What happens if you breathe with your mouth for a long time?

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Breathing is the most common thing, even almost unconscious behavior. A normal person needs to breathe 16-20 times per minute.

We have two channels for breathing-mouth and nose. There is no doubt that evolution has made the nose an organ for breathing, and the mouth is an organ for eating and communicating.

But for many reasons, some people are accustomed to breathing with their mouths. This wrong breathing method brings many risks, the most obvious is the change in facial structure.

Actually, the study on changes in mouth breathing was a project more than 100 years ago. After a study on "habitual mouth breathing and subsequent malocclusion of teeth" in 1909, more and more evidence showed, Mouth breathing can cause craniofacial dystrophy and even deformity.

The picture shows the change after switching to mouth breathing

The picture above is a typical example. The boy's appearance changed very obviously after breathing with his mouth.

The photo on the left is when he was 10 years old, when he breathed through his nose, he has a well-developed face, everything is well-proportioned, the boy has clear eyes, cheekbones, lips and chin.

When he was 14 years old, he suffered from gerbil disease and was allergic to gerbils, resulting in a blocked nose. From then on, he had to use his mouth to breathe. In just 3 years, his appearance has changed significantly.

The photos in the middle and right are of the boy at the age of 17, his face is facing downward instead of forward, making his face look long and narrow. At the same time, his nose looks bigger and his chin is biggerNarrow because his upper and lower palate are not long forward.

This look is also a typical look of people who are used to breathing with their mouths. In typical aesthetic standards, this look is not beautiful.

The picture shows: different breathing situations

Facial structure and mouth breathing

When the mouth is opened to breathe, the cheek muscles will tighten. These tightened cheek muscles exert external force on the upper and lower jaws to shrink the arch and face.

Similarly, the tongue should be placed on the upper jaw naturally, but now it sags down to the bottom of the mouth. This may cause the upper arch to become narrow due to the lack of lateral pressure, and the middle face cannot develop normally because the tongue does not hold this partFace pushed out.

When this state is maintained for long enough, the face shape will change due to changes in muscles and bones.

This is a bit like putting a tree always facing the sun, then the trunk and branches will grow towards the light source, and the tree will be permanently deformed.

And for mouth breathing people, there are two most common changes: the upper lip is lifted and the lower jaw remains open!

Mouth-breathing people’s facial features are often unconsciously opened mouths, small and undeveloped nostrils, short upper lip, sometimes showing teeth, and hollow facial expressions due to the drooping lower jaw.

In addition, due to abnormal muscle strength in the jaw, the position of the teeth will also be affected, and abnormal teeth are often present.

If you think that mouth breathing just changes your appearance, you are wrong!

The picture shows: twin sisters, breathing through the nose on the left and mouth breathing on the right

Reduction of oxygen

When we can't breathe through our nose, or when we need to absorb more oxygen such as running, we will use our mouth to breathe, so our conventional impression may be that we can get more oxygen by breathing through our mouth.

The fact is that people who habitually breathe with their mouths often get less oxygen!

When we switched to using our mouth to breathe, in fact, the whole body's breathing has changed. People who habitually breathe with the mouth start breathing from the upper part of the chest cavity, not from the diaphragm.

Because the body needs to expend a lot of energy to separate the ribs to inhale, it is very difficult to breathe. Air can only fill the upper part of the lungs and cannot fully meet the body's need for oxygen.

Therefore, mouth breathing people often breathe more frequently or develop the habit of yawning. This is a way for the body to inhale a lot of air to compensate for insufficient oxygen.

In addition, mouth breathing is usually unstable and affects the state of the sympathetic nervous system. This will cause a person to not be able to enter a relaxed state well, which is manifested by poor sleep, weakened digestion, excessive mental stress, etc.Series of questions.

The most influential is children

The largest increase in growth occurs in the first few years of life. In the first six months after birth, the weight of the child doubles, and the height doubles in the first three years after birth.

By the age of 4, the facial bones have reached 60% of the adult size. By the age of 12, many orthodontists start treatment and 90% of the face has grown.

Therefore, if a child switches to mouth breathing during the critical early growth period, it is more likely to have facial deformities.

Actually, we are accustomed to nose breathing from birth, but after the age of four, 40% of people will habitually use mouth for various reasons such as rhinitis, enlarged tonsils, tongue syndrome, etc.Breathe.

Interestingly, most people don’t even know whether they use their mouths to breathe, because breathing is too unconscious.


In fact, many bad habits can change our appearance, but most of the time they are ignored like mouth breathing, but as shown in the picture, this is really not a good result.

If you don’t know whether you use your mouth to breathe, you can ask the people around you. A person who snorts and always keeps his mouth open is likely to be a habitual breathing person.

Aside from appearance, the impact of mouth breathing on the body is particularly huge, because changes in facial bones will cause a series of changes in the body.

Start to pay attention now, even if it is difficult to change your appearance in adulthood, nose breathing will bring unexpected things, at least the absorbed oxygen will increase, and the spirit will be much better!

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