Why did the Indian professional team lose their jobs?

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In Indian culture, the wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in life. It is a matter of the "face" of the two families and cannot be decided by the bride and groom. Therefore, the scale is generally relatively large and expensive.Long duration.

The larger the scene, the greater the cost

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Therefore, the beneficiaries of this luxurious wedding are not only the relatives and friends who come to Cengfan, but also the wedding planning team that makes a lot of money behind them. According to the estimates of the accounting and research company KPMG in 2017, IndiaThe annual output value of the wedding industry is about US$50 billion, ranking first in the world.

But when there is no market for luxury weddings during the epidemic period, things may be different.

Indian wedding

If a pair of ordinary Indian young men and women are in agreement and intends to get married, then the wedding day has been set at least six months in advance, and an engagement ceremony will be held at this time.

The next step in love is likely to be marriage

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There is an interesting ceremony at the formal engagement banquet: The Brahmin priest first recites the blessing scriptures, and the woman’s relatives sprinkle rice on the man’s family. The woman’s father announced that he would give his daughter to the man, and he also gave holy thread, fruits, flowers and some clothingGift to a man; the priest will also put a red dot on the man's forehead.

Sami hopes that the new couple will have a good life in the future

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From the end of the engagement ceremony to the time of marriage, the hotel reservation, the preparation of the wedding materials, the determination of the wedding form, the banquet guests, etc. must be properly arranged, which is similar to ours. The difference is that many Indian families will be in formalSeveral parties or receptions were held before the wedding to inform everyone that the couple is really getting married!

Indian weddings are usually carnival for three days,

Invite family and friends to spend a few happy days together

also the beginning of a good life for newcomers

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And in this kind of pre-marriage party, for Indians who love singing and dancing, dance is naturally the top priority. Both families will arrange various Bollywood-style dances for their guests.The more tricks come out, the more well-known actors will even be invited to join the fun-like in 2018, the pre-marriage party of Isha Ambani, the daughter of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, lasted for a week, and Beyoncé was present.To sing, I really envy others.

Dian Hou even uploaded photos of wearing Indian style clothing on social platforms

For a wedding that costs as much as 100 million US dollars, one day is more than enough

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If everything goes well, the formal wedding will follow. One or two days before the formal wedding, the bride and groom will prepare for their image at the wedding many times. The bride will try various wedding dresses, do manicures, and skin care.The groom finally confirmed the image design, and the two parties practiced the next day's process again. They went to bed early and waited for the ceremony of the next day-swearing, eating, dancing, carnival.

The bride will be painted with Indian characteristics before the wedding

The pattern is drawn with the dyeing henna powder, which has auspicious meaning

It will fade slowly after about a week

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As for the choice of ceremony venues, most Indians will choose well-known hotels, but couples pursuing quality hope to hold a "destination wedding". This is similar to a travel marriage, that is, choose a distinctive city in India orPlaces to hold weddings. Such weddings account for 10% to 20% of all weddings in India.

More and more new couples will choose Western weddings

Different from Indian style in the layout of the venue

But in the wedding ceremony, there are still many traditions that cannot be discarded

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No matter which way you choose to hold your wedding, food is the main thing. During the entire wedding entertainment, global cuisines from India, China, Japan, France, Germany and other places tend to gather on the same stage. The larger the wedding, the more variety of foodRich, the fight is whether you can let the guests return home and still speak up.

eat and drink for several days

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In terms of cost, the wedding budget of an ordinary family generally ranges from 6,000 to 13,000 U.S. dollars, and the wedding budget for a newlywed couple in economic conditions is between 41,000 and 80,000 U.S. dollars, which is enough for a grand celebration. Considering the completenessMoreover, grand weddings are also a means of showing off their status, so the wealthy class are not stingy in holding weddings. The usual range between 100,000 and 1 million US dollars is.

The face and vanity of several generations must be displayed at this important moment

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And the big name who invited Beyoncé to spend $100 million for her daughter's wedding.

On the whole, Indian families spend on average one-fifth of all their savings for their children’s weddings-this shows how important weddings are in the eyes of Indians.

Scale may not be so important

The epidemic has subverted every aspect of life, including the standard and even top-of-the-line luxury Indian weddings. The rich content, tedious steps, and grandiose wedding ceremonies have been rarely seen since India started the anti-epidemic blockade.

Instead, the newlyweds choose a hotel that can be reached by car near their home for the wedding ceremony. There is no pre-marriage party, no off-site wedding, no post-marriage dinner, and the wedding day will leave after eating.

Although they will become a pair, they are still two individuals after all

In order to prevent the epidemic, still have to keep a certain distance

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The hotel also designed a simplified wedding package for the newlyweds. Like the Ritz-Carlton in Bangalore, a wedding venue that can accommodate 50 people is priced at 100,000 rupees about 8880 yuan, including banquet buffet,The bride and groom stay in suites and hotel suites for family use. According to hotel sources, this cost is only one-tenth of what it used to be.

When you come to the wedding, you must follow the epidemic prevention regulations, and temperature measurement and disinfection must not be less

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Even the wedding invitations have been changed from the fancy-packed invitations to e-cards sent online.

