There is a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5 in Croatia. Is the animal anomaly a precursor to the earthquake?

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According to the Euro-Mediterranean Seismic Center, at 12:19 on December 29, local time, the earth was still restless and shaking again. It was located in Petrinia, a small city about 50 kilometers southeast of the Croatian capital of Zagreb. , There was another strong earthquake of magnitude 6.4 my country shows a magnitude of 6.5 with a focal depth of 10 kilometers, which caused tremors to be felt in 12 neighboring countries. Therefore, this is a very strong earthquake, and after the earthquake, a part of it has already appeared. Personnel impact. According to the data released by Xinhua News Agency, at least 7 people have died and more than 20 people have been injured in the earthquake, and it may continue to rise in the future.

I have to say that this 2020 is coming to an end, and there is still such a strong earthquake in the world. It is really an extraordinary year of 2020, and it is really distressing. The natural disasters on the earth this year are still relativelyMany, the United States, Australia, the fires in the United States, Australia, the high temperature of 38 degrees in the Arctic, East Africa locust plague, etc., all show that 2020 is really different and extraordinary. Therefore, we only expect to reduce the impact of today’s earthquakes. Let’s take a look at 12The earthquake situation in the past month and the reason for the earthquake.

Earthquakes with magnitude 6 including magnitude 6 and above in December

According to data from China Earthquake Monitoring Network, since December, there have been 11 earthquakes of magnitude 6 including magnitude 6 or more in the world, the strongest of which was 6.7 off the coast of central Chile on December 28There are strong earthquakes with magnitude of magnitude 6.5, followed by Croatia’s magnitude of 6.5. Among them, there are more earthquakes related to Chile, and there are 3 regions. So since December, earthquakes in Chile have been a little bit more frequent. Of course, short-term cannot explain any problem, as long as the earthquake does notJust come to influence.

However, this Croatian magnitude 6.5 earthquake is not the strongest earthquake since December, but it is also the second one, and we have seen the impact of casualties, mainly because it is concentrated in more populated areas, soThis is the reason why this is the case. Of course, let’s talk about some basic information about the earthquake. This is a review of the earthquake situation since December. You can refer to it. There are differences in data, because everyThe testing standards of each earthquake center are different, so don’t worry too much about this.

What caused Croatia?

Generally, the occurrence of earthquakes is caused by plate movement, so this earthquake is also the case. Through the analysis of earthquakes, the earthquake was caused by "shallow strike-slip faults in the Eurasian continental plate", The fault zone occurs in the southeast or southwest strike area of ​​the Eurasian continental plate, and it is an almost vertical fault zone. The location and depth indicate that it is due to the seismic phenomenon inside the Eurasian continental plate, not along the boundary of the plate movement.Structural earthquake, this is the case of a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5 in Croatia.

So it is still an earthquake caused by a normal geological structure. Before the 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Croatia, there was an earthquake in this area. On December 28, there was a 4.7-magnitude earthquake and anotherA magnitude 5.2 earthquake. So many people may not have thought of it. As a result, there was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake, which also brought a huge impact. Now the above statistics of impact data are still part, and they may be added in the future.Let's take a look again.

Is animal anomalies a precursor to earthquakes? Can earthquakes be accurately predicted?

It is true that every time an earthquake occurs, everyone will think about the problems between earthquake predictions. Many people say that earthquakes can be accurately predicted, while others say that they cannot be accurately predicted. Can it be predicted? Here I can tell you clearly that todayEarthquakes cannot be accurately predicted, and earthquake prediction is a difficult problem for all countries or regions in the world. Nowadays, no one can make accurate predictions. As everyone talks about animal anomalies, many people say that there were animal anomalies before the earthquake.So are animal abnormalities a precursor to an earthquake?

This issue has also been studied by the scientific community. Because animals are extremely complex, there is no way to determine the connection between them. For a simple example, fish jumping, chickens, pigs jumping, etc.The impact of everything will be manifested. At the same time, the most typical fish jumping, many people may have seen it, and there will be earthquakes afterwards, but most of the fish jumping are caused by climate problems. The earthquake may be just a coincidence, so many people willThe connection is completely wrong. Obviously, animal anomalies are not a precursor to earthquakes.

At the same time, there are people who talk about the relationship between earthquake fish, earthquake clouds and earthquakes. Not to mention this, it can be regarded as a phenomenon out of nothing. Japan has also done special research in this area and confirmed that there is no relationship, soFrom a scientific point of view, the occurrence of earthquakes is a natural phenomenon, and there is no such thing as a precursor.


Earthquakes are a normal natural phenomenon, and earthquakes of different sizes occur almost every day around the world. Humans cannot accurately predict earthquakes, and it is impossible to determine whether they can be achieved temporarily in the future, but earthquakes occurBefore, we must have the knowledge of earthquake prevention at any time. At the same time, it is explained that the research on earthquake early warning is being carried out all over the world. This is very good. Earthquake early warning is not earthquake prediction, but it can generally be provided before the arrival of the earthquake.Early warning for a period of time, so earthquake defense can be done in this short period of time, which is very good

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