Cyber ​​will have to wait until 2077? Someone realized it in 2004

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In December 2020, the long-awaited "Cyberpunk 2077" was released, which attracted the attention of gamers all over the world. Perhaps you have already cleared the game in a hurry, no matter what kind of discussion this game triggered, itThe emergence of sci-fi world has extended the culture of the science fiction world to the public’s vision. In science fiction works, cyberpunk shows the world of high intelligence and low-end life, and is a dystopian reflection on futurism. But in realityIn life, people are still pursuing high-tech and personal combination of technology. No matter what the purpose is, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interface and other achievements are showing our efforts in this direction. And the integration of human and machine has become a game of human-machine system.Borg has also really appeared in real life. Although they are rare exceptions, they can also see the shadow of the future from them. A Cybergnell Harbison licensed by the British government is an example.The legendary experience of a colorful artist allows us to see the charm of the combination of human body and technology.

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On December 10th, game lovers "Xidapuben", their long-awaited sci-fi style game "Cyberpunk 2077" was released.

Cyberpunk is a transliteration of the English word Cyberpunk. This word is a combination of the words "Cybernetics" and "Punk". Here control refers to how humans and machines control each other; punk is the originalIt is a kind of anti-system rock music, which later derives a rebellious subculture.

According to the idea of ​​cybernetics, humans and machines are integrated to form a self-regulating human-machine system. Such people are called Cyborg Cyborg.

Syborg sounds very science fiction, and it is indeed seen in a variety of sci-fi literary and film works. But in fact, cyber is not far away from us, and there is no need to wait until 2077. As early as 2004, the earth ushered in the first in history.An officially recognized cybernet-Neil Harbisson July 27, 1982 -.

He himself is a very punk person, let us understand his cyber life.

The agent in the American drama "Super Brain Agents" is Cyborg. His brain is implanted with a chip, which can quickly access the global information network and obtain data from it.

Become Cyberge

Harbison grew up in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He studied music at a young age and began to learn composition at the age of 11. Maybe then he was destined to embark on the road of music, and a little thing with his playmates made him understand himselfDifferent.

When he was a child, he talked with his friends about colors, but they didn't understand each other. The friends said that red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, everything in Harbison's eyes is like a panda, only black, white and gray.

Soon, Harbison was diagnosed with total achromatopsia. Although he couldn't see the colorful, he became particularly interested in color since then.

When Harbison was in high school, he was faced with choosing subjects. Spanish high school is divided into three subjects: science, liberal arts, and art. Harbison felt that art would help him understand the colors he couldn’t see, so he chose art. Special permission from the schoolHe can only paint in black and white.

Dartington College of Art

After graduating from high school, Harbison enrolled in Dartington College of Arts in the UK.

In 2003, Dartington College of Art invited Adam Montandon, a student of the University of Plymouth, UK, to talk about his invention. This invention is based on cybernetics and allows people with color perception disorders to correctly perceive colors. After the report,Harbison stopped Montanton and said that he was color-blind, all colors are blind, can you let me feel the colorful world?

Montanton really solved Harbison’s problem.

Adam Montandon also has rich experience and is now a lecturer and curator of TEDxOdense.

The equipment invented by Montanton can convert light into sound. He installed a camera on Harbison’s forehead to read the colors of the outside world in real time. The color signal passes through the computer-like a backpack, Harbison is on his shoulderUp-Converted into sound, and the sound is sent to Harbison's ear through the earphone.

Specifically, the color can correspond to the tone, for example, blue corresponds to a high-pitched tone, and red corresponds to a deep tone.

Harbison has studied painting for so many years, and now he can finally paint in color. I am not afraid to tell the green pepper or the red pepper when I go to the vegetable market.

Harbison recognizes the color of fruits and vegetables

Harbison’s equipment is called Eyeborg.

Harbison has been wearing an eyeborg ever since, not only while sleeping, but also wearing passport photos.

When it came time to renew his passport, he still ran into a little trouble. The British Passport Office does not allow photos with the device on his head. Harbison complained that he is a Cyberge, and the electronic device should be regarded as his bodyOrgan.

After a few weeks of fighting, the British authorities accepted Harbison’s statement. Harbison was therefore called the first cybernet recognized by the government by the media.

Harbison's passport

Harbison continued to optimize the relationship between color and sound with the help of technicians. At the same time, his sense of sound became more and more acute, and then invented a sound and color scale. Each degree of the color wheel is 360°.Each corresponds to a note in his vocal scale. Harbison can even perceive invisible colors, such as infrared and ultraviolet.

