What does man-made supernatural biomass mean?

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2020 will end in a few days. A lot of things have happened this year, especially the epidemic throughout the year. Although the place where we live is peaceful, the global epidemic has not ended, and many people are still living in panic.And suffering.

When the global war epidemic will completely end, it is still unknown. Because of the epidemic, 2020 has been regarded as a turning point in the reorganization of the world pattern;

In addition to this "turning point", 2020 has also become a turning point for human development and the earth's natural ecological environment.

We know that human beings, as the overlord in the ecological chain of the earth, have become the main force to change the natural environment and the geography of the earth with their own wisdom and hardworking hands.

If there is no human existence, or human beings have not developed wisdom, then there would be no tall buildings, no naturally existing steel buildings, no plastics, no chemical products, no electronic equipment, etc., all of which are artificialCreation belongs to "artificial quality".

And there will only be all life produced by natural ecology on the earth, this includes all the animals and plants we see, these things will dominate the earth and belong to the "natural biological quality".

But the real situation is that since human beings have mastered the meaning of fire 1.5 million years ago and started to make tools, "artificial quality" has appeared on the earth, that is, artificially created unnatural things.

Due to the low creativity and productivity of human beings for hundreds of thousands of years, the "man-made quality" is completely negligible compared with the "earth biological quality", and the power of mankind is not enough to overcome the power of nature.

But today's mankind is different from the past. Since the 19th century, with the rotation of steam turbines, mankind has entered the industrial age. We have unprecedented power to promote human development and progress;

From this time on, the balance of nature began to be broken by us. Humans are creating things that have never been in the world at an alarming speed. High-rise buildings are rising from the ground, roads and railways extend in all directions, and "man-made quality" has begun to surge.

Today in 2020, human beings have made an amazing achievement. For the first time, "artificial quality" surpassed "natural biomass". This research was published in the journal Nature.

That is to say, the ecology of the earth has been completely dominated by humans, and our creativity has far exceeded the creativity of natural ecology. For example, there are more plastics on the earth than there are living animals;

The mass of roads and buildings is greater than the combined mass of plants on the earth. The mass of the Eiffel Tower is roughly equal to the mass of all the remaining white rhinos in the world, and the artificial mass of New York is roughly equal to the mass of all fish.

This significant change makes 2020 a special "turning point".

Nature has lost its former vitality in front of mankind. Our creativity has caused mankind and nature to lose balance.

From then on, human beings will be above nature. According to research, since the beginning of the 20th century, "artificial quality" has doubled every 20 years. On average, the "artificial quality" produced by everyone in the world every weekWill be equal to one's own weight, and this speed will increase in the future.

What's more serious is that the quality of natural organisms is not only not rising but declining. This is because human beings destroy the natural environment when they develop, causing serious air, water, and soil pollution, and encroaching on the survival of other animals.space;

Since the industrial age, the diversity of species on the earth has been declining, the number of biological populations has been declining, many animals have completely disappeared from the earth, and the number of existing wild animals is only a few hundred, waiting for themIs also irreversible extinction.

You might think, isn’t it the purpose of human beings to conquer nature and be superior to nature? Isn’t it a good thing that we can change nature now?

Human development of science and technology is indeed a process of conquering and transforming nature, but technology itself is a double-edged sword. To a certain extent, technology can guarantee that we don’t have to look at the face of God to eat, and we don’t have to be afraid of being eliminated by nature., Can change everything and become passive in the face of cruel nature.

But the human category forgets that we are actually part of nature. When we conquer nature, we are actually conquering ourselves. While we are transforming and destroying nature, we are actually hurting ourselves.

To give a few simple examples, human industrial machines need energy to operate quickly, but in this process we need to emit polluting particles and harmful gases into the earth’s atmosphere.

But humans have to breathe all the time, and these human-made things are inhaled into the human body again. Who do you think technology is changing in the end?

A paper in the Journal of Environmental Science shows that scientists have discovered heavy metal particles and carbon-containing compounds in the human placenta. These are nano-sized particles caused by inhaling contaminated gas.

The subjects of the study are 15 pregnant women from London.

In addition to air pollution, the most common man-made object in our lives is probably plastic. This material does bring great convenience to humans, but it is also "swallowing" human life.

A paper published in 2019 showed that scientists found plastic particles in human feces, which shows that the plastic we use has been eaten into the human body. The size of these plastic particles ranges from 50 microns to 500 microns.

At that time, scientists did not know whether these plastic particles entered human tissues. But today, there are some concerns about this problem. Unfortunately, plastic particles also invade the human body like heavy metal particles.

A recent paper published in "International Environment" showed that plastic particles appeared in the human placenta for the first time. What worried about in 2019 was confirmed today. Scientists guessed right at the time.

This is how humans seem to change lives and transform nature in the course of human development. In fact, it is human beings who suffer in the end. Who makes us a part of nature!

Fortunately, human beings are animals that are prepared for danger. We have now realized the relationship between mankind and nature. We can't mean to seek development and give up the green mountains and green waters. This is why we have preferred to lose economic benefits in recent years.Reasons to protect the natural ecology.

Unfortunately, even if we do this, we can only alleviate the extent of ecological destruction and only slow down the rate of ecological deterioration. Today in 2020, man-made objects have exceeded the natural biomass, which indicates the future of the earthThe ecological balance will slide step by step into an irreversible abyss.

Unless we humans, starting today, turn off all operating machines, turn off the lights, and return to the primitive life of drinking and drinking. Obviously this is impossible. To develop, we need to sacrifice the natural environment. The destruction of the natural environment will cause humansTowards extinction, this is an endless loop without solution.

Therefore, while protecting the environment, we humans are also actively looking for pollution-free clean energy nuclear fusion, and we are also looking for a planet Mars where humans will migrate in the future.

These two things are major events that humans can continue to survive in the future.


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