, many cats that live alone have been found to have the potential to live in groups. For example, several unfamiliar cheetahs will gather together to hunt together, and cougars can also share food with unfamiliar species. The industry will live alone.Animals appear to live in groups temporarily for some reason, which is called "transient clusters".

The male and female lions

Lions are the most special of cats. They are not only reflected in the phenomenon that they live in groups, but also in their sexual dimorphism, that is, the male lion is the same, the female lion is the same, and the two of the same speciesIndividuals of different genders are inconsistent in appearance. Male lions grow thick manes on their heads, necks, and even their abdomen when they reach adulthood, and their body size will be one third larger than that of female lions.One phenomenon is called the "male and female" of the lion.

Receptor type limitation, the fighting power of female lions cannot be compared with male lions. Many male lions can kill animals alone, and it takes several female lions to win.

The male and female lions are not only so simple to make them look different, but also deeply affect their lives. On the African grasslands, there are a large number of predator groups, and among the many carnivorous groups, they dare to fight with lions.There aren’t many critics, but the spotted hyena is one.

Hyenas are also highly socialized species. The groups they form are even closer and larger than wolves. Under the leadership of the Hyena Queen, the hyenas can have a strong combat output.

Large groups of hyenas will not put lionesses in their eyes, and can even snatch their prey under the hands of a few lionesses, but they are very afraid of male lions. One male lion can deter the hyena group, two male lionsIs enough to drive them away.

The strength of the lion and the tiger is equal

Which side will win a fight between a male lion and a tiger? This kind of topic has been discussed repeatedly. Many people compare the length of canine teeth, bite strength, fighting skills and many other aspects, and find that the tiger will have a certain amount.The advantages.

For example, tigers have a higher bite power quotient of 127, while lions have only 112, which means that under the premise of the same weight, the bite force of the tiger is greater than that of the lion. However, people have overlooked a factor that even if the bite force of the lion is not as good as the tiger, But the bite force quotient of 112 is enough to bite through the tiger’s throat.

Similarly, the length of the canine teeth is a little shorter than that of the tiger, etc., and it will not produce too much difference in actual combat. In short, the result of a male tiger of the same level against a male lion is unpredictable, and their strengths are different.Uncle.

The female lion is hard to beat the female tiger

Sexual dimorphism makes the female lion's body size nearly one third smaller than that of the male lion. In the tiger species, although the male is larger than the female, the weight difference between the two is not as serious as that of the lion.Females can even be comparable in weight to males.

In wild animals, the weight advantage often represents the strength advantage. It is especially obvious in the same type of animals. Therefore, theoretically, the fighting power of the female lion is not as good as the female tiger. Once a fight occurs, the female tiger will rely on the weight advantage and bitePower and other subtle advantages can achieve greater wins.

Many people may think that lions themselves live in groups, and the lions already have a high fighting tacit understanding in daily cooperative hunting, while tigers are solitary animals, even if they are in groups, they are like a plate of scattered sand, and their fighting power is not as good as a lion group.Strong. In fact, the reason for this idea is mainly to apply the laws of human thought to wild animals.

? Lions have a higher fighting tacit understanding, but this is based on hunting scenes. We found that when fighting against hyenas, there is not much cooperation between lionesses, and there is no way to fight wild animals.In other words, I don’t know the formation method, so if a group of lions compete with a group of tigers, the final fight is their individual strength. However, the sexual dimorphism of the lions caused them to lose at the starting line.

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