What kind of life can I live in India with a monthly income of 60,000 rupees?

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When the word India is mentioned, I believe that most people's hearts are swept by scalpers and toilets on the ground. In fact, this is what India looks like, because it is not rich. Then the problem is here. NowIndians earn 60,000 rupees at every turn. Is this true? If it is true, what kind of life will they lead?

How much RMB is 60,000 rupees? What kind of life can you live in India?

Let’s first look at a question: that is how much Indian rupee 60,000 rupees can be exchanged for in my country. In fact, the exchange rate between Indian rupee and renminbi is basically 11:1, that is, 1 renminbi can be exchanged for 11 rupees. In this way, 60,000 rupees can It is equivalent to more than 5,600 yuan. This income is basically the normal income of ordinary working-class people in my country, but it has achieved a qualitative leap in India.

Why do you say this? We can look at the prices in India. Generally, Indian pork can be sold for 160 rupees a catty, while rice is 20 rupees a catty. The price of edible oil is not low, about 130 rupees per liter. At the same time, Something like chicken is about the same price as pork.

As for fruit food, it is divided into local and imported food. Generally speaking, mangoes, guava, and bananas are not expensive, about 10 rupees. But apples are much more expensive, and they usually come individually I bought an apple for about 15 rupees. In fact, this price is expensive in India, but it is almost the same in my country.

Vegetable foods are also classified. Potatoes, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, etc. are very cheap. If they are changed into RMB, they are basically not more than one yuan per catty. But some things are more expensive, such asBroccoli bar. In India, it is a noble vegetable. A broccoli can be sold for more than ten yuan. Compared with vegetables such as potatoes, it is simply a heaven and an underground.

What if you go out for a meal in India? I’m afraid it should be surprising again, because if you are willing to eat a set meal of more than 300 rupees, there will be a dedicated waiter who will follow your instructions. This is very common in India.Some people say that if you go to a mall for shopping, as long as you spend more than 600 rupees at a time, someone can carry you things home. Is this an exaggeration? But this is the case in India, the money is simply too expensive.

However, let’s be honest, the second- and third-tier small cities in India are very poor, so they often consume only one yuan and one catty of vegetables and one more than one catty of rice. Those are as cheap as one or two yuan for a cupThe fruit juices are said to be consumed by foreign tourists. They are all pure fruit juices. I feel that India is still very good, and they are genuine.

However, in first-tier cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, the level of consumption has risen. For example, the prices of chicken and vegetables mentioned above are much higher. Someone said before that a piece of chicken breast was bought in Mumbai., It was only about 300 grams, and it cost 40 yuan, which is more than 400 rupees.

In this way, 60,000 rupees can live as a super rich in most cities in India, but in Mumbai and New Delhi, you may have to be a senior white-collar worker. But anyway, if this little money is placed in our country, thenThey will be ordinary wage earners who can no longer be ordinary. If you want to live the life of the rich, you probably made money to spend in India.

What is the average monthly income of Indians? The monthly salary of 60,000 rupees is not much

Through India’s prices, we seem to understand a truth: In India, a monthly income of more than 5,000 is considered a very high salary, and it is difficult for ordinary wage earners to reach such a figure. This fact can also be expressed in India’s GDP.Their national GDP in 2018 was 2.7 trillion U.S. dollars, but how much is our country? 13.9 trillion U.S. dollars, so can there be a sharp contrast?

Of course, if you think that figures like GDP are too macro, you can compare the salary income of Indians. There is no harm if there is no comparison. If we do this, it may not be kind to Indians. However, we speak with factsAttitude, we still have to reveal a small corner of India’s income so that our people can feel the taste of a happy life.

In fact, India also has a minimum wage. They published a data in 2018: The average monthly salary of regular employees is 13,562 rupees. This has to be converted into RMB, which is more than 1,200 yuan. Then our country'sWhat is the minimum wage standard? Different regions are different, but everyone knows that it must be a lot higher than this number, and it is still a temporary worker standard. If the employee has officially signed the contract, it will be more than this number.

When you approach India, you will soon find that more than half of the population in their country has an income of less than 10,000 rupees, which means less than 1,000 yuan. For ordinary operators like those assembly lines, they basically stay atBetween 8,000 and 10,000 rupees. The monthly income of those clerical employees is between 12,000 and 15,000 rupees, which is not worth the income of a part-time copywriter in our country.

Of course, there are also temporary workers in India, such as temporary workers. They are not billed by the hour. Usually, they can earn 200-500 rupees a day, which is converted into RMB. That is one or two hours for hourly workers in my country. The income of such workers is very large. They are generally from the untouchable class of society, and they use the income from such temporary work to subsidize their families.

People with higher incomes are managers, they are generally from high caste races in India, and the salary standard is between 30,000-60,000 rupees. And India has such a survey, about 1.6% of employees in the country have monthly incomeOver 50,000 rupees. Looking at the income of 60,000 rupees, Indian employees are even rarer.

This is hurt? Anyway, the average salary of non-private employees in our country's urban non-private units has exceeded 6,000, even for urban employees, there are more than 4,000. If this is placed in India, it is an absolute arrogant reality. No wonder it will soonThe Indians who came to our country for tourism are puzzled in every way. He can't bear it just for a meal, right?

However, India is not useless. Young people in their country usually don’t save money to buy a house and get married. This is a big expense in life. In this way, if you can earn 60,000 rupees a month, even livingIn first-tier cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi, they can also live well. Such a comparison seems to instantly feel that the young people of our country are under great pressure.

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