Do dogs really see things that humans can’t see?

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Old people in the village often say that dogs barking for unknown reasons at night is because they see things that humans can’t see, and remind people who encounter this situation to stay away.

Then what is the thing that humans can’t see? It’s actually too much. To give a simple example, the night sky we see with the naked eye may be what we saw in the first picture. The bright moon is above the night sky, but the naked eyeThere are only a few visible stars.

The second picture is an ultra-deep space image of the Hubble Space Telescope. In this deep space image, there are more than 100 million galaxies. The starry sky that we can see with the naked eye is brilliant, but from the perspective of the Hubble Space Telescopebrilliant.

What does this show? In fact, the "capacity" of human eyes is completely inferior to the Hubble Space Telescope. If they are replaced by dogs, their capabilities in many aspects will far exceed that of humans, including sight, hearing and smell.Wait.

Then the answer to the question comes out. Dogs and humans perceive the world differently. Humans can’t see or hear the world. It may be noisy and chaotic in dogs. So dogs often happen.Barking at a certain area in the middle of the night, but people can't see or hear what's going on there. Maybe a small insect passes by. This sound is very loud for dogs in the quiet night.

Supernormal olfactory advantage

The structure of the dog’s nose is very special and different from that of humans. It has a very obvious fold shape. This structure means that the surface area is four times larger than that of humans. It mainly gathers olfactory cells. The olfactory cells of dogs are hundreds of millions.Humans are less than 10 million. The olfactory cells of some special breeds of dogs can reach about 250 million. At the same time, the dog’s nervous system in the upper olfactory bulb is relatively mature, but humans are relatively less mature and simple. In fact, this is from an evolutionary perspective.It can also be said, after all, this is not our means of survival.

Of course, although the human sense of smell is not high, it is not useless. Humans can distinguish a variety of odor molecules. According to a scientific study in the journal Nature, the human sense of smell can distinguish between 1 trillion odors, which is very high.Exaggerated. Of course, scientists have also given an explanation. This is mainly related to the developed human brain. After all, the signals are ultimately transmitted to the olfactory bulb through the olfactory nerve and processed by the brain.

This relatively powerful olfactory system also allows dogs to easily distinguish residual odors. Some news on the Internet claim that dogs can find that their owner is pregnant or sick. These are all scientifically based. So sensitiveNaturally, there will be some changes in the air that humans cannot perceive. Barking is normal.

Supernormal hearing advantage

Dogs’ sense of hearing is also very sensitive. Humans’ hearing range is between 20HZ-20000HZ, and the most sensitive range is between 1000-4000 Hz. Dogs’ hearing range is wider, reaching 16-50000 Hz.In time, the comprehensive hearing ability of dogs is more than 16 times that of humans.

For example, at night, the environment is relatively quiet, and some small sounds are unaware of humans, but dogs can hear very clearly, which will cause their abnormal behavior. Maybe there is a cockroach rustling in the corner,Sounds made by small animals in or outside the house may cause the dog to bark, but in our opinion, the dog is yelling at the air because we cannot smell or hear it.

Extraordinary visual advantage

Finally, let's talk about the sight of dogs. Their vision is not necessarily much better than ours, but the viewing angle is very large, which can easily reach 280 degrees, while the human perspective is only about 180 degrees at most. In addition,, Their eyesight at night is much better than that of humans, which is also the advantage of most wild animals.

So in the surrounding environment that humans can't perceive, maybe dogs can know what's going on well, some harsh high pinyin, some fast running small animals, etc. will attract the dog's attention, and "The dull humans found nothing.

Therefore, dogs respond because they perceive changes in the surrounding environment, but these changes cannot be detected by humans by sight, smell, and hearing. For a long time, everyone thought that dogs can discover things that humans can’t see.So sometimes it is very abnormal. But no matter how the dog barks, we still have to be vigilant, something must have happened to cause their abnormal behavior.

It is still very reliable for humans to use dogs to watch the night watch.

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