How much memory is the hard disk of the human brain?

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The brain is one of the most important organs of a living body. If the human body is compared to a computer, then the brain has both the functions of a CPU and a hard disk. Although the storage memory of the brain and the storage memory of the hard disk are two different things, they can still be compared, To see how large the memory of the human brain is. Just like storing data in a computer, the data needs to be converted into binary "0" and "1" for storage. 1024 bytes is 1MB, and 1024MB is 1GB.Simple conversion is calculated by multiplying by 1024.

The way the brain stores data is obviously different from that of computers. In fact, it can be said that the stability is poor, and "data" loss often occurs, especially for some less important information in daily life, such as lunch eaten a week agoWhat is it? Many people don’t remember such information because it is not important, and the memory formed in the brain is not deep.

Information transmission and processing in the brain is mainly through the transmission process of neurotransmitters between neurons. The brain is always receiving information from the outside world. This information will be transmitted between neurons and through special structural synapses.In fact, when it comes to brain memory, it is also related to the synapses established between neurons. That kind of regular stimulation will form a stable electrical signal channel. After the same signal comes a long time later, this pathway will still be established. ThisIt is a kind of memory.

But this kind of memory method of the brain is different from the computer, and the stability is poor. The longer the memory, the shallower the impression will be forgotten.

》We can infer the possible memory of the brain from two aspects

First of all, each potential synaptic channel is regarded as a byte. Scientists have found that the adult human brain can weigh 1.4 kilograms and contains about 100 billion neurons, and the potential synapse of each neuron is aboutThere are 1000, simply calculate 100 billion neurons multiplied by 1000 potential links, then the final memory is about 100TB.

Of course, the synapses between neurons in the brain cannot be simply regarded as bytes that are turned on and off. As mentioned above, the brain is more like a CPU in addition to memory functions like hard drives and processing functions.A large amount of information needs to be processed, not all can be simply counted as memory.

A research paper on Nature in 2014 can be used for reference here. Scientists research and analyze the brains of mice. The brains of mice with 13 neuron structures use nearly 1TB of data. So simply convert it.There are nearly 100 billion neurons in the adult brain, so the final memory is about 760 million terabytes. Now the memory of an average computer is about 1 terabyte, so the storage function of the human brain is equivalent to the memory of 760 million computers.

But why do we always feel that our memory is not enough?

I believe that my friends have all had such experiences. In their academic career, especially when reciting ancient poems in middle and high school, I always feel that the brain cannot store so much knowledge, but in fact it is not the case. If you concentrate, then weYour brain can hold too many things. Because the establishment of memory, especially long-term memory, requires repeated stimulation of signals to establish a stable channel. Even after a long time has passed, when stimulated by the same signal, this channel is stillIn or easy to build, this is long-term memory.

The potential of the human brain is endless, and the development and progress of human civilization in the future has a necessary connection with the deep development of the brain.

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