What disasters might a solar eclipse cause?

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A solar eclipse is definitely a disaster for the ignorant ancients, because it is a tengu eating the sun, if you don’t beat the gongs and drums to drive it away, it will definitely be a disaster! Of course modern people don’t believe thisSet, after all, it is just a natural phenomenon!

How did the eclipse cause it? How many eclipses can be seen in a year

Solar eclipse is when the moon moves between the sun and the earth to block the sun, it forms a solar eclipse! The moon will orbit the earth in about 27 days, so why not once every month?

In fact, the reason is also very simple, because the moon's orbit and the earth's orbit around the earth have an inclination angle, the angle is about 5.145 °, so theoretically, the earth will bring the moon around the sun in the process, there must be twoThe next solar eclipse is about half a year apart, because they are located on both sides of the revolution orbit, but if it happens, there can be up to 5 solar eclipses in a year!

But whether it is a partial eclipse or a circular eclipse or a total eclipse depends on the relative position of the earth and the moon at that time. The partial eclipse is easier to understand. The moon is a bit biased when it is the sun. What you see on the earth is the partial eclipse, but the circular eclipse andHow to understand Total Eclipse?

Actually, the moon revolves around the earth in an elliptical orbit, the farthest is 405,696 km, and the nearest is 363,104 km. From the longest and shortest distances, the sizes of the two are different, so at the ascending node of the lunar orbitOr at the descending node, the moon just moves to the nearest distance to the earth, then a total eclipse is formed, if it is the farthest, then it is an annular eclipse!

And the most recent time is also the longest, and the distance just blocked the sun, the solar eclipse time is also the shortest, generally the longest total eclipse such as June 20, 1955 eclipse duration: 7 minutes 8 seconds, the shortestMay 19, 1928 and April 10, 2043 are less than 0.5 seconds!

Under normal circumstances, there will be one solar eclipse and one ring eclipse every year 236.7 times per 100 years on average. In theory, a partial solar eclipse can be seen in the same place every 3 years, and the next total eclipse in the same place will requireWait for more than 300 years!

The path of total solar eclipse from 1001 to 2000, only the blank area can not see the solar eclipse, so as long as you live a long time, you can see it!

The murder caused by the solar eclipse!

On June 25, 1275, the total eclipse belt just passed Lin'an, the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, and the total eclipse phase lasted for 6 minutes. At that time, the Yuan army invaded the Southern Song Dynasty. The Minister of the Central Government used the solar eclipse to make a major contribution.One minute, the day is dark for a few moments. The yin and the yang are weak, and the catastrophe is not greater than this." Then he said that the minister should "regulate the yin and the yang" and "the princes", but now he is "suffering the people and failing to save them.", So he asked to resign.

The scope of the total solar eclipse on June 25, 1275

In the second year, the Yuan army came to the city, Lin'an was occupied and Emperor Song Gong was taken away. Of course, the Southern Song Dynasty would not fall until 1279, but the country was occupied and the Southern Song Dynasty had exhausted its vitality.According to the cognition, the solar eclipse is an ominous omen, so the confidence in the Southern Song Dynasty to resist the invasion of the Yuan army was greatly shaken!

On June 30, 1503, the Columbus fleet ran aground in Jamaica. The indigenous people on the island were very curious about these people from the "civilized world" and were willing to provide them with supplies. After more than half a year, the sailors bullied the indigenous people, and finally got it.Very stiff, the Columbus fleet is in desperation!

But when Columbus checked the 1475–1506 Astronomical Yearbook compiled by the Jewish astronomer Abraham Zottogu in Sefadi, he discovered that a lunar eclipse occurred on the evening of March 1, 1504, and he met with a local tribal leader, threatening to make the moon redDisappeared, and the moon turned red at night, and the locals were so scared that they hurried to continue supplying the Columbus fleet with a lot of supplies.

Of course this time is a lunar eclipse, but the two principles have fallen off. The lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks the sun from illuminating the moon, so the moon turns red and finally, and before modern science, the bloodshed caused by solar and lunar eclipses is not there.A few, especially when historical events and astronomical events coincide, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses will cause even greater disasters.

Can solar eclipses cause disasters in modern times?

Solar eclipses have become common astronomical events in modern times. Of course, except for total solar eclipses that will be observed, partial eclipses and circular eclipses will not attract astronomers' attention, because total eclipses are the best time to observe coronal activity.However, for modern astronomy, telescopes in space can be observed with a coronagraph at any time, but observations from the ground still have scientific value.

Therefore, solar eclipses will not cause disasters in modern society, but in fact, solar eclipses may cause geological disasters, or they may become incentives! We know that the tides on the earth are caused by the moon and the sun, and their gravity makesThe ebb and flow of the earth, when the moon is on both sides of the earth, the sun and the moon are on the same side when the moon is new, and the moon and the sun are on both sides of the earth when the moon is full

The tug-of-war of their gravitational force on the earth is the main reason for the formation of the astronomical tide, and of course it will also have an undulating effect on the earth's crust. The tidal motion of the moon on the crust can reach about 0.5 meters, October 22, 2004, "The journal Science published a paper written by a joint research team composed of researchers from the Japanese Institute of Disaster Prevention Science and the University of California, Los Angeles!

The research team believes that the gravity of the moon will have a positive impact on the crustal faults that are accumulating stress, that is, it may cause this fault to occur earlier. The data is as follows:

In the inter-plate earthquakes with a Richter scale of 5.5 or more that occurred globally from 1977 to 2000, we investigated the location and time records of 2207 earthquakes called "reverse fault type", as well as the relationship with the lunar gravity when the earthquake occurred.It turns out that the time of the earthquake is highly correlated with the pressure of the tide on the fault plane. When the lunar gravity causes the fault to be dislocated, there are more earthquakes.

So don’t say, the moon’s impact on the earth is quite large, and when the solar eclipse is three o’clock and one line, the crustal stress at this time reaches the limit and it is easy to collapse. If you are not sensitive to data, you can checkCheck for high-latitude earthquakes, but there are very few in the Arctic Circle!

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