Why do humans only eat shark fins and not shark meat?

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It turns out that no one does not eat anything, shark fin eats shark meat, too.

According to official data, we kill 100 million sharks every year, which is equivalent to killing 11,000 sharks per hour and 190 sharks per minute.

But this is only an official conservative estimate. According to unofficial statistics, we kill 300 million sharks each year.

To kill sharks, the biggest goal is of course the shark fin. The cruelty of the process of taking shark fin is beyond doubt.

A shark that has lost its fins cannot "fly" in the ocean, and if they do not swim, they can only suffocate and die.

shark fin, a food that has been overhyped

Shark fin is a unique food culture in Asia and one of the eight treasures in ancient times.

In our country, eating shark fin has a long history. The main producing areas are Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong and other coastal areas. Other countries also have it. Japan, Thailand, the United States and other regions will also produce it.

Since the Ming Dynasty, shark fins have been introduced to the market. Once launched, they have been loved by many diners.

In the Qing Dynasty, there were more and more diners, but shark catching was a relatively difficult task at the time, so the supply was in short supply, and the price of shark fin began to rise wildly.

In addition, shark fin is very particular about cooking skills. It is difficult to make delicious shark fin dishes unless it is a skilled chef.

So, gradually, shark fin became the unique food of the rich and powerful, and it also became a way for the rich and powerful to show off their wealth.

In addition to showing the identity, the food effect of shark fin has also been exaggerated.

Many people think that shark fin is rich in many nutrients, including protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

But after testing with modern technology, it is found that the main component of shark fin is protein, and this protein is not as good as the protein in eggs and meat. Unsaturated fatty acids are similar to other seafood, and there is nothing special.

The most important thing is that many people think that shark fin is a delicious ingredient, but in fact, the delicacy of shark fin dishes does not come from itself, but from the sauce and ingredients carefully prepared by the chef.

Nevertheless, it does not affect the circulation of shark fin in our country. Our love for shark fin is beyond people’s imagination.

According to statistics, 50% of the world's shark fins are exported through Hong Kong ports.

Millions of sharks are killed each year for dorsal fins, and half of the global trade is conducted through Hong Kong, making Hong Kong a lucrative turnover center.

Although some shipping companies have publicly promised to refuse shark fin transportation, the reality is that participants in the shark fin industry will risk forging documents and use clever means to deceive inspectors, driven by their interests.

As long as the demand has not stopped, the hunting of sharks will continue.

In addition to export, the demand for shark fin in Hong Kong is also high.

Almost all seafood restaurants in Hong Kong will serve shark fin. A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation on nearly 400 restaurants in 2016 showed that 98% of seafood restaurants still serve shark fin dishes. Although these restaurants agreed to remove shark fin from the menuTake it down, but privately, as long as the customer orders, it will still be sold as usual.

In some dry goods stores, dried shark fins are also readily available.

In Hong Kong, traditional wedding banquet Shanghai ginseng, fish maw, sea anemone and shark fin are indispensable. These ingredients symbolize the prosperity and health of newlyweds.

According to statistics, in Hong Kong, every time a wedding that provides shark fins, 30 sharks are killed. This is only a conservative estimate.

Shark meat and other shark ancillary products are also the reason why it was killed

The shark fin trade, driven by the demand of shark fin lovers, is undoubtedly the main reason for the killing of millions of sharks.

But some countries also eat shark meat, Brazil is the country that consumes the most shark meat.

Most businessmen are smart, knowing that many consumers will find eating shark meat offensive, so they choose not to tell.

In some fast food restaurants, shark meat will be sold as fried fish, and their names will be replaced by other names such as "lemon fish" and "sliced ​​fish".

People will use sharks to produce other products. Among many luxury leather products, there may be shark skin.

Italy is the world's second largest importer of shark skin, where shark skin is used in the fashion industry to make leather products.

In Korea, many beauty and cosmetics brands also use squalene in cosmetics such as bath oil, hair care products, eye makeup, lipstick, sunscreen products, etc. Squalene is a substance extracted from shark liver oil.Allegedly good for the skin.

Recent status of sharks

There are currently more than 400 kinds of sharks in the world, and more than 30% of them have been threatened.

Among the 400 species of sharks that exist, most can be found in the oceans of every coastal area in the world, but human activities have greatly reduced the number of sharks worldwide.

An analysis in 2014 found that more than 30% of sharks, rays and related species are facing the "countdown to extinction."

Over time, this data will undoubtedly get worse.

Although the United Nations has listed many types of sharks as endangered and protected animals, and it is not allowed to kill and poach shark fins, in many public waters, there is no ban on fishing, and the binding force is relatively small.

Nowadays, most shark fins mainly come from some non-endangered species, such as blue shark and blue shark.

Don’t hurt the shark with selfish mouth, please return the "wings" to the shark.

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