Why did the United States land on the moon?

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Perhaps the successful return of my country’s Chang'e 5 from the moon caused heated discussion, so many people think of why the United States has not landed on the moon for decades. Most people know about the American manned moon landing. Apollo 11, even though the American "Mythbusters" survey data shows that: 20% of American citizens do not believe that American astronauts have repeatedly landed on the moon!

But whether you believe it or not, this incident involved hundreds of thousands of people participating in this incident, and humans’ understanding of "moon quake", "moon dust" and "the internal structure of the moon" is actually based on these sixThe second manned mission to the moon began to become clearer.

51 years ago, Apollo 11 sent humans to the moon for the first time, but this was not the last time, because the United States did it on November 19, 1969, February 5, 1971, July 30, 1971, 1972On April 21, 1972 and December 11, 1972, five manned missions to the moon were successively carried out. A total of 12 astronauts set foot on the moon’s land. The entire Apollo series of missions totaled 11 manned missions.And behind the glorious landing on the moon, many scientists’ efforts and even lives are hidden.

Apollo mission has more than one serious crisis:

Even people who believe that Apollo 11 successfully landed on the moon, people often only remember the astronaut who landed on the moon for the first time, and not too many people pay attention to what happened before or after that. You can do it yourselfIt is believed that the US moon landings are fraudulent, but those astronauts who have suffered serious existential threats or even lost their lives during the mission cannot be discredited. Some occurred in the early stage of the mission, and some occurred after two successful manned missions to the moon.

I don’t know how many people have known about Apollo 1. Three astronauts Virgil Gleason, Roger Chaffee, Edward White died during the test. They have not had time to follow the originalIt was planned to fly in the Earth’s orbit for 14 days before being swallowed by the fire. As for the cause of the fire, it is only probably estimated that the pure oxygen in the Apollo spacecraft was ignited by electric sparks, while the astronauts sitting on the top of the Saturn 1 rocket on the launch padI have no idea that a disaster is coming.

Actually, when the rescuers arrived on the scene, the three astronauts still had a chance to survive. However, because they themselves were stuck behind the closed hatch, and the position was completely towed by the missileIt was blocked, so Apollo’s safety system could not be used normally, and first responders were blocked by the billowing smoke in the cabin and could not approach the trapped astronauts. This incident undoubtedly dealt a serious blow to the normal progress of the plan at the time, including the astronauts.Life and loss of the spacecraft itself.

Coincidentally, after the United States successfully completed two manned missions to the moon, the accident happened again when it was the turn of Apollo 13 to implement. Apollo 13, which was responsible for the third manned mission to the moon, launched twoDays later, there was a sudden explosion of an oxygen tank. The damage to the spacecraft was beyond everyone’s imagination. The three astronauts had to use the lunar module as a lifeboat, and they also faced power and oxygen steps.Not only did they have to overcome many technical problems on the way, but even drinking and urinating were problems. Fortunately, they all survived in the end.

How did the United States land on the moon?

After the Apollo 1 accident, in order to ensure the safety of the astronauts, NASA carried out many unmanned earth orbiting flights. It was not until the Apollo 7 went online that the manned flight was brought up again.According to the schedule, this mission consists of 3 astronauts successfully completing 163 laps around the earth, and the main purpose of this mission is to test whether the docking system on the command module is operating normally.

Followingly, NASA used Apollo 8 to test the performance of the command module system in special space and orbital environments, including the space between the region and the earth, and the space around the moon;The spacecraft that carried the lunar module was actually Apollo 9. On the one hand, it tested the phenotype of the lunar module during long-term flight, and on the other hand, it was to observe how humans would react in the space environment; and ApolloOn the 10th, the lunar module descent test was completed, but this time the descent distance is 15 kilometers from the lunar surface, mainly for performance testing.

Objectively speaking, the U.S. landing on the moon is not entirely dependent on acting as many keyboard brothers say. This can be seen from the series of preparations and tests they carried out before the moon landing and the completion of manned missions to the moon.Gradually overcome new problems. Although the Apollo series of missions consume huge manpower and material resources, and even include the lives of some astronauts, they certainly have indelible significance from the development of human society.

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