A couple from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, southern India, originally planned to get engaged in early March and get married in June. The wedding will hold a "destination wedding"-in Coimbatore, 500 kilometers away from Chennai, 250 are expectedFriends and relatives will attend. This is not over yet. After the wedding, there will be a 500-person reception, and then there will be a large-scale dinner in Chennai that can accommodate 750 guests.

The first engagement ceremony went smoothly. On the large lawn of a certain club, people danced all night after eating and drinking, and the colored lights flashed all night with the rhythm of music.

But a week later, as the WHO declared the new crown pneumonia a global pandemic, the wedding plan of the couple was turned into a bubble under India’s epidemic prevention and control rules.

The door is hard to get out, still want to have a wedding?

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But the marriage still has to be done. In the end, the couple chose to hold a wedding in Chennai that only invited relatives and friends-the auditorium is a small temple with only 15 people participating.

Although the scene is a little bit plain, but when it comes to the feeling that the wedding plan has not been implemented, there is no regret in the words of the young people. Originally, for young people, the happiness of the wedding is shared by the closest peopleThat was enough, and after the scale of the wedding was reduced, only 20% of the original wedding budget was spent in the end! The money saved was used for the daily expenses of the subsequent marriage life, which is so delicious.

There are also "commissioning against the wind", but the risk is too great

It's not good to accidentally change a happy event to a funeral

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For this reason, many young people who are afraid of trouble and Buddhists have deliberately advanced their wedding date to the lockdown period. The epidemic has become their best excuse to persuade their parents to save money.

But not everyone can see it. No matter where they are, many little girls will have princess and prince dreams. They look forward to the grand scene of the wedding day as a fairy tale, and thousands of people can witness and bless their love. Therefore, at the weddingAfter the scale was forced to shrink, I could occasionally hear brides complaining:

"I was expecting that on the most important day of my life, wearing burgundy sari and hand-worn flower decorations, walking towards him under the gaze of 1,000 people. In the end, the whole wedding was only...18 people."

Wedding is still very important for girls

The most beautiful look is hidden by a mask, unfortunately

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Today, when everything is online, there are also some young couples who look forward to move their weddings online. The requirements for the venue are even lower. As long as there is a live broadcast room and a master of ceremonies, the whole world can be on the screenI gave him a wedding blessing before.

Wedding team lying gun

Overall, for the newcomers, the reduction of the wedding scale and the simplification of the steps may be a good thing-saving money and worry, the only regret is that the previous generations were not able to meet the big showVanity, and the traditional atmosphere lingering in Indian society.

But for practitioners in the wedding service industry such as wedding companies, wedding planners, and decoration companies, the blow brought about by the reduction of wedding scale is fatal.

Usually the weddings of wealthy families are records of long guns and short guns

The desertedness brought about by the epidemic has nothing to record

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For example, the previous couple may want a large corolla arch to decorate the wedding scene, and this kind of door often requires more than 20 people to install it, but now more couples are seeking to simplify the ceremony, and the flower decoration required on the whole site is evenOnly 5 or 6 people can complete the arrangement.

The simplified wedding also made many people lose their jobs..

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Under the sharp decline in demand, many wedding companies and wedding planning companies have begun a low period. Ferns N Petals was originally a boutique flower and gift retailer. Before the outbreak, business was normal, but with the increase of mini weddings, the companyThe number of customers is gradually decreasing, and the income that can be obtained from each wedding has also fallen off the cliff. As a result of all this, the company has gone bankrupt.

"Our financial situation is not good and we have gone bankrupt. For us, this is a very bleak year." The founder revealed.

Compared to the miserable situation, wedding jewelry companies have something to say. Indians have always liked gold jewelry, but this year's overall economic downturn, gold prices are at a super high level, has driven away a group of customers. In addition, nowadays streamlined weddings are popular, IndiansFor the time being, jewelry is also less valued, and the demand for lightweight, practical, and cost-effective jewelry is rising. Therefore, jewelers have also suffered a heavy blow.

The pursuit of gold in Indian weddings is well known

In order to save face, ordinary families will even spend their savings to buy for newcomers

But now, it’s not so necessary

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Faced with this situation, sitting and waiting for death is the next best thing, facing the difficulties, struggling hard, waiting for the storm to pass, is the right solution.

For the wedding team, since the scale of the wedding is not big at present, it can only make more money by increasing the elements of the wedding, improving the quality of the wedding, and strengthening the wedding innovation.

For example, make wedding gowns more expensive. Some wedding planning agencies try their best to sell "designer style", "co-branded", "limited edition" wedding dresses and dresses to new couples, and new couples are likely to be happy because the venue budget has been reduced.It is indeed a good choice to spend money on the previously reluctant but very attractive style, and to take this opportunity to upgrade the costume and add bright colors to the wedding.

During the epidemic, a deserted wedding dress shop

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You can also recommend couples to purchase permanent decorations. The wedding planning team strives to persuade the newlyweds to buy high-end famous artworks, such as famous paintings and sculptures that imply beautiful, and these luxury objects can not only be used to decorate the wedding scene, but also can be usedThe decoration of the new house, in the eyes of the new people, can highlight their own taste and add the style of the house, so it is also quite marketable.

In short, for this special moment and occasion in life, as long as the wedding is done well, many new couples will actually not hesitate to spend so much money.




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