The Qinghai meteorite may reach 10 tons. Who will find it?

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In space, there are a large number of asteroids or meteorites and space rocks flying by every day, and the impacts are different. Recently, the fall of a meteorite in Qinghai Province in China has caused heated discussions. According toScientist Yevgeny Zubko preliminarily estimated that the meteorite object may have a radius of 1 meter and a weight of 10 tons. Chinese professionals may be able to find it. Of course, if a meteorite is found, the value is also very high.High, there is still a lot to say about who it belongs to. The theory should be handed in. Next, you only need to pass through multiple shooting points, and then restore the trajectory, so as to obtain a rough location of the fall, so that there is a probability of finding it.

This is a super meteorite. From the published situation, it lasted 29 seconds of bright motion before falling, almost entering the earth along a tangent line, and the angle between its trajectory and the horizontal line was less than 10If you are lucky, if the meteorite exploded after the impact point, it is still possible to collect 10% of the meteorite of the object. It depends on whether it is possible to find it later. Now there may be many people looking for it. This is the originalThe situation of the meteorite falling in Qinghai, and from this meteorite fall, we have also thought that the earth is actually very dangerous. If this meteorite directly hits the earth, it may have a greater impact.

Everyone should know that the threat posed by the meteorite incident in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia is huge, causing more than 1,200 casualties and injuries, and losing 1 billion rubles in economic losses. This time we are lucky and there is no impact, but this also showsIn the future, the possibility of human beings facing threats from space objects has increased. In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of space objects entering the earth. Although most of them do not threaten the survival of life on earth, one day, we will eventuallyThis problem needs to be solved. Today our biggest "protective umbrella" may be the moon. Without the moon, the earth may be more dangerous. Why do you say that?

The earth and the moon are like "brothers", almost caring for each other, but scientists have analyzed the moon and found that the moon may have blocked "numerous meteorites" for the earth, from "Nature Communications"The data shows that the latest research shows that the number of lunar craters exceeds people’s imagination, and more than 100,000 craters have been discovered. If all of these more than 100,000 meteorites hit the earth, does this mean that the current earth hasIs it completely different? So if there is no moon, the earth may be more dangerous, and the recorded data is ten times more than before.

At the same time, these craters are also very large, ranging from 1-100 kilometers in diameter, so if humans cannot establish some "earth protection" mechanisms in the future, then the earth will really be called a rock impact from space in the future.It’s not just this small meteorite. Although our earth has the protection of the atmosphere, most space rocks, asteroids, meteorites, etc. will burn in the atmosphere and disappear quickly, but if a slightly larger object is basicallyIt can penetrate the atmosphere. At this time, our earth’s "atmospheric umbrella" is completely useless because it cannot burn.

Including this incident in Qinghai, it may be the largest asteroid meteorite collision event in the past 7 years. It is also because there is no burning out in the atmosphere, so this phenomenon has formed. So naturalUmbrellas are not useful. This is why agencies such as NASA and ESA are accelerating the implementation of the asteroid defense program. In fact, they are worried that one day, the earth may encounter the theory of dinosaur extinction again.The "asteroid hit" the earth mentioned in it.

Although the possibility of this and the occurrence of things is not high, but things are not absolute, as long as any asteroid, meteorite and other objects deviate from their orbits, they may pose a threat. This time, the asteroid will fall in our country.I have not seen any country monitor it, so human technology is still limited. The Director of NASA once said that in our lifetime, we may encounter an asteroid hitting the earth. Of course, many predictors say, althoughIt is not necessarily accurate, but it also shows that humans are still a lot worried about foreign objects in space.


In general, we humans may still face the threat of foreign objects in the future, and if there is no "brother" of the moon to block so many space rocks for us, then our earth may be really more dangerous, and now we tooWe can only rely on stronger technologies to establish a protection mechanism and reduce the threat to life on earth. Of course, the natural "protective umbrella" atmosphere, the moon, etc., will still play a role.

Just to say that the threat to the earth in the future still exists, but how long will it take to face such a problem, and there is no point in time. After all, human monitoring of space rocks, meteorites or asteroids is not "safe", Qinghai meteoritesThe fall once again told us that there are still many loopholes, so it is still very dangerous for everyone to live on the earth.

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