Although 2020 is difficult, it is not ordinary. What new discoveries have been made by mankind in space?

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2020 is an extraordinary year. In this year, mankind has jointly dealt with various disasters.

During the disaster-prone year, astronomers still made breakthroughs in many new technologies. In 2020, humans sent probes to Mars, took samples from all over the universe and brought them back to Earth, and discovered unknown phenomena on other planets.

Let us review it together, wonderful-Space 2020!

Space sample return boom:

In 2020, the news we often hear is space sampling.

NASA successfully collected soil and rock samples on the Bennu asteroid and brought them back to Earth; Japan successfully collected samples of the Ryugu asteroid and landed in Australia.

China's Chang'e-5 lunar exploration mission also successfully collected lunar samples in 2020, becoming the third country to successfully collect lunar samples.

2020 can be described as the golden age of space sample collection. Almost all sampling missions have been successful. Although NASA Perseverance will also sample on Mars, it cannot be brought back to Earth in the short term after the sampling is completed.

Space samples are the research material that many scientists dream of. Rocks or soils from the universe can help scientists understand the local environment intuitively. Most of the celestial bodies in the solar system are born with the solar system. Sample research can give us a comprehensive understanding of the solar system.History of formation.

China announced the lunar "glass" substance:

Chinese lunar probe Yutu 2, during its mission on the moon, it photographed the presence of glassy gel material on the surface of the moon.

In 2020, Chinese scientists published information on the substance. According to the data currently captured, the lunar glass-like substance is dark green, with fragments similar to minerals attached to it.

The camera and infrared spectrometer carried by Yutu can detect limited data. Researchers speculate that the material may be formed by meteorite impact or lunar volcanic activity.

Life "signal" found on Venus:

Venus has always been a "hell star". The surface temperature is enough to melt lead metal, and the atmosphere is full of acid gases. Venus is like a planet that has developed the greenhouse effect to its limit.

It is almost a consensus that there is no life on Venus. However, in 2020, astronomers announced the discovery of phosphine on Venus. On the earth, phosphine can almost only be formed through industrial production and microbial activities. The discovery of phosphine on Venus meansThere may be microorganisms in the atmosphere of Venus.

According to the observations of astronomers, in the atmosphere far away from the surface of Venus, the temperature will be more suitable, and microorganisms are completely possible to survive.

Return of Comet Xinzhi:

In 2020, Comet Xinzhi returned to the solar system, approaching the sun in July, forming a very obvious comet tail.

The return of Comet Xinzhi has left astronomers plenty of time to observe. Scientists have collected a lot of data on the comet. The brightness of Comet Xinzhi is second only to Comet Haierbop.

Comet Xinzhi is not only bright, but also rare to see. The next time Comet Xinzhi comes back, it will take more than 6,000 years to wait.

The meeting of Saturn and Jupiter:

At the end of 2020, Saturn and Jupiter appear together in the sky of the Earth. The visual distance between the two planets is less than the thickness of a coin. This is the first close encounter between the two planets in 800 years, and it is very close to Christmas.

The meeting of Jupiter and Saturn has made many people speculate that the star of Bethlehem in the "New Testament" may be an astronomical phenomenon formed by the intersection of Jupiter and Saturn.

In the "New Testament", the Star of Bethlehem guided the three wise men to the town of Bethlehem and found Jesus.

Although 2020 is difficult, 2020 will not be ordinary!

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