Harbison did the corresponding notes and colors.

Harbison’s equipment has been iteratively upgraded. By 2013, the bulky camera and computer were gone, replaced by a small antenna. One section of the antenna is matched with a special chip, which is implanted on the occiput, and the other end hasThe camera hangs in front of the forehead. The chip converts the image into sound, which is transmitted from the skull to the inner ear.

Harbison and his antenna

Becoming a Cyborg not only completely changed Harbison’s life, but also enabled him to embark on a new career path.

Cyborg Artist

Harbison has changed from an art student to an artist, and after becoming a cyborg, he gradually became one of the most famous cyborg artists.

Cyborg art emerged in the United Kingdom in the mid-2000s. People implanted electronic devices into the human body to create and add new sensations in the human body, and create artworks through new sensations.

Harbison said that cyber art can cross species. For example, dolphins don’t have ears and use bones to conduct sound, just like him. He can feel infrared and ultraviolet light, as can many other species.

Harbison calls cyber art perceptionism, that is, creating a sense of the real world. This type of work integrates the artist, the work of art, the space where the art is located, and the art audience.

Sounds very abstract, let’s appreciate some of Harbison’s works to have a more intuitive understanding of cyber art.

In 2012, Harbison held a "face concert". When Harbison saw the faces of the audience, Eye Borg amplified the sound in the skull for everyone to listen to. Harbison said that this kind of musicOne big advantage is that if it doesn’t sound good, the audience can only blame themselves for looking bad.

In 2014, Harbison asked five friends to send voices and images to his head from five continents.

Al Jazeera has broadcast live Harbison's skull transmission image.

The audience paints, the painting is transmitted to Harbison via the Internet, and it is transformed into the vibration of the skull.

Harbison painted based on the sound transmitted by the skull

Harbison completes the transmitted painting

In 2016, Harbison installed Bluetooth on the teeth and engaged in a tooth communication. The tooth communication system consists of a Bluetooth button and a mini vibrator. Harbison and his partner installed the tooth communication on the teeth.The system, turn on the Bluetooth, the tooth massages the SMS code vibration, and the two communicate in turn. This should be the most well-deserved moment of "Bluetooth".

Harbison also created a series of sound portraits. Harbison stood in front of people, pointed the antenna at different parts of the face, and then wrote down the different notes he heard. He has created portraits for many film and television actors and directors.

Harbison is creating a sound portrait for the American musician Moby

In 2017, Harbison implanted another sensor on the skull. This sensor can make circular motions on the skull while heating, so that Harbison can feel its position on the head. This sensor goes around every 24 hours.Rotating Harbison's head in a circle can make him feel the time. When the sensor is on the top of the head, it is noon in London, when the sensor is on the left ear, it is noon in Turpan, Xinjiang, and so on. What Harbison has to doIt is to create the illusion of time. When you are familiar with the normal passage of time, let this sensor turn faster or slower to see if your feeling about time is correct.

Many of Harbison’s works are quite influential and have been exhibited in many well-known venues, such as the Venice Biennale, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea, the Museum District of Vienna, the Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona, ​​Pioneer Works,Singapore Art Science Museum, Santa Monica Art Center, American Visionary Art Museum, etc.

Harbison’s cyber art is very weird, as eccentric as he is. Harbison hopes that cyber, including himself, will not be regarded as a monster in the future and will no longer receive curious eyes. In himIt seems that cyberspace will become commonplace in the future.

Of course, Harbison also hopes that he can be more cyber.

Transgenic Cyborg

Harbison believes that the current cybernet is achieved by implanting scientific and technological equipment in the body, and it is still relatively primitive. The next step is to directly cybernetize the organism. For example, he can use the antenna of his own eyeborg.My own DNA is made through 3D printing technology, and even directly change my own genes to have the ability to feel infrared and ultraviolet light, and let my ability pass on to my children-the flavor of science fiction is even stronger.

Harbison believes that genetically modified Cyborg is very environmentally friendly. We humans have transformed the natural world for thousands of years, and it is time to transform ourselves so that we don’t have to change the environment. If we have night vision capabilities, cities don’t need street lights..If we can change our body temperature, we don’t need to have air conditioning.

The earth has been made more and more unsuitable for human survival, and it has become a cyborg, which may be a way for our species to survive.

Did the world of "Cyberpunk 2077" come true? Who knows.

Reference material

Cosmos Magazine, Issue 9, 2019

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