Why won't the century-old seaweed house at Yandunjiao be broken?

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In Shandong, there is a small fishing village with beautiful scenery called Yandunjiao. Some people say it is a village, while others say it is a corner. The coastal bay is connected to the cape of thousands of miles and the ecological environment is very good. Every November toIn March of the next year, thousands of wild whooper swans will fly here from remote Siberia for wintering and live in the bays and lakes that people often call Rongcheng Swan Lake. Yandunjiao Swan Lake is actually a Yellow Sea bay.Between the variegated colored stone and the ancient Yandun site. You can also see a century-old seaweed house at Yandunjiao. If possible, you can experience it by the way.

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Yandunjiao is a small fishing village in Lidao Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. It is a small fishing village with beautiful scenery and mountains. There is a small mountain called Gushan in the southeast of the village. It was probably during the Ming Dynasty. A smoke pier was built on the top of the mountain.To ignite the flames is mutual momentum, and Yandunjiao Village got its name from this. Today, the pebbled stone beach in the south of the village, the boats go and the blue waves are rippling, and everything in the bay has a clear stream.Fresh water continuously flows into the sea. There is also a beautiful scenery line-swan on the beach, which adds infinite vitality to the beautiful bay.

The most beautiful Swan Lake in winter. At this time of year, thousands of wild swans flock in groups from remote Siberia, Lake Baikal, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, so this small fishing village has the reputation of "Swan Village".It is also the largest winter goose habitat in China and is known as the "Hometown of Chinese Swans. People and swans live in harmony. Because people consciously love birds and protect them, the swans have also established a strong relationship with the villagers. A harmonious home where people and birds live together.", Has attracted many professional photographers and amateur photographers to come and play.

A small hill on the east of the village blocks the waves from the Yellow Sea, and a small harbor is formed at the entrance of the village. The harbor is not deep. It appears from time to time with the rise and fall of the tide, and sometimes submerges. The tide brings a wealth of food for the swans.At the same time, it also provides an excellent opportunity for people to watch the swans up close. Every year from November to March, there are always thousands of wild whooper swans flying here from remote Siberia to overwinter, causing people to stop and be reluctant to leave for a long timeThere is no pollution and no harm to animals. They are free and noble to forage and rest here. Humans and animals should be so harmonious.

In addition, the seaweed houses in Yandunjiao Village are particularly distinctive. There are still more than 50 rooms over 200 years old. There are many homestays in Yandunjiao Village, but in the true sense of the century, there are few and strong seaweed houses.It is recommended to stay in Yandunjiao Village for one night and feel the early morning and dusk here. There is also a "Colorful Colorful Stone" scenic spot next to it, which is also very distinctive, but the ticket is slightly more expensive. The one among the colorful stonesThe Yellow Sea Bay covers an area of ​​less than one square kilometer. Whenever there is cold wind and snow, groups of whooper swans come here. In the rippling blue bay, people feel like a fairyland and dreamlike.

The thatched house is a characteristic Jiaodong traditional house. Because Yandunjiao Village was built on the sea, the local ancestors used thick stone to build the walls and dried the big leaf seaweed growing in the sea as the material.With a triangular roof, a unique seaweed house with warm in winter and cool in summer is built. Therefore, the Yandunjiao seaweed house will not be broken after a hundred years, because of its special construction material. Moreover, the thatched house has been effectively protected in Rongcheng.Modern houses complement each other and become a beautiful scenery along the coast of Rongcheng. The seaweed houses here are very distinctive and beautiful with stone walls. I like it very much. The small village faces the sea and the weather is neither cold nor hot. It is nice to walk along the seaside road..

In short, Yandunjiao has become a paradise for photographers in recent years. The nearby villagers’ family-run farmhouse welcomes photographers. There weren’t so many swans here, but the kind-hearted Shandong people kept them and letThey spend the winter peacefully here. It is recommended to come from December to January. It is too warm, and most of the swans have not come or fly away. During this time, it snows occasionally, and Yandunjiao is even more beautiful! About feeding the swansThere are many food sellers in the village! I feel they are really edible! Haha!